05/18/06 - Arrival in Kopje


  • Raz'ki, lion cub
  • Sirima, juvenile lioness, Kyoko's daughter
  • Balana, lioness, Siombe's adopted daughter
  • Kizingo, adolescent lion, Balana's son
  • Mzohari, adolescent lion, Balana's son
  • Siombe, lion
  • Sumi, juvenile lion, Kyoko's son
  • Kia, lioness
  • Kyoko, lioness
  • Hajima, male caracal

TLK Balana - Thursday, May 18, 2006, 3:44 PM


You have arrived in a savannah which seems to go on forever. All around you, the golden grasses stretch away in all direction towards optical infinity. This portion of the Utatu Savannah is fairly dry and lacking moisture. The grass is all golden in color, lacking the cool greens of a grassland, and the only other vegetation present are a few shrubs and lone acacia trees. Off towards the west, you can see the aridity continues in that direction, while a cool, moist breeze strikes you from the east. Despite the dryness though, this is far from being a wasteland. Life is abundant here as vast herds graze upon the grasses and almost everywhere you look, there is some form of life.

[ (N)orth ] [ (N)orth (E)ast ] [ (E)ast ] [ (S)outh (E)ast ]
[ (S)outh ] [ (S)outh (W)est ] [ (W)est ] [ (N)orth (W)est ]
[ (S)can the distant (H)orizon to the (N)orth ]
[ (S)can the distant (H)orizon to the (S)outh ]
[ (C)limb up into the (A)ncient (T)ree ]
[ (CALL) up to those in the tree ]

You can see…
Ancient Baobab

[NEW] RAZ'KI, male lion cub [ZZZ] KISALA, female lioness
[IC] SIRIMA, female juve. lioness [IC] MZOHARI, male adol. lion
[ZZZ] M'PENZI, female lioness [ZZZ] KYOKO, female lioness
[ZZZ] SUMI, male juve. lion [IC] KIZINGO, male adol. lion
[ZZZ] HILIKI, female lioness [ZZZ] SIOMBE, male lion
[ZZZ] KIA, female lioness [ZZZ] SAKITU, female lioness cub

CURRENT DAY CYCLE: Early Afternoon.
CURRENT WEATHER: Hot, sunny and a strong breeze

Raz'ki nods towards the lioness she was following, and sits down next to her, unsure what that mean. "He 'not a movin rock. I wanna 'nother one. He starts backing away from deaf one, after hearing him speak, and turns around, his face against the ground, apparently looking for something.

"That's why I said… /look/." Siri as quietly as she can headtilts to the brush, and just nibbiling on the grass in front of it was a small brown hare. Not exactly a moving rock, but close enough. "Hello Kizi. That Raz." Her voice continues to be low, who knows just how long that hare will stay there oblivious.

Sleep has been in abundance lately for the eldest lioness of the group, but it may well be needed to get everybody to the valley in a timely manner. Hearing voices, Balana's ear twitches ever so slightly and she opens her eyes, gaze drifting to Siri and the younger male she does not know. She stays there for now, a little too lazy to get up, and a little too curious at what the young ones are looking at.

Kizingo has not taken notice of the rabbit, which is likely well enough, he'd probably feel obligated to catch it, seeing as how his last hunting effort failed and that's just not good! Rather, he's presently focused on Sirima and while her efforts with the unknown cub are noticed he states focused on her just yet, "Rrahz." he tries, certainly better at picking up new words than he used to be, as well as their meaning, "Ehllo Rahz!" he exclaims towards the younger male, blinking inquizatively. Mother's waking is not yet realized either as he's not directly beside her, as he might usually be.

His attention flounders, as the heat and his heavy sleep are still making focus difficult for him. A few more mumblings and grumblings are given, and a more violent shake of his head — which causes some dust to go flying out of his mane — before Mzohari's eyes finally seem more focused. It's then that he sees Kizingo, and Sirima and that cubling from yesterday, and his mother. With a grunt, he starts to rise — slowly, stretching as he goes.

