03/08/09 - Playing with Gadi


Gadi - lion cub, son of Kori and Nonceba.
Kikora - lioness cub, newly arrived to the pride.


Kopje Valley - Bottom of the Waterfall Cliff
You come to the bottom of a large cliff. Just above you is a massive promontory jutting out of the side, it sends a shadow across the waterfall. A large torrent of water comes down, creating a large 'lake' at the bottom of the cliff. Many sweet grasses grow on the edge perfect for grazing animals. As you look up the cliff face, you see a small path leading to the promontory and then stretches further along the cliff.

To the [K]opje [V]alley [Climb] up to the Promontory
[E]dge of the [S]avannah

A sparkling and cool lake
You can see the 'end of' a runoff stream.

A hot, cloudless day finds Gadi trying to find some peace and relief by the water's edge, but the glare of the sun on the water does little to soothe the boy's restless spirit or overheated form. He pants as he lays sprawled in a slim patch of shade, belly-down on the slightly cooler ground as his head hangs just above the top rim of his paws. Eyes are closed against the harsh daylight, and otherwise he does little to move, lest he make himself even hotter.

During the cooler hours of morning, just after the sunrise, Kikora ventured off into the main section of the sprawling valley — and very nearly followed Msasi up to the border. Though her curiosity was not sated, she decided against possibly causing a panic amongst the adults — and she'd do anything to avoid big, booming voices scolding her. She's returned to the waterfall and has found a spot of her own, near the runoff stream, and has been dozing in the sun. The cub lifts her head groggily and yawns, giving her ears a quick shake. In the otherwise silent day, her stirring can be heard amidst the sleeping lions.

Gadi becomes slowly aware he's not alone, at least, not in the sense of being half-awake anyway. Brows furrow and then relax, weary eyes slowly opening to display the boldly mis-matched irises. The left, a crisp clear emerald, the other a baleful, almost molten copper. Paws flex long, curving ivory claws that dig into the turf and then re-sheath themselves, and the boy gives his head a shake to clear sleep-muddled thoughts and half-forgotten dreams. He looks towards the sound that stirred him, and he spies the unfamiliar cub. Not that new faces haven't been rampant lately, he doesn't seem to pay her presence much mind.

The dark-furred cub's own stirrings have reached Kikora's ears, and she half-turns to see who it was — maybe Wingu, or Korzar! Instead, she peers curiously at Gadi, tilting her head some…and while she's the new kid in the pride, he's certainly unfamiliar to her. She climbs to her paws and gives herself a little shake, ridding her coat of brittle bits of grass debris. The little lioness pads in Gadi's direction — but instead of approaching him directly, she splashes into the shallow end of the lake and dunks her body, leaving only a portion of her neck and her head above the surface. "Hiii." She greets Gadi, wondering if he'll be as uninterested in playing or talking as Msasi had been earlier.

Gadi slowly turns his gaze towards the girl as she greets him, ears cupping forward to fix on her words. He blinks his eyes, face briefly distant as if he looked through her instead of at her. But then his gaze clears and parti-colored eyes refocus, and he dips his head briefly as his jaws part in a toothy yawn. "Hey." He murmurs, adding on once he's properly dispelled the yawn from his lungs. "Who're you?" He queries of her as he hitches himself up from the ground, propped up on forelegs while his back half remains sprawled to the ground.

Kikora remains in the shallows of the lake, enjoying the cool water as it works through her thick fur and touches against her sun-warmed skin. "Kikora," she responds, her own ears tilting forward in curiosity. "I's… -I'm- new." This is all that she says about her presence here, though if pressed she'd be willing to explain in a little more detail. "Who's you?" She lifts a forepaw and pushes it slowly through the water, momentarily distracted by the small wake she creates.

Gadi raises a paw, scrubbing a clay-colored wrist against taupe muzzle, scrubbing sleep-kinked whiskers into place. "I'm Gadi." The boy responds with a slow exhale. "The king's my grandfather… my mom is Nonceba." His voice trails, words lingering on his tongue but aren't spoken. "I didn't think I recognized you. When'dja get here?"

Kikora lifts one brow and furrows the other, making a low 'hmm' noise in her throat as she contemplates this. "Other day? Four days?" Her concept of time is not so reliable, as she's been swamped with new names and faces since her arrival here. "King… King is Wingu and Korzar's dad. I don't know Nonceba…" she says in a little voice that suggests she feels bad for it, though it's hardly any fault of her own. "I only know Wingu an' Korzar… and their mama and dad. And other lioness," she glances around until she spots Mwaliko's sleeping form, lifting a soaking-wet forearm and gesturing in her direction. "Also, Kiini. He's too loud."

Gadi flicks his whiskers at mention of Kiini, a brief spark of amusement in his expression at her words. "Kiini is my uncle, my mom's his half sister. He's… not very fun." He murmurs then, voice briefly soured before it evens out. "I'm not allowed to leave here," He remarks dully, briefly gesturing to the cliff behind him. "Don't get to meet much of the pride unless they come 'ere."

Kikora gives Gadi a confused look, glancing around the waterfall cliff region of the valley before glancing back to the dark-furred cub. Instead of confusion, bewilderment settles on her face and she gives her head a little shake. "Why can'tcha leave?" Though her opinion of Kiini is fairly neutral, she keeps quiet for now — after all, he hasn't done anything to her other than raise his voice -near- her. That's enough to keep her frightened of him, but not in a respectful way.

Gadi grimaces briefly at her question, ears slicking back against his skull as his features briefly harden, eyes flashing with anger. "Long story." And obviously it's a bitter one he's not inclined to discuss. "Father wouln't let me leave, says here I'm safe." His lip curls, showing the tip of a white tooth, "So stupid… can't sit here forever."

Kikora, as the newest cub and member of the Kopje Valley pride, is understandably unaware of any previous tragedies that have taken place here, or to its other natal members. "Ohhh," the girl says in a quiet voice, sloshing her forepaw around in the water again, mostly out of idle habit. "Is your dad awake now? 'Cause…" she gets a little glint in her brown eyes, turning them away from Gadi and toward the deep scoop of earth that marks the central point of the valley. "…we could go play by that dead tree?" She's still overly curious about the other parts of the Kopje Valley and has yet to really explore.

Gadi snorts quietly with a slow shake of his head, "Don' think he sleeps, always patrolling. Always. He don't care about anything else." With a low grunt, Gadi pushes his paws under him fully and stands, giving his fur a shake to clear it of debris. "Hm. Well… I'd still be in the valley, as long as we stay away from the borders. Come on, let's go, not like there's anything goin' on here."

Kikora leaps to her feet, but it's more like a few sloshing, frantic motions in the water — she takes high leaps in the shallow water until she's at the banks, giving herself a more thorough shake. "'Kay!" She says in a happy, agreeable voice and trots over toward Gadi, once again feeling the heat of the day as the sun bounces rays off of her back. "We can see who climbs highest, or maybe there's a nest with eggs innit!" She romps forward a few feet, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Gadi is still on board.

Gadi plods along in the wake of the young lioness, perhaps not quiet so excitable, but certainly up to the offer. He does look rather intrigued by the chance for some food, tongue flicking against the dusky pink of his nose as he picks up the pace, big paws falling into a steady trot as he tags along behind. "Maybe there's some food left." He murmurs before he finally turns from trot to a lope.

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