03/05/98 - Bal and the Rogue

Description: Nyanya and Balana are in the process of building up their own pride to move to the Golden Lands, with he as the king and she as the queen. One of the lionesses they invited to stay, Tanya, decides she doesn't want to join their pride, but has taken interest in Nyanya's adoptive brother, Tokeko. Balana's less-than-queenly side comes out in trying to get Tanya to leave.


  • Balana, lioness
  • Nyanya, lion, Balana's mate
  • Tanya, lioness
  • Zaula, lioness cub

tlkBalana - Thursday, March 05, 1998, 8:22 PM

Nyanya and Balana’s cave
This is a small and cozy cave, very nice for a couple of lions to spend some time together.
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Nyanya has arrived.

>> Nyanya pads in calmly and quietly, looking around with a smile.

Balana is laying there, resting on her side, eyes closed.

Nyanya pads in with quite a serious and even upset expression on his face. His mane is a bit soaked. He flops down on the ground and sighs deeply.

Balana opens her eyes and lifts her head, looking at you, cocking her head. “Nya..? Are you alright?”

Nyanya hums, “no… ehhh… yes…” he sighs, “I dunno.”

Balana lifts an eyebrow, and nuzzles you, pulling back a little at your wet mane. “Nya…? What’s wrong?” She looks concerned.

Nyanya turns to you, his mane dripping a bit of water, “did you know tanya was here?”

Balana nods. “I did.”

Nyanya roars softly, “well, I talked to her earlier today and she said she wouldn’t join the pride.. what is she doing here? And why is Tokeko here too? Doesn’t tokeko have a cave of his own? Gee I don’t like furs pulling on my tail… anything but that.”

Balana snorts a little. “Tok has his own place. He’s got a lioness now. He can get out of here. If I catch him around any of our lionesses, I’ll be on him.”

Nyanya sighs, frowning and leaning his head on the ground, “I’m not mad with Tok.. I’m mad with her…” he sighs, “oh, I dunno who I am mad with!”

You roar softly, “If I see Tok around any of the pridal lionesses in the Golden Pride, I’ll be after him.”

Nyanya smirks, “and now she says ‘if things go well tonight I’ll get to leave here’ all smiling…” he snorts.

You roar softly, “She better leave, before I’m at combat with her…”

Balana growls.

Nyanya shakes his head and stands up, “no… I guess that’s my job. I’ll be right back.”

Balana stands up. “If you’re going, I’m going with you.”

>> Nyanya leaves, padding out calmly and quietly.

Nyanya has left.

Sun Rock’s Main Cavern
a very large Cavern. *more to come later*
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Krynn and Liania’s [C]ave Krynn and Liania’s [C]ave
[N]yanya and [B]alana’s cave
You can see …
[IC] Nyanya, thoughtful and kinda worried.
[ZZZ] Nyesha, going hyper once again.
[IC] Tanya
[ZZZ] Tokeko
[ZZZ] Tarina
[IC] Zaula, bright green eyes open!
[ZZZ] Lauda, a new mother..

Tanya smiles. “Hello again!”

Balana pads in, looking off at the wall, face blank, but watching Tanya out of the corner of her eye.

Nyanya nods to tanya and moves up to her. He sits down by her and sighs a bit, his expression serious and frowning, “Tanya.. why are you two here now, exactly?” he glances a bit up to Tokeko so she knows he’s talking about him too.

Tanya shrugs, “I don’t exactly have anyplace to go. Once he wakes up I’ll go to his place and leave you alone, but until then, I don’t have a whole lot of options. I’m sorry if I’m an inconveinence.”

Balana mutters under her breath. “Sorry, hah…”

Balana then looks over to Tanya. “Howabout you leave to his place now, and when he wakes up, he can come home.”

Tanya looks to Balana, then back to Nyanya, “Hey, you offered your hospitality whether or not I joined your pride.” She looks to Balana, “Well, I don’t exactly know where that is…I’m new here, and I don’t know where -anywhere- is.”

Nyanya ohs and nods, “then okay.. but please, this is a place my mother left to our pride to live until we move, and we need some privacy if we want to know each other better, so it’s okay if you or tokeko come for a visit, but I really don’t see apropiate if you stay here more.” then he nods to her again, “you can stay until he wakes up” he looks up to Balana, “that’s ok.. let’s go back..”