Raz'ki turns towards the disturbance, the small lion's ears quirking. He saw the hare, although the rabbit was roughly same size as himself. He turns back around towards the deaf one for a moment. "Uh..Hi..shssh. Catch big rock now." He pushes himself down, and creeps up on the hare, although the prey sees this relatively quickly and takes off..and so the little dark lion takes off too. Whoosh! The rabbit had similar hopping tendences are the mouse he was chasing before, zig zagging all over the place, Raz, who wasn't as fast or as agile, almost wasn't capable of even keeping up; he nearly lost his balance with each zig. The lapine soon shoots off directly into a tree, and right before slamming into it, it changes direction and heads away from the lions, fearing for it's life. Raz follows it's movements, but by the time the prey dodges the tree, Raz was beyond too close to stop. *WHAM!* The tree loses a few leaves in the process.

Balana rolls to her stomach rather abruptly as Raz darts off, her ears perking. What's he… Oh. A hare. Nothing she need worry much about. She sits up a few moments later, shaking out her pelt and stretching out her back as she pads over towards Kizingo to see how he's doing. Hearing a bit of a dull thud, she perks her ears and pauses in her approach towards her son, looking over towards where the cub slammed into the tree, but unsure just what the noise was at the moment.

Sirima winces as Raz runs into the second thing in one setting, the first being her. Very slowly she shakes her head, but calls over to him, "Are you alright?" Running into a tree can't feel good. "Hello Mzo." She smiles to her other waking friend.

Kizingo is up on his paws rather swiftly when the younger male suddenly dashes off. His balance is a little bit off, but it's never been entirely steady, but he manages to stay upright successfully as he watches Raz race off. A few bewildered blinks are performed before he calms, gaze then turning towards Sirima, but Sirima's focused off the way the cub ran. The older male slants his ears back then drops his rump down to sit right where he is, clearly bewildered and groggy, too.

Raz'ki ran into the poor greenery with with his head..in which he takes a few dazed steps off of, and promptly falls over. He doesn't seem particularly hurt in the least, just stunned. A few moments later he gets back on his feet, but it was clear that his balance hadn't completely returned. He returns to a spot a few feet away from the others and lays down. "Stupid big ear rock. I catch small rocks, but big ear rock run me inta stuff."

Giving one last final shake, at last managing to get rid of all the grogginess, Mzohari offers a rather bright smile to everyone present. His mood has lightened considerably from the previous day — and, seeing as almost everyone is awake, this might mean that they'll be leaving Utatu soon. And he's beyond anxious to get going. "Hey, Siri'," he returns as she greets him, before ambling over to where everyone seems to be congretating. His attention turns towards Raz'ki soon enough, though, a brow raising. "Better watch out for those trees," he teases. "They're always jumping out at you."

Balana's gaze passes lightly over the male cub as he seems to be alright. Not knowing who he is, she's intent on finding out how her son is. Drawing up alongside Kizingo, Balana waits until she's in his field of vision before she lowers her head to nudge his shoulder, lowering lightly to her haunches beside him, lifting her head up to look down at where he received the kick.

"He seems to be really good at that." Siri grins lopsidedly, "That was a /hare/, Raz…" Before she can go on, she shakes her head with just a little frustration. If he was gonna keep calling everything a moving rock, why should she bother to correct him? She turns back to Kizi, but slinks back just a little when Balana tends to her son.

Kizingo has no trouble spotting mother as his paws are still sensative to paw steps, thusly his head is swiveled her way with eyes wide and curious as his gaze lands on her, "Mayma." he states with a pleased tone, "Kehzingoo good now." he states, well aware of his recent ailment. He leans into her contact, bumping the bridge of his muzzle against her jaw while a plesent rumble sets in his throat, distracted away from the other happenings just yet.

Raz'ki shakes his head a few times, before lazily rolling over to his back, and back onto his feet again, watching the others. "Hair? Ain' dat jus' nother word fer the fuzzy stuff thats all over everybody?" He watches Kiz for a small while before turning his gaze towards the others, cautiously taking a few feet back; a couple of them were pretty big.

Coming close enough to appropriately greet his family, Balana and then Kizingo are given affectionate nuzzle — before he turns to Sirima, and bestows the same upon her. After all, she's basically family, having grown up in the same pride and all. Mzohari then looks more than pleased as Kizingo announces that he's better, and an eager grin is promptly flashed to his mother — and his eyes fairly scream, Omigod can we go now?! But Raz'ki's question makes him snort short laughter, and he says, "That's a different kind of hair. The kind you just went after is a hare — and they're quite good to eat, if you can catch one."

