01/17/98 - Overstepped Boundaries

Description: Nyanya and Balana are visiting Balana's adoptive father Siombe in the Celestial Volcano. A young orphaned cub, Nwari, has recently been hanging around the volcano, where he and Balana previously got off to a bad start. The young lioness starts to feel a little big for her britches… NOTE: Logged from Balana's point of view.


  • Balana, lioness
  • Nyanya, adolescent lion, Balana's mate
  • Nwari, lion cub
  • Siombe, lion, king of the Celestial Volcano and Balana's adoptive father
  • Mina, unknown (probably lioness)
  • Simbayo, adolescent lion, Siombe's adoptive son
  • Gzunki, male meerkat, shaman of the Golden Lands

tlkBalana - Saturday, January 17, 1998, 12:44 PM

Circular Outcropping
You walk out of the safety of the cave and look around in awe. The lands are more beautiful than you ever imagined, an incredible view catches your eye and has you turning your head for a moment. Looking straight ahead, the outcropping extends into a slender raised path that creates a divede between the two parts of the inside volcano. It seems to terminate at the center of the volcano directly under the large circular opening. To your right and left are gentle spiraling slopes that go down into the two halves of the inner land. On the right, there is a large open area of bright green that takes up the most of the view. On the left there are higher plants that look like grasses and a rough path. the volcano makes a perfect cone as it’s sides slope inward to reach for the wide upper opening.
You can go down the gradual slope to the {left}
You can go down the gradual slope to the {right}
You can walk forward onto the slender division in the {middle}
Or you can go {back} to the inner cave
You can see …
[ZZZ] Nyanya, cuddling up with Balana, loving her

Nyanya has connected.

>> Nyanya yawns, stretches and looks around, scratching his head

Nwari joins you from the left slope.

Nwari has arrived.

Nyanya looks up and smiles to the cub, “heya Nwari!”

Nwari looks back, grinning big grin. “Hey.”

Nwari looks around. “Um.. where ‘Fani and Kai?”

Balana scowls, “Oh brother,” and lays her head down.

Nyanya roars softly, “no idea… haven’t seen ‘em… btw, who’s Fani?”

Nwari frowns a little, and decides to be cute. “Oh, m’sorry mss’s Bal. ‘ll leav’ ‘our presents, cause’ I kno’ that you’r jus’ gonna act ‘ike you’r bet’er than ‘vryone.”

Nwari grins as he walks out. “But you’r fool’n self.”

Nwari has left.

Nyanya stiffes a giggle, “aw, cubs…”

You roar softly, “That cub is a menace to society.”

You roar softly, “Sleeping lions and cheetahs alike, can’t get a moment’s peace while he’s around.”

Nyanya giggles and shakes his head.

Balana snorts and lays her head down.

Nyanya smiles and rests his head on your side, purring a bit.

Balana grumbles to herself, “Cubs… I tell you… oy…”

Nyanya giggles a bit and snuggles you softly, “some day you’ll have some of your on, cutie..”

Nwari has arrived.

Nyanya grins up to Nwari and waves to him.

Nwari snorts , and waves back. “Where Siom’e?”

Nyanya shrugs, “no idea..” and turns to Balana, “ya know, Bal?”

Nwari sighs. “Chang’d m’mind. Gotsta tell him I cann’a be’is son.”

Nyanya ohs? and blinks, rolling over from where he was resting his head on Bal’s side, “why, Nwari?”

Nwari snorts. “Think’ya know.”

Nyanya roars softly, “nope… “

Balana listens, looking away, not speaking.

Nwari scowls. “Ask HER.”

Nyanya roars softly, “ask… who? Kai?”

Nwari snorts, and points a paw. “HER.”

Balana snarls and her head snaps to Nwari, “Lose the tone cub, or I will personally teach you some manners, Balana style…”

Nyanya frowns a bit “bal, it’s ok.” then turns to Nwari, “we don’t live here, Nwari, we’re just for visit..”

Nwari snaps back. “I don’ care cause you pro’ly want me dead ny’ways. So I’ jus’ tell SIom’e that an’ GO!”

You roar softly, “I don’t /want/ you dead, but I don’t care if you live or not.”

Nwari snarls at Balana. “Been’ beat’n by wors’ than’ s’upid ug’y wannabe queens!”

Nyanya oys and frowns to Balana, “Bal, you’re acting more cubbish than him, stop it!”

Nwari snorts. “No wunner Siom’e wanded me to ‘nore you.”

Nyanya stands up and moves away, looking pissed off.

Nyanya has left.

Balana smirks, “Me, want to be a queen, I don’t think so.”

You roar softly, “I’d rather go live somewhere just me ‘n Nya, not have to worry about cubs or responsibility, just him and me to take care of.”