Nyanya pads off to his cave, sighing a bit.

>> Nyanya leaves, padding out calmly and quietly.

Nyanya has left.

Balana looks at Tanya, giving a low growl. “I’ll show you where it is, gladly, to get you, and /HIM/,” she gives a gruff headnod to Tokeko, “out of here, and away from my mate. I don’t like him having extra pressure on him that he doesn’t need, and you’re causing it..”

Tanya looks up at you. “You’re such a bitch, I’m GLAD I didn’t join your pride. I don’t see how anyone can stand to be around you.”

Balana snarls. “I don’t care what you think of me. I’m GLAD you didn’t join our pride either, I would go insane having someone like you around.”

Tanya hisses, “Then why don’t you leave me be? I’ll be gone as soon as I have a place to go.”

Balana lowers her head, hissing back. “Get out of here… you scuzzy lowlife. You lie lower than the hyenas.”

You roar softly, “I’d feel sorry for any of them who were around you.”

Tanya hehs. “I’d rather be a hyena than a bitch with her head up her arse.”

You roar softly, “Well at least my mate is more than a scrawny little yellowed out rogue who doesn’t amount to anything.”

Tanya shrugs. “So? I don’t -have- a mate.

Balana raises an eyebrow. “Then you have no buisness here. Get out of here.” She hisses again, coat bristling a little.

Zaula mews! Bein woken up by all the shouting.

Tanya doesn’t seem to care about Balana’s posturing and hissing. “I have been told I can stay, so I will stay until I have a place to leave to. Go to your mate and leave me alone. I don’t know what you have against me, and frankly I don’t care.”

Balana growls, head lowering, advancing slowly toward Tanya.

Tanya stands up slowly, and looks to Balana. “So, you are so foolish you have to fight? Like a hyena? Like a bitch? Well, hon, let me tell you. I’ve been in more fights than I care to imagine, and I will have no mercy upon you if you fight me.”

You roar softly, “My mate just requested you leave. He would chase you off, but he’s got more manners than that…”

Tanya says, “Manners you apparently lack.”

Balana pulls her lips back in a snarl. “Yeah, I guess maybe I do…” She starts to move out a little, starting to circle slowly.

Tanya circles as well, keeping Balana in front of her. She seems unnaturally calm, just staring over at Balana. “I do not fear you. I do not know why I upset you so, or what I did to deserve anger, but I must say I detest you now, and killing you would be an ease on the strains of the world. You are foolish, you know. You have things to loose in this.”

Balana keeps her eyes on Tanya, watching her like a hawk, a small smirk coming to the corners of her mouth. “Kill me.. yeah, sure…”

Zaula mews loudly again, almost starting to cry now..

Tanya remains calm, smiling faintly, “Yes. Kill you. Maybe I will die, too, but what have I got to loose? Nothing. What have you to loose? A mate, cubs, a pride. So you are an idiot. Do I threaten you in some way? I don’t want your mate, or your pride.”

You roar softly, “Cubs… what cubs… I have no cubs…”

You roar softly, “Future cubs, perhaps yes… family, a mate, yes…”

Tanya shrugs. “You can have them. In my current state, I can’t, not by myself.”

Balana hisses again. “Then get. Get out of here you rogue. Go find someone then.”

Tanya shrugs. “I won’t leave. You’ll have to fight me, or ask me nicely. It is very tempting to strike you down now and kill you, but you know, I don’t want the entire land chasing me. What do you think it would make you look like? To your mate? to your friends? A bitch who killed another lioness for no reason whatsoever.”

You roar softly, “If you killed me, you would have a lot of furs after you. They’d strike you down and kill you, rip you alive. They don’t know you, nor would they trust you. And there are no witnesses to see what happened.”

Tanya shrugs. “And if you killed me, they would see a lioness corpse in here, alone with you. What, are you going to blame it on the cub? What do you think your mate would think about that? Why don’t you go ask him, what does -he- think of you killing me?”

Zaula’s eyes tear, and droplets fall from her muzzle as she watches the two yell at eachother. She continues mewing loudly..