"Good!" Balana responds cheerfully, returning her son's attention with a gentle nuzzle and a soft lick planted on his forehead. "When Siombe, Kyoko, Kia, and Sumi wake up, we can go." Yyyyeah. Well, worst case scenario, some of them can get started and they can come back for whoever's left as long as one of the adults is still here. Seeing Siri starting to approach, she overs the girl a gentle smile, interrupted by a brief nuzzle to Mzohari. It's the girl she addresses. "Who's your friend there, Siri? One of Mtunga's?" He did mention having a new litter, after all.

Siri's ears flush pink as Mzo nuzzles her like the rest, and the only response she can think to give is a light tail swat back. Yeah… he was family, just like another one of her brothers. Sort of. When Balana addresses her she peeks sideways at the cub, "I dunno, he just showed up out of nowhere. Calls himself Raz'ki. He doesn't /look/ like any of the King's cubs… he's darker like me and Mama."

"Ehllo Mzo!" Kizingo offers his brother greeting and returned affection with his muzzle, a plesent rumble speaking his appreciation of the contact, though mother regains his attention but a moment later, head tilting curiously, but he doesn't follow what she's saying for the moment. His attention then proceeds to wander from one point to the next, seeming to be back to as normal as he's capable of being.

Raz'ki wasn't paying any attention to the others, but one quick glance upwards got his attention. A dragonfly hovered over the area lazily, and it's opalescent colors got the cub's attention in a hurry. "Flystick!" He comes to all fours quickly, and after spending a second pressed against the ground, he leaps up off of the ground as high as he could, trying to knock the insect out of the air. Naturally, he failed, 'Flystick' zooming out of his reach by moving a few inches up off of the ground.

Mzohari interjects here, speaking shortly after Sirima finishes talking, a nod indicating the flailing Raz'ki. "He isn't one of Mtunga's .. or anyone in the Utatu," he explains. "I was talking to him yesterday. He said he was here with his parents and siblings, then went off chasing something — and by the time he found his way back, his family was gone. From what else he told me, it sounds like his parents must have been rogues, just passing through. And .. well, I guess they lost him." Zo frowns sympathetically, before looking to Kizingo, thumping a paw on the ground to get his attention. "We .. go .. soon. Go when others — " Here, he motions to Kyoko and the rest of the sleepers. " — when they .. wake up!"

"Raz'ki huh?" Siri does have a point--the cub looks very little like her brother, and closer to one of Kyoko's offspring, or Chiboa's. Huh. Balana's attention then falls on Mzohari as he explains. Ah... "Well. Hmm. Probably ought to let somebody here know to keep an eye out for any rogues who might be missing a son. If they passed through, somebody here probably knows where they went. Figuring out who would be the difficult part." Shrugging a shoulder, she blinks as she looks over at Raz. "He... certainly is spirited."

"Dragonfly, Raz." Sirima says it automatically, poiting it out for Kizi too. "Dragon-fly." Though what made it a 'dragon' type of fly, she would never understand. The word 'rogue' makes Siri look slightly worried again, "Won't Mtunga and his lionesses drive them out? Daddy didn't like unannounced visitors…" It was the only experence she had to go from.

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Kizingo's attention snaps back towards Mzo when he taps his paw, ears pirked forward and eyes wide and alert towards him, despite the pointlessness of the gesture with his ears, "Ohkay." he states with a simple bob of his head. With that said he resumes watching everyone else randomly, tail wavering slowly as he just sits there beside mother.

Raz'ki lands on the ground, furrowing his eyes upon missing. "Rrrrr. Never catch..those." He tries it a second time, and a few seconds before the cub's paw makes bodily contact, the fly zips off into the horizon. He lands the second time, craning his head in the direction that it went and seems quite saddened, laying back down, and watching the scenery pass, more than likely for something to move.

"Things are a little different here, Siri. Utatu's so big that a small family of rogues pose little threat, and there's usually plenty around to keep watch on the cubs," Balana explains. She smiles a little. "In the valley we probably won't chase off many. Maybe lone males who venture in too far, but you're starting to get big enough that we don't have to be *quite* so worried…"

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Kizingo does wish he could properly convey words that'd explain what he's been experiencing up until yesturday after the failed hunting effort, but the sensation was one of complete alien nature to him, so all he can do is chalk it up as another thing he may someday understand… but not today. As such he just sits here now beside mother, watching the unfamiliar cub named Raz whom seems quite on hte rambunctious side.