Nwari cubgrrs, “Thas’ what Nyan said..said tha’ you was raisd’ed to be queen’ so you ac’ like you’r only thin that’ matt’er..hope he leavesya.””

Balana snarls at you, “Nyanya would /NEVER/ say that, or leave me. You don’t know him, and you best not go making comments about him… and I wasn’t raised to be a queen, my brother was raised to be king, I was just another lioness in the pride…” She rises a little. “You’re about to see a master huntress in action if you don’t watch it…”

Nwari shrugs. “Go’head. Beat me. Like I care…won’ change a thin’..”

Balana smirks, “Might, it’ll give the world one less mouth to feed if I beat you enough…”

Nwari shrugs. “Yeah so.. Siom’e seemsta like me..so it’d giveya one less placeta stay, too.”

You roar softly, “I don’t care, if Siombe banishes me, then he must not love me as much as he says.”

Nwari snorts. “Cause you hur’ me..he don’ love ya?”

You roar softly, “No… he’ll always love me, he would just be terribly depressed in me if I did.”

Nwari looks back at you. “Lik’ the o’her lion is?”

You roar softly, “Like Nya? Kinda.”

Balana slowly rests herself back where she was, “He hates to see cubs upset, both of them do.”

Nwari snorts. “Not p’set.”

Nwari cubgrrs, “Didn’ think it was gonna work ‘nyways.””

You roar softly, “Why do you steal food? Why didn’t you just try and find someone to take care of you and hunt you food?”

Nwari snorts. “Cause mos’ta them like YOU.”

Balana snorts, “You don’t even know me…. there’s two sides, my good and my bad. If you’re on my good, that’s good. /You/ happened to get on my bad, which isn’t the best outcome in most situations. I’m not really like what you think at all.”

Nwari shrugs. “I don’ reall’ CARE.”

Balana grins, “Sure you don’t…”

Nwari sighs. “I gonn’ be dead soon..so you can’t jus’ be nice?”

Nwari lays down, resting his head on his paws. “For ‘ioness whos got ‘vrythin’…you’r mean..”

You roar softly, “Why’re you gonna be dead soon?”

Nwari snorts. “You don’ care, member?”

You roar softly, “C’mon..”

Balana rolls onto her back and looks at you, “I was a bit hard on you, I’m just an ole grumpy lioness.”

Nwari snorts. “You be’er find tha’ lion.”

Balana rolls over and comes to rest a little closer to you, “Nya? Nah. He’s fine.”

Nwari stands, and moves a little away before laying down.

You roar softly, “Aw c’mon!”

You roar softly, “Girls aren’t /that/ bad, are they?”

Nwari frowns. “Yeah. Wha’ever.”

You roar softly, “Or is it adults you’re going against now?”

Nwari shrugs.

You roar softly, “Or is it me?”

Nwari shrugs again. “Don’ reall’ care ‘bout you..”

You roar softly, “Then why’re you moving away? If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t care if I was close or far from you.”

Nwari cubgrrs, “Cause THEY care’ boutcha.””

You roar softly, “Is there something wrong with ‘them’ ?”

Nwari cubgrrs, “Nope.”

You roar softly, “Hmm…”

Nwari looks at you, oddly.

Balana rests her head on her paws, and thinks.

Nwari sighs, rolling over to his other side.

Balana continues thinking, silent, deep in thought.

Nwari snorts, and then chuckles.

Balana lifts her head, “What?”

Nwari smiles a little. “Siom’e is LAZY, isn’ he?”

Balana grins and nods, “yup.”

Nwari looks at you again, and shrugs, rolling back to his sid

Balana smirks and rests her head again.

Nwari blinks over at Balana, checking to see if she’s still asleep. Finding she is, he stands and starts walking out

Siombe comes up a side of the slope

Nwari quickens his pace.

Nwari has left.

Siombe spies Nwari and follows

Siombe has left.

Siombe has arrived.

Siombe comes in looking severely irked, “Balana, what is the matter with you?”

Balana looks up, but doesn’t speak.

Siombe cuffs her, not playfully “Balana, get up.”

Balana erks and frowns, but obediantly rises.

Siombe looks at her, directly in her eyes, “I have twice endured you trying to extend your rule over my lands as you continually bother Nwari. I want to know what your problem is, NOW.”

Mina has arrived.

You roar softly, “Ever since I first encountered that cub, he was nothing but rude to me…”

Siombe purrs in a regally deep tone, “As I recall, you were a rude cub yourself, big lioness. And you forget from whence you came.”

Siombe purrs in a regally deep tone, “This cub needs help, and does not need a smug lioness to take offense to little things, attempting to run him off. You are grown up now and cannot act like a cub anymore. Your reactions have been positively juvenile.”