Balana raises an eyebrow. “Do you think I would be stupid enough to stay here with a dead corpse? Maybe you would, but I wouldn’t…” She perks her ears, and looks to Zaula out of the corner of her eye.

Tanya hehs. “You’re too stupid to see past your nose or hear past your own voice.”

Tanya arches her eyebrow, “If you’re going to kill me, then at least tell me why I am so evil.”

Zaula continues to cry, sometimes just soft whimpers, others loud wailing.

Balana looks over to Tanya, head lowered, lips pulled back in a snarl, coat bristled. “You have caused my mate more pain in the past few days then he has had in a very long time. You, and that rogue there.” She hisses and gives a gruff nod to Tokeko.

Tanya shrugs, “Why is this my fault? I just arrived here. Your mate saw me, and took me here, and then ignored me at every opertunity, expecing me to join his pride. Meanwhile, Tokeko payed attention to me, talked to me, while your mate was busy talking to whoever else walked into the cave. I didn’t -ask- for this to happen.”

Tanya says, “You probably don’t understand that, eh? He showers you with attention at every opertunity. You should feel lucky to be with him, and you should just chuckle in your sleep as you’re curled up with him, thinking about how I’m stuck with his little brother.”

You roar softly, “Don’t you see? You sticking around is only making matters worse. You are just an attention grabber, expecting everyone to pay attention to you all of the time. You act like you are the only fur in the whole world… you think ‘me me me!’ at everything… selfish ass of a lioness…”

Tanya laughs! “Don’t talk to me about selfish, bitch. I tire of talking to you; no matter what happens, I will loose; I will die, or I will kill you, and in the end I will be blamed, so shut up and fight or leave me be!”

Zaula whimpers, ears flattened, and tail dormant.

You roar softly, “Oh, shut up, sure… I’ll talk as I please, rogue, so you can just get out of here…”

Tanya rumbles, “You fear me, because I -will- win. I do not have to hoot and hollar like a bird trapped in a thornbush, because I do not fear you. Crawl back in your hole, curl up with your mate, and leave me be.”

You roar softly, “I do not fear you. I dispise you. I just don’t want to kill you.”

Tanya rumbles, “Then leave me be, and there will be no fight. I will leave when Tokeko wakes up, and I will never see you again. Or ask me nicely, like an equal, to leave and I will leave, because that is polite and good. I am at least as good as you are, I will not be treated as a lesser person.”

Balana has lost the snarl, and the raised hackles, but she still hints a glare, casting it at Tokeko. “Tanya, would you please be so good as to leave this place and reside at another place temporarily while you wait for Tokeko to awaken?” she says through clenched teeth.

Tanya nods slowly, “Alright, then. That was polite; if you expect civility from me, you have to give civility first.” She doesn’t quite entirely trust you, so she backs slowly towards the cave opening.

Balana slowly lifts her eyes, trying not so much to glare, but slightly glaring.

Tanya backs slowly out, and ends out outside.

Tanya has left.

Balana snorts, and heads back into the cave, tail twitching.

Zaula is still crying a bit, in an empty corner of the cave..

Balana blinks, and lifts her head before heading all the way in, perking an ear..

Zaula has quieted quite a bit, but her ears are still flattenend, and eyes wattered..

Balana looks back to you, padding a little closer, ears up.

Zaula’s eyes are shut, cub-sized tears sometimes sliping from between the lids as she lowers to a whimper..

Balana pads closer, tilting her head a little and tentatively licking at your face if you’ll allow her to, purring softly..

Zaula blins her eyes open suddenly as you lick her. She look sup with an innocent fear in her eyes, almost trying to move away.

You roar softly, “Shh… it’s alright….”

Balana offers a soft smile.

Zaula’s bottom lip begns to tremble as she look sup at you..

You roar softly, “It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you…”

Balana nuzzles softly…

Zaula pulls her neck back, mewing slightly, in a wavering voice..

Balana tilts her head slightly, and doesn’t push, just watching you with a soft gaze.

Balana sighs, and heads into the cave.

Nyanya and Balana’s cave
This is a small and cozy cave, very nice for a couple of lions to spend some time together.
[Ba]ck to main cavern
You can see …
[ZZZ] Nyanya, thoughtful and kinda worried.

Balana pads in, and curls up next to Nyanya, sighing, closing her eyes and falling asleep.

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