Raz'ki finally does seem to grasp what they were talking about, and raises his head. "Uh..big..lady, you talkin' bout me? They lef me so many days ago. I jus be jumpin' round catchin stuff since then an' sleep in a hol I found unda' a rock. They didn't come back either. That's why I catch stuff. Er…try to."

Balana leans over to give Kizi a light nuzzle, but her attention falls back on Raz a moment later. "I take it that it's been a while, eh?" She wrinkles her nose up slightly. "Just surviving on whatever you can find to eat?" It doesn't sound like much of a pleasant existance. "Have you run into anybody else here in the lands that you've talked to?"

Kizingo sounds a light note as he sweeps his attention back towards mother after the nuzzle. He blinks owlishly then suddenly slaps her foreleg while she's still talking to the cub, this propelling him away from her side to bound away a short distance with his tail arced up in play, though this calms quickly, as usual for him, as his attention is quickly snatched by some object in the grass, which he approaches with his unsteady gait.

Raz'ki shakes his head. "Mmm. Well, I met some long leg things, who tol me to go way', An then some water rocks, who spit some water at me..but I ain't met nobody like me till I ran inta that guy ova' there." His tail wags very slowly while he's addressed, putting his head inbetween his paws.

Balana furrows her brow. "Long legs? Water rocks? Sounds like giraffes and hippo." Tongue flicking out over her muzzle, the lioness looks over at Kizi as he suddenly bursts into play, giving her head a light shake. "Later." Turning back to Raz, she lowers down to her belly. "Surprised you didn't run into any other lions."

Kizingo, of course, doesn't pick up mother's statement and his attention is gone from the attempted play before she can even state that anyway. He spends the next few moments poking his nose around in the grass, missing out on all the activity closeby, as usual.

Raz'ki digs his blunt claws into the dirt a little bit. "Nuh-uh…I found a couple of dead stuff that I ate..I even ate that green food that those long legged things eat. Kinda nasty an weird. But you guys be tha only ones I seen since I saw my brothers and sisters."

Balana makes a face, sticking her tongue out. "Grass? Eeeeegh." Shaking her head, the lioness folds her ears. "I don't think we've really got any recent kills as it is, but you're welcome to something when we do… Hmm. Probably don't really have anywhere to go, do you?"

Raz'ki rolls over, lazily to his back, and looks at the lioness while upside down, his paws flexing in the air. "Mmmmm..I got my rock. I ain't got no place else, naw. Why, you guys got a bigger rock?"

"Sort of, but not exactly." Balana shrugs a shoulder. "See, we don't really live here either. This is my brother's land. We're headed off to my father's old home," she gestures in a nod towards the sleeping Siombe, "the Kopje Valley. There are some caves and such there, but I'm not much for sleeping on or under rocks anymore. Not often, anyhow."

Raz'ki pretends that he's running; upside down. The cub readjusts himself so that his back was a little more comfortable. "Mmm..kay. I hope ya'll get there good, you guys are soft. I bumped inta two of ya and you guys didn't hurt as much as when I ran into that big stick not too long 'go."

Balana quirks a brow slightly, and can't help but snicker softly. He's apparently got way too much energy. "Yyyyeah. Trees aren't exactly the best things for crashing into." She shakes her head a little, smirking and lifting a shoulder in a shrug. "We'll probably be able to make it without much trouble, though the trek there is a little bit long."

Raz'ki rolls over to her stomach again and stands, pressing his nose into the ground as if looking for something interesting. "Mmm. Stick hurts. Big ear rocks always make me hit one. Or a rock-rock." He soon finds something, a grasshopper perches on a long blade of savanna grass..in which the cub leaps up at, in an attempt to catch it with his mouth. "C'mere hopper!" The insect jumps straight up, letting the lion cub miss him entirely, now having a long strand of grass in his mouth instead.

"A rock-rock?" Maybe a usual rock? "Those big ear rocks, they're not rocks. Just different species than lions." Balana grins, turning to peer over at the grasshopper, then watching the cub. "I think you need a little more practice at that. I think you're better at the things that don't move."