You roar softly, “If he needs help, then help him. I’m not going to attempt to take care of cubs that are not my own, and especially who try and /steal/ food.”

Siombe purrs in a regally deep tone, “Now..if he’s been rude, then I will take care of it. But it is up to you not to bother him while I’m dealing with it.”

Siombe purrs in a regally deep tone, “And as for his stealing food, that is a thing of the past. I suggest that if you want to prevent him from stealing food, you’ll be lioness enough to provide some.”

Siombe has left.

Balana snarls after Siombe and lays back down.

Mina blinks, watching Siombe stalk off. She rises, and walks after him, shaking her head.

Mina has left.

Nwari joins you from the left slope.

Nwari has arrived.

Nwari lays down, and curls up VERY tightly into a little ball.

Balana looks over to you quietly, and lays her head back down.

Nwari frowns, and turns slowly to look at Balana.

Balana is peering off into the distance, laying quiet.

Nwari stands, and pads over to Balana, before laying back down.

Balana looks back at you a moment, but rests her head down again.

Nwari looks at Balana. “I..m’sorry.”

You roar softly, “It’s me who should be sorry… I was acting like a stupid stuck up juvinile..”

Nwari sighs. “Siom’e’s mad.”

Balana nods, “I thought so..”

Nwari looks at his paws, cub-guilt written all over his muzzle

Balana looks off..

Nwari sighs. “What’I do now?”

You roar softly, “Nothing, Siombe’s mad at me…”

Nwari sighs. “He’s mad at boffa’us.”

You roar softly, “I don’t know about if he’s mad at you, but if you say so, then yeah, he is.”

Nwari sighs, and sniffles a little.

Balana nuzzles you softly, and lays her head back on her paws.

Nwari whimpers, and tries to not cry.

Balana sighs and lifts her head up, and tentatively licks you between the ears once, but stops and looks at you for a moment..

Nwari whimpers. “Siom’e..”

You roar softly, “Shh… it’s alright..”

Nwari moves closer, whimpering.

Balana softly licks between your ears again.

Nwari whimpers. “Know takin’s wrong..didn’ mean’ta make’ya hate’me..”

You roar softly, “I didn’t mean to blow up at you, I hadn’t gotten enough sleep that night.”

You roar softly, “And I was grumpy today as well..”

Nwari whimpers, a whisper now. “Siom’e..”

You roar softly, “It’s alright, Siombe will calm down, just calm down..”

Balana turns around and lays down with you inbetween her forepaws and licks your neck and back, “I’ve known him a lot, and he’s kinda mad sometimes, but he’ll be okie.”

Nwari leans into the grooming and looks at you hopefully. “R’lly?”

Balana smiles and nods, “Yeah, he just hates fighting and when furs act like that, but he’ll be over it.”

Nwari smiles a little. “He don’ hate me?”

Balana smiles, “No, he doesn’t hate you, or me. Nor do I hate you.”

Nwari blinks. “You don’ hate me?”

Balana smiles, “Nah.”

Nwari sighs again, resting his head on his paws. “He wan’ me’to leave?”

Balana shakes her head, “No, I just would let him calm down a little before you go near him again, and then talk to him some, okay?”

Nwari nods.

Balana smiles softly.

Nwari grooms at his paws, idly.

Nwari looks around. “Whatcha think Siom’e wants?”

Balana shrugs, “I dunno.”

Nwari sighs, and looks around.

Siombe has arrived.

Siombe pads in quietly with a heavy heart but a strong spirit.

Siombe comes in quietly

Siombe lies down, floating an inviting purr to the cub

Nwari looks up, sitting almost in Balana’s paws. He looks down at his paws.

Siombe smiles at seeing the two together, then looks at Nwari curious as to his demeanor, “Are you okay, Nwari?”

Nwari sighs, and moves over to Siombe, hugging his paw tightly.

Siombe looks at Nwari, surprised for a moment, then nuzzles him gently, wrapping another paw around him into a gentle hug.

Nwari sniffles. “I sorry…”

Balana wakes up out of her daydream and looks up at Siombe, “Oh, hi dad.” She turns her ears back some.

Siombe looks down at him surprisedly, then looks over at Balana, a smile crawling over his face. He then licks the cub about his paw, “Shh..its okay Nwari..”

Nwari purrs back, “Thought’ you’r mad at me…didn’ wanna go..”

Balana’s ears turn up, and she slowly moves over to Siombe, laying down next to him, looking at Nwari, not looking up… yet.

Siombe purrs, “No, no…I’m not upset at you…”

Nwari cubgrrs, “But..I yelled..and said..didn’t..but..stay…son..can’t..””

Siombe puts a pawfinger on the end of his muzzle, smiling in a paternal way, “We all say things we don’t mean sometimes…understanding that is the key to any relationship..”

Nwari nods, silent.

