01/21/09 - Rogue's News


Kinyago, Male Lion (Rogue)
Kori, Male Lion

Stalking through the distant grasses, Kinyago's gray form looms like a dark cloud on the horizon. His muzzle quicks upwards as his nose scents foreign lands, the ones he had come to find. For a moment, his lids narrow over his sickly yellow eyes, a chuckle echoing in his chest as he mumbles something to himself. His tail gives a hard 'thwap' to the ground as the lion steps forward, staying at the far end of what would normally be considered the borderlands. Then, taking a deep breath, the lion belts out a roar, announcing his presence, calling to those who might be on guard. Come, stranger at the border…

The roar catches the attention of the silent sentinel, Kori, who happened to be at the tail end of his long, graveyard shift. Lately, he has been elusive, and put distance between himself and the pride, spending more time out in the hidden graveyard, than the pride's cavern. As he lumbers slowly out of the thick foliage, his bright, amber eyes glow with a shining glean to them, nose twitching as he narrows his gaze at the stranger. With a slow, flexing roll of his brawny shoulders, the midnight-son sizes up the gray lion before him, rumbling. "What business do you have here?" He asks in a low tone, stoic.

The yellow eyes of Kinyago seem to turn cold as they survey the lion before them. A hint of teeth shows behind his grayed muzzle. "Hail guardian." His voice seems rich, sly, and lingering with that hint of a serpentine wit as he speaks. "I beg word with one of your fellows." Although from his tone, there's no begging involved, just a sort of sarcastic politeness that shows he has no great respect for whomever lives here. "I seek a lion named Kori. I have… news for him." The last bit is said with a pause, as if he were searching for just the right word to use.

Narrowing his eyes tighter, Kori stares at the other lion without much emotion in his features as he slowly settles down to his haunches. With the movement, the tips of his ebony painted claws poke out of his large paws. Tilting his head slowly to one side, his ears lift upwards from his mane, pricking in his direction. "..I am Kori." He says, nose twitching as he seems to be slightly guarded now at hearing his own name from this stranger. He gives a quick survey of his surroundings, his eyes darting left, then right, before centering on the other. "Who're you?

The gray lion seems perfectly comfortable in his surroundings. Unlike Kori, he doesn't even bother looking around, but he does stay at what one would usually consider a 'cautious' distance. "Ahhh, Koooori." The lion laughs with the name, as if he finds it terribly amusing. "I've heard -so- much about you." Kinyago's tail whips lightly behind him as he begins to pace back and forth along the line he seems to have drawn in the grass. "You don't know me… but I know you." The lion cracks his kneck slightly, and then chuckles to himself. "I'm a friend of your brother. Or at least I was up until recently…"

Watching him like a hawk, Kori's eyes are trained along each of the lion's movements, as if he was studying how he walked, talked, twitched, and shifts his stance from each leg to the next. Critical as always, the black lion barely shifts his emotions from it's stoic, and subdued manner. "My brother?" He asks, frowning now slowly as his features break. "You know Ekundu?" He asks as he lifts himself up to all fours, taking a step forward, and blowing a lock of ebon away from his eyes. "Why until recently? Is he alright?

"Correct." Kinyago replies with a droll to his voice, as if he regretted even affirming the lion's name. "Ekundu…" He spits the name as if it were a curse, hissing slightly as his back arches, "… recruited me to help him take over a pride." The gray lion's paw comes down swiftly and his motion stops in an abrupt motion. "But when I grew too close to the local lionesses, he decided he didn't -want- to share anymore. He dragged me out into the wastes and attacked me." With a snarl, Kinyago's eyes turn towards Kori, and then … he relaxes again. "I won, or I wouldn't be standing here today." He turns his eyes away from Kori, looking away from the vally and off towards the distance. "He's about two day's travel to the east. I left him there after the fight. He may have betrayed me, but I'm not without… mercy. Wouldn't want the hyenas to find him in that state, you know…" The lion lifts one paw, twirling what looks like a few strands of red mane-hair between them.

There is an odd conflict of emotions coursing through Kori's face now as he listens to the story, of his brother's climb to King, just to fall back down the ladder. "You?" The dark lion asks suspiciously. "You wouldn't have a chance against Ekundu in a fight." He says simply after relaxing his shoulders back, a look of disbelief falling over his eyes. "If you have won this fight, and ruled as King, you wouldn't be at my borders. You'd also have had a good meal or two, but the ribs tell me a different story. You barely get by, probably on rabbit meat." He says, though his tone is worried, somewhat. He tries to find holes in the other lion's story.

"Open your ears." Kinyago says with a flat tone to his voice. "I said he -recruited- me to help him take over a pride. We never did… We'd planned to get the lionesses on our side, and then he and I were to face the old king together." Snarling once more to himself, the gray lion turns his cold eyes to Kori. "He decided to change the plans, fight the king himself once I was out of the way. And just like you, your -stupid- brother underestimated me." He lets the few strands of mane blow away on the wind before narrowing his eyes once more. "Not every lion's strength is his size, perhaps a lesson you should have been taught a long time ago. But I didn't exactly come out unscathed." He turns his injured shoulder towards Kori, still showing the long, scabbed over gash in his fur. "You don't have to believe me, I'll be all too glad to bring his skull back once the vultures are done eating his eyes."

"You talk too much." Kori says bluntly, and plainly as he takes another step towards him, his eyes narrowing to thin, dangerous slits of gold. "Right now, you underestimate me. I am nothing like my brother. We did not grow up together, we did not play together. We barely know each other." He says as he continues forward, his gait slow, lumbering. "And my strength is not my size." Pulling his lips back slowly to reveal his sharp teeth, he says to the other lion. "One more insult out of your mouth, in regards to me, or Ekundu, and I will tear you to pieces, and parade your entrails around the pride lands." As he speaks, his tone goes back to being stoic, but honest. Unlike his red headed brother, the black one is dangerous.

"Do I?" The lion replies, as if he had never thought if it that way before. Then, with a shrug if his shoulders he simply backpeddles, keeping the same distance between himself and Kori the entire time. "I'm not here to fight, that would be pure stupidity. An injured rogue against a pridal guardian? Hah." With a bitter sort of tone, the lion's claws dig into the ground slightly. "I'm not afraid of your threats, Kooori, just as I wasn't afraid of your brother's threats. I came here to tell you that he was hurt in our fight, and where to find him. If you don't care…" He shrugs his good shoulder once more before turning his back on the lion and walking towards the pridelands. "I've got better things to do… hunting rabbits 'n all." The sarcasm practically drips from these last words.

"I do not make threats, stranger." Kori says as he continues to advance, stepping past his invisible borders with only a brief pause. It has been so long since he has strayed into the other's lands. So dutifully he has lived behind his territory. "So, where is he then?" He asks as he takes in a deep breath, trying to soothe, and quell his anger. "Where did you leave my brother?"

"Neither do I." The gray lion replies darkly… not even bothering to turn his gaze towards Kori. His ear flicks as he hears the lion following, keeping his own gait equal so that the distance can't easily be closed between them. He gives one lick to his injured shoulder, and then points a dark-clawed toe off across the pridelands. "Beyond Tsavo, about two days travel, follow the afternoon sun." With that said, Kinyago continues to walk, not seeming to care one way or the other about Kori.

Furrowing his brows, Kori watches him head off after a moment, then squints his golden eyes, letting out a heavy sigh. Glancing back over his shoulder, he turns, heading back into the Kopje's lands, letting out a loud roar to try and catch Mzohari's attention. He needs to speak to his daddy in-law. Now.

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