Raz'ki spits out the grass quite quickly as the insect makes it's escape. He gives a small grumble, and sits down, turning towards Balana. "Thing that don't..wha..they make those!?" He turns towards her entirely, and bends his front portion down, as if he wanted to play, but instead he was quite excited. "Where do I get those rock kinds that don't move? You know don't cha? Where are they..?"

Balana laughs softly, her head shaking. "Not ones that don't move, unless you go after just… rocks and sticks. Now, there are ones that move pretty slowly and look like rocks… turtles. But usually when you get close they pull their head and legs in and look like a rock. Some of them can swim, though, and if they get into the water they're pretty quick."

Raz'ki gives her an utterly dissappointed frown when she explains that. "Okay, I'mma catch one an keep it. A slow movin rock is pretty fun." He sits down entirely and let's his tail stand straight up. "You guys leavin soon? I dunno all yer names, but I'mma miss you guys."

Balana grins. "Good luck with that. Some of them might even be big enough to carry you away if you pick one that's too big. And they don't all live in water… Maybe you'd be able to keep a hold of it. I had a granddaughter once who had a lizard that hung around her." At his question, the lioness nods lightly. "We're hoping to. Kizi's feeling better now, so we should be able to go soon. But what's to stop you from coming with us?"

Raz'ki looks up suddenly…finding something else of his to catch..and it was right above his head. However, the cub didn't realize that this thing was directly attatched to him, so he leapt backwards, in a very odd attempt to catch his tail. He did a backflip, and landed it correctly, t hough the strange tuft dissappeared. "Uh..well, I dunno. But you gotta feed all yer people, and momma used ta tell me that ya each gotta take care of ya'll own."

Balana crosses her forepaws, wincing and nodding a little. "Well, we do… but what about you? I'm afraid we tend to have a bit of a soft spot for lost cubs around here, especially when we're not having a shortage of food or water. It'd be kind of hard to just walk away and leave you here…" Especially to an unknown fate

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>> Siombe yawn/roars and stretches then looks about to see what's going on.

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Raz'ki's tail wags close to the ground, flattening the area out behind him. "Well how do I go with you guys? I know ya'll big ol' ladies an fuzzyheads can walk all day, but I can't. I am too 'widdle. I'll go to sleep an ya'll and ya'll coul leave me like the last people's did."

Siombe is caught by the distinctive young voice and lifts his head, turning in the direction of the swishing tail and unusual words.

Kizingo heads back over to mother presently, his distraction having proven insufficent to keep his attention away for very long. Within moments his head is shoved against Balana's foreshoulder followed by a generous rub of the rest of his body as he makes his way down to plop on the ground in front of mother, rolling partially to his back where he peers up at her.

Balana shakes her head lightly. "We're probably not going to be able to go /so/ fast, trying to keep such a large group together… and besides, you're small enough that you could be carried." She startles a little as Kizi comes up next to her, and she looks over at him, followed by a nuzzle. A moment later she looks over at her waking father. "What do you think?"

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Siombe purrs in a regally deep tone, "I think he's cute." He says, chuckling a bit. "And yes, considering that I will likely be the limiting factor, and also know the way, I would imagine we won't be moving at any breakneck pace. And who is this little one?" He gives Kizingo an affectionate rumble. "Hello Kizingo."

"Raz'ki… he got seperated from his family, now he's alone." Sirima speaks up after a short nap at her mother's side. She jumps to her paws, taking a nice, long, stretched. "He thinks all prey are moving rocks." She smiles to the cub, trying to show that she was merely teasing.

Kizingo's attention is pulled away from mother when her attention wanders as well, thusly leading him to land his gaze on Siombe about when he takes notice of him and offers the greeting, "Ehllo Seeom." still laying largely on his back in front of mother, his tufted tail thumping the ground repeatedly.

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Raz'ki rolls over lazily on his backside, stretching himself out for a large yawn. It was pretty obvious that he was getting fairly tired, though he tried to remain pretty active. "Mmm..well I guess I'll go, but ya'll slow down fer me this time, okay? 'Tis not very fun when you ain't got nothin but the ground and tha sky ta yell at." He waits a few moments, and speaks randomly. "I wonder why when you don't do this, you don't fall through the sky." He was still upside down, but looking at his feet.

Balana grins over at Siombe, shaking her head. "I didn't mean so much in the rate we move at as I did just that he could probably come with us." Her gaze returns to the youngest male, and she can't help but grin and shake her head before she looks at Siri. "You're quite the information gatherer, eh?"

The heat had just been too much for him, and after the talking with the others this afternoon, Mzohari simply couldn't resist settling down to snag a bit of a nap. But now that the sun is starting to go down, the young lion wakens yet again — more gracefully than he did earlier, that's for sure. Head slowly lifts, and he yawns only briefly, before green eyes come into focus. Shuffling upward, he slowly pushes into a sitting position, tail giving a few snaps as he looks to see who's up and moving.

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Sirima ducks her head, and suddenly feels much smaller than she was all of a sudden. Was that a… bad thing? "He ran into me while chasing a mouse, he's really a good cat…" She goes quiet after, curling her tail around her paws as she decides it might be better to keep the 'information' to herself this time.

Sumi stretches himself out as he begins to slowly wake up and looks around to see who might be awake at the moment, his gaze turning towards his sister as he hears her voice and turns towards her, "Hey sis, whats up?"

Kizingo seems to content with just laying in front of mother, quietly following bits and peices of all the activity going on around him, all this being plenty to occupy him for the time being.

Balana seems to sense Siri's embarassment, and grins softly. "Don't worry, Siri. You'll find the more information you can gather, the better. Far too many keep their muzzles open and their ears shut, and you begin to wonder if they know anything." She follows it up with a wink, lifting a paw to drape it lightly across Kizi's chest. Her ears perk as she sees Sumi, and her tail curls about her haunches. "Well. We may just get to get started tonight."

Raz'ki flips back over promptly and retreats slowly towards seeing all of the ladies and fuzzy heads get up; for his size, it was like seeing a couple of vast mountains get up and start moving. He takes quite a few cautious steps backwards, and plenty out of thier way..before giving off another large yawn.

Siombe gives his mane a shake and smiles at the gathered group. He then looks to Balana. "Honeytree, perhaps we should ask around and see if we are ready to go."

Kia pads into the area, with, shocking as it may be, Kyoko trailing alongside of her. With a look to the darker colored lioness, Kia looks over and smiles upon seeing Siombe. Her ears perk at his words, "Looks like we came back at a good time then."

Seeing as everyone else seems rather occupied, Mzohari moves over to where Raz'ki is currently half-hunkered down, watching the others beginning to stir. Seating himself comfortably at the boy's side, his eyes simply moving with quiet curiosity over the other leonines, Zo says down to the cubling, "A lot of movement, huh? You might see a lot more in a little bit."

Kyoko does indeed arrive back on the scene with Kia. While her expression doesn't say what it was they were doing, she turns her attention on her two cubs. "Hey Sirima.. Sumi. How are you?"

Sirima nods to Balana, still feeling… sheepish. Her attention is distracted to her mother and brother, along with Siombe's words. "We're… going now?" Her eyes settle on the form of her brother, and it feels like she's hasn't got any more breath in her chest.

Raz'ki rubs a paw over his facial features, removing a peice of debris from it. "I guess, I jus know one thing. When plenty of big ol ones are movin' round, get out of tha' way, cause gettin stepped on sucks."

Sumi ohhhs as he looks a little excited as he looks towards Siombe as he's more then ready to head off, not that he doesn't like Utatu, but the sooner they leave, the sooner he might get to go home.

Kizingo grunts as mother's forepaw sets atop his upturned chest, prompting him to wrap his other forepaws around the larger leg while his head raised to try to grab it with his maw, too. The young lion's back arches to pull his hindpaws up towards the action as well, but not quite far enough. As such, he's distracted from all the rest of the activity going on nearby.

Mzohari chortles a laugh, his tail giving a few snaps at his settled flanks. "Very true, Raz'ki .. Though I bet one of us would be nice enough to carry you, at least part of the way. That is, if you're coming with us." At this point, Zo looks between both Balana and Siombe — not sure if anything's been discussed while he was napping. He isn't sure if he'll get a reply from either of them, however, as they both look rather occupied.