Balana slowly lifts her gaze from Nwari, up to Siombe’s face.

Siombe lies down by Balana, nuzzling him and sliding Nwari into his paws. He looks at her silently, smilingly… happily

Nwari purrs, still nervous, but much more sedate.

Balana slowly smiles, and grins brightly, nuzzling Siombe happily, “I’m sorry… I was wrong…”

Siombe nuzzles Balana back, licking her gently, “Two truths are told…”

Balana nods..

Siombe purrs softly to her

Siombe whispers, “what have youtwo been talking about?” to you.

You whisper, “I dunno, basically that you were mad, and we were both wrong.” to Siombe.

Siombe’s ears fold around a little, and he nods a little

You roar softly, “But it’s alright now, I think anyway. I was wrong, and a grumpy lioness, and I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how he feels, I think we made up, if I’m not mistaken.”

You roar softly, “I hope we did, anyway.”

Siombe smiles a little, “I think just being near each other has helped a lot. I’m really proud of you both fro talking this out on your own and not having me keep interceding.”

Balana nods.

Siombe purrs her gently, headnuzzling

Balana smiles and nods.

Siombe looks at the drowsing cub with a smile

Siombe takes the opportunity to bathe Nwari, cleaning his fur well and to a shine. He makes sure he’s clean all over, his head, back, sides, little belly and paws.

Balana softly nuzzles Siombe back and lays her head down next to his shoulder, watching.

Siombe looks at her, smiling. He purrs softly and goes back to cleaning Nwari as he drowses

Balana smiles and taps the ground with her tail idly.

Siombe purrs Balana!

Balana purrs back to Siombe, snuggling up next to him, watching him and Nwari drowsily.

Simbayo has arrived.

Balana lifts her head and grins, “Hi Simb!”

Siombe smiles at Simbayo as he comes in

Simbayo purrs, “Heya Siombe, Balana.”

Simbayo purrs, “Am I inturupting anything?”

Balana grins, “Howareya?”

Balana shakes her head, “Nope.”

Simbayo shrugs “I’m doing alright, how about you?”

Balana smiles, “I’m fine.”

Siombe smiles at him

Simbayo looks to Siombe “how’re you too?”

Siombe smiles at him, “I’m fine son…how’s the legs?’

Simbayo purrs, “Ah they’re doing pretty good”

Siombe grins, “Good to hear.”

Simbayo sits down nodding “ya…so anything interesting going on?”

Balana shrugs.

Siombe smiles, “Maybe…”

Gzunki has arrived.

>> A small form skitters into view and stands up, looking around alertly.

Simbayo hmms and nods

Nwari is asleep in Siombe’s paws.

Gzunki scampers in, frowning a little, “Heh, Bal?”

Balana looks up and grins, “Gzunki! Hi!”

Simbayo looks to Gzunki “Hello there”

Siombe cleans him too :>

Gzunki hmms, “Are you alright? I went to visit you and Nya said you were here, he seemed upset.”

Balana eeps and jerks her head up, “Yipes! I forgot all about Nya.”

Simbayo hmms

Balana looks apologetically to the others, “Heh, I better get going, I’ll be back as soon as I can.. bye!”

Nwari just .. is asleep :)

Nyanya and Balana’s White Cave
You come into a small cave, that is about the right size for a couple of lions to stay in. There is a little bit of extra room, but not much. It’s very nice in here, warm on the cool nights, yet cool on the hot days that can be experienced in the African Savannah. As you look around, you notice that the walls are completely white, and the ceiling and floors are fairly smooth, with only a couple bumps here and there. On the ground is a mixture of dried grass and leaves. It really is a nice cave, just perfect for a pair of lions. Just be careful that pair doesn’t come home and find you in their home…
You can see …
[IC] Nyanya, pissed at Balana’s behaviour.

Nyanya blinkies and looks up to you..

Balana pads in, “Heh, Nya?”

Nyanya roars softly, “hi bal..”

You roar softly, “I wanna apoligize for how I acted earlier… I was wrong, acting like a spoiled juvinile, and I made up with him, and Siombe..”

Nyanya smiles brightly, “you did??”

Balana smiles and nods.

Nyanya jumps up “yay!” and nuzzles you happily. He then licks all over your face passionately, “oh, Bal, sorry sorry sorry I left you there…”

Balana purrs, “It’s okay, I shouldn’t have acted like I did.”

Nyanya smiles up to you, “oh, bal…” and hugs you tight, very tight, purrring “my bal, my love, my life…”

Balana hugs you back, purring loudly, nuzzling.

Nyanya stops hugging you after a while and looks back to you lovingly, then closes his eyes and licks your muzzle tenderly, “I new you had a heart of gold… I always did.”

Balana blushes, “Aw…” and purrs, smiling.

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