03/08/09 - Meeting Msasi


Kikora - lioness cub, newly arrived to the pride.
Msasi - juvenile lioness, adopted daughter of Vikali.


Kopje Valley
You come down from the edge of the Valley into a large open plain. Small baobab trees dot the landscape. You can see the cliff edge looming above you, sending a shadow over your body. To the north you can see a large cliff with a waterfall flowing from it. To the west you see some beautiful plains, and there is a large and expansive savannah to the south.

[UP] to the edge of the valley [W]aterfall [C]liff
[L]ukesia's and [S]iombe's [P]lace [P]ath of rememberance
[Sh]aded [P]atch

You can also see a 'runoff stream'.
A fallen 'umbrella thorn' tree lies across the stream.

Kikora creeps through the grasses slowly toward the bottom of the valley — against her better judgement. She knows it's probably unwise to be out here without an adult present, but she's just so overcome with curiosity that it can't be helped. She wasn't able to explore much with Korzar before, so she's struck out on her own…and is currently headed toward the fallen acacia, brown eyes gleaming with wonder.

Msasi rolls onto her other side, stretching out a paw and yawning sleepily, before shutting her eyes once more to sleep. As life isn't too exciting for the cub at the moment, most days are spent just sleeping, or lazing around.

Kikora sneaks carefully through the grasses until she's right at the base of the acacia — she executes a playful leap, claws extended, and latches on to the worn tree's broken trunk with a triumphant look on her face. She remains in that position for a few moments, arms wrapped around the acacia in a hug, before she slowly begins to stand…balancing is hard work for a gangly cub! Once she's sure she won't fall, Kikora takes a few steps forward and looks around the bottom of the valley. "Wow…" she whispers quietly, ears turning back in awe.

Something jolts Sas into conciousness, and the juvenile sits up with a start. After a few moments of heavy breathing, and watching her surroundings warily, Msasi calms down somewhat. "Bad dream…" She mutters. The cub isn't used to sleeping out here on her own. Thinking she should really get back to the acacia up by the edge of the valley, Msasi stands and turns, trudging slowly back towards the slope.

As Kikora surveys the vast valley floor, something registers in her peripheral vision — distinct movement. She turns her head, observing the form of Msasi curiously and without much fear. "Hi!" The cub calls out to the other, her voice friendly and inviting — the poor kid is bored out of her gourd, what with her usual friends fast asleep near the waterfall. She falls silent, waiting for some kind of acknowledgement from Msasi, but the expression she wears is an eager one.

In her current state of grogginess, it takes Msasi a moment to register the voice. It sounded like it came from off to the left. Turning her head, Sas looks around for a moment, before spotting another cub, this one younger than herself. "Hey," the tired juvenile murmurs. Not really in the mood for dealing with giddy little cubs, as she is older now, much too mature for all that, Msasi continues on her original path, hoping the cub doesn't start up a conversation.

Kikora, still new and unsure, watches as Msasi greets her and then continues on her way. The cub's little ears fall flat and she frowns a little, wondering if she did something wrong. With a tiny sigh, Kikora drops her gaze to the ground, gauging the distance — and with one nimble (and very lucky) leap, the cub returns to the grassy earth, landing stoutly on all four paws. Guess she had better get back to the falls and wait for Wingu or Korzar to wake up!

It doesn't take long for Msasi to feel the bite of her own actions. She pauses for a moment, tail flicking back and forth, and after a hesitated moment, turns her head to look back at the younger lioness. "Sorry," Sas begins. "It's just I'm a little tired. And I'm never in the best of moods when I'm tired." She turns to leave again, but that strange feeling is still there. Sighing inwardly, Msasi turns back again. "Would you like to walk with me? I'm heading back up to the tree."

Kikora lifts her head above the grasses to peer in Msasi's direction, and after a moment's consideration — with nary a concern for punishment — the cub nods her head enthusiastically. "'Kay!" She says in a voice loud enough to be heard by the bigger cub, but not so loud that it's at an irritating level. She bounds toward Msasi, looking at her with her large, curious brown eyes. "I's not been to tree b'fore," she informs the bigger cub, hoping that maybe seeing it will help her learn more about the valley.

Giving the cub a good look for the first time, Msasi frowns a little. "You haven't lived here long, have you?" She asks, before turning to lead the way to the slope, calling back over her shoulder "Be careful going up here, the younger ones tend to slip over a lot." Feeling a little more awake and less irritable now, Msasi even manages a smile.

Kikora ohs quietly at Msasi's warning, dropping her gaze down to make sure her paws don't try any funny stuff, like tripping over each other or something equally as humiliating. "No," she responds to Msasi's question, eyes still trained on her big forepaws. "Mama hunting, and zebra killed her. Wingu-Korzar-Mama found me, and King too." She lifts her head for a brief moment to give Msasi a shy little smile. She isn't sure of Kasjari or Mzohari's formal names, and tries her best to describe them to the bigger cub.

Msasi seems to get the jist of what Kikora is saying, and even manages to be patient when the young cub is speaking. Normally she finds cub-talk irritating. Even though she probably sounded exactly the same when she was that age. "Watch that rock there," Sas points out, nodding towards a big rock sitting unstably on the slope. She decides not to ask more about her parents, as she doesn't want the cub to get upset while they are traversing a fairly steep hill.

Kikora veers around the large, precariously-situated rock with caution, casting her eyes sidelong to watch Msasi as she climbs up the hill seemingly with the greatest of ease. "Too tall," Kikora puffs out, hoping that this cliff doesn't continue on forever and ever. She works her legs, still mindful of the dangers all around her, before remembering something crucial — "I's Kikora!" She throws out of left-field, completely random, but friendly all the same.

Msasi stops for a moment to check their progress. "We are just about at the top. Can't you see it there?" The juvenile takes off once more. She chuckles to herself at the random statement. "And I'm Msasi, now less talk and more walk, okay?" Sas says, in as friendly voice she can manage this short of breathe.

Msasi had to disconnect at this point.

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