Balana looks up as Kyoko and Kia come in on the scene, pulling her paw away from Kizi and getting to her paws, standing up and shaking out her pelt. "It looks like we're all here…" She lowers her head to nudge Kizingo, then trot over to Mzohari and Raz. "Come on you two. Time to get out of here. And if you need to be carried, Raz, just speak up…" She trots over towards Sirima and Sumi as well, catching Siri's look at Sumi. "I'm sure Sumi'd like to go to the valley with us this time to see what it's like and how to get there. Besides, I figure it's best to get everyone settled before going to Uzima to get Nabana, Chibi, and Chanika."

Siombe rises from his spot and begins stretching his legs and paws in turn, looking at if he's mentally readying himself for the journey.

Raz'ki's ears flatten. "Well, all you guys done been sleepin on an off this 'tire time, and I didn't get any. I was gettin ready ta go ta sleep, but alla ya wanna move now an stuff..Not..fair. But I shoul' be okay. I could walk fer a little while..an besides, I got a better idea." He takes a few steps back..and runs and jumps all the way on top of Mzo's back, landing , and then running up him a little ways. "Can't I jus watch from up here..? I'm sure this lady don't mind. Do ya..?"

Kia immediately and quickly moves to Siombe's side, still nervous about him standing up. Her eyes watch him with concern, "You sure you're able to make this journey, Siombe?"

Kyoko looks over to Siombe and then back to Sirima, seeing her expression towards Sumi. She sighs and, nodding in understanding, leans down to nuzzle her daughter, "It'll be okay, Siri. It won't be forever, you know."

Mzohari isn't entirely sure that he understand what Raz'ki is saying — but he gets the point when the boy launches himself onto his back. A light grunt, more of surprise than anything else, is given; but soon after, a grin curls upon his muzzle. "Sure, you can stay up there .. You'll just have to hop off in a few moons, when you start getting to big to carry. Deal?" He tips the cubling a wink, before padding over towards his mother and grandfather, and the others. "Looks like we're ready to go."

Sirima nods and tries to look so much braver than she felt, and nods to both Balana and her mother. "Then, we should go." She nuzzles her mother and prepares herself for what she knew would be a very long walk. Her thoughts are distracted to Mzo's new addition to his mane, "Hey, Raz up there looks good…"

Sumi hmmms as he looks around feeling a little glad to finally be on the move and looks towards his sister curiously but puts it off for the moment as he hmmms, "So how far is it to these lands again?" he asks.

Kizingo sounds his whine and grunt of complaint when mother ceases the play, but he doesn't try any harder than that to keep it going. A moment later he's rolled up onto his paws and shaking off so that he can hurriedly move up beside mother and determine what she's saying to the others to see what could be going on. Are they departing now?

Raz'ki takes his little blunt claws and starts raking them through Mzohari's mane, and eventually digs a niche, and sits down into it. "I dunno, I'm alot 'smaller than everybody else. You sure I'll git as big as ya'll?"

"It's sorta far. Remember when you—wait. No, that was when Ghedi was young. Nevermind." Balana gives her head a dismissive shake, chuckling softly as she looks at Raz up atop Mzohari's back. "Good job. That's sure to help build up your muscle, Mzo." She approaches Siombe and Kia. "What, you want a tickletest to see if his paws are healed up, Kia? He'll be fine." Looking down at Kizi as he approaches, she nods lightly to him. "We go with Siombe now."

Siombe looks to Kia and gives her a warm smile before moving close and giving her a nuzzle. "You've done your work well, Kia, and with you along, I'm sure I'll be fine." When Balana walks over and makes her suggestion, he alternately stiffens and then relaxes. "Hrm….yes…tickletest." He takes a step in a direction and then looks to Balana and Kia, "You two will have to make sure that all are able to keep up. Kyoko," he says, looking to the lioness. "You especially keep track of the cubs."

A few low grumblings are voiced as he feels the mild, and unexpected, pinches of Raz'ki's claws — but they aren't particularly painful, more like uncomfortable, and cease when the boy settles into his little 'bed'. Grinning to Sirima, Mzohari says, "So you're saying my mane needs a lion cub permanently attached to look attractive? How insulting!" He sticks his tongue out and raspberries wetly at her, clearly just teasing, before the young lion looks to the others — waiting for someone to take the lead and start.

"I worry, that's all," Kia says before nodding to his words, "Of course." Then, looking to the others, she adds, "Any slackers will get a nip on their tail." She grins before looking back to Siombe, "Except you, of course."

"I didn't think of it that way, but now that you said it…" Siri grins and ducks away from the swat she seems to know that was coming. At Kia's warning, her tail ducks away from anythink that miht nip… there was no way she was going to get caught slacking.

Raz'ki looks fairly pleased that he thought of such a good idea, his tail flipping from side to side with his pleasure. He tilts his head towards Siri's comment, and remains fairly quiet, although his face screws up trying to figure out what was just said.

Kyoko nods her head to Siombe as well before looking back to her two cubs, "Of course I'll keep an eye on them." She leans down to nuzzle them both before looking back to Raz'ki and the adolescents, noting to look after them too.

Kizingo bobs his head twice to indicate he understands mother's words. As such he settles himself beside her, intending on sticking close to her through the coming journey, though his gaze falls on Sirima.. far from forgetting his dedication to following her too.. but as she is coming too, he'll just stay close to mother for now. His dark eyes stay locked on the younger female whom he's formed a curious bond with.

Sumi looks towards his mother and the others as his own tail curls up beside him, "No ones nipping me…I go on patrol with my dad so I bet I can out walk all of you." he says, of course he doesn't mention that he's often tired by the end of those.

Mzohari snorts his false disdain towards Sirima, sticking his muzzle up in the air and arching his tail up over his back in a jokingly snobby manner. "Well, then you can just walk by yourself all the way there, if you're gonna be making fun of everyone!" And Zo moves to brush by her — though of course, he can't resist landing a rather jostling shoulder-bump. Though really, it's no time for him to be engaging a wrestling match, with all of them about to leave AND a cub upon his back.

Balana grins lightly at Siombe, nodding before she passes by her father to give him a light nosing in the flank. "I've done plenty of travelling and keeping groups in line. I can certainly do it with even this ragtag bunch of slackers." She gives Kizi's forehead a gentle lick, and turns to pad back up to Siombe. "Do you want to lead? Or for me to? Or how do you want to do this?"

Siombe looks off in the distance. "I'll take the point." He jumps at the flanknosing and snorts a grin to Balana. He then looks to the group and breathes out quietly. "Off to a new adventure…" He gives Kia a nod and smile before setting his gaze on the horizon and moving on.

Siombe offers to let Kizingo walk along with him.

Kizingo decides to walk along with Siombe.

Siombe offers to let Sumi walk along with him.

Siombe offers to let you walk along with him. ("Hopon Siombe" to accept.)

You are going to walk along with Siombe.

Siombe offers to let Sirima walk along with him.

Siombe offers to let Raz'ki walk along with him.

Siombe offers to let Kia walk along with him.

Siombe offers to let Kyoko walk along with him.

Sirima decides to walk along with Siombe.

Siombe offers to let Mzohari walk along with him.

Kia decides to walk along with Siombe.

Mzohari decides to walk along with Siombe.

Kyoko decides to walk along with Siombe.

Oh, but she's /this/ close… though she's not sure she could handle both Mzo and the cub, who she had no doubt would be on his side. So with a playful growl, she bumps her friend back. "You just wait Mzo… this is gonna be a loooong trip." That said she hangs back to walk next to her mother and brother (giving Kizi a nuzzle before she steps back). This would be one of the last times they were all together, she knew that being together like this was needed.

Kizingo sounds a soft note of surprise when mother's tongue swabs his head, tilting it up and twisting it around to peer back at her in bewilderment for a breif moment only to refocus his attention back on Siri in time to return her nuzzle, which yields a plesent note on his part as he's certainly pleased to have her company as well as his mothers'.. that was a difficult situation some time back.

Sumi decides to walk along with Siombe.

Raz'ki decides to walk along with Siombe.

Hajima has arrived.

Siombe offers to let Hajima walk along with him.

Hajima decides to walk along with Siombe.

Balana nods gently to Siombe before she moves to fall in line behind and make sure everyone keeps up.

Sumi nuzzles his sister as he looks towards her, "Hey sis…once I head back to dad…you be able to come over from time to time?" he asks, as he would like to still see her, plus he hopes he can go see her.

Hajima comes back after a drink, and spots lions getting ready to move. He blinks, and runs up to make sure he's not left behind if Siombe is going back home.

"We'll both come and see you and your father, Sumi," Kyoko replies as she makes to follow after the small band of leonines, "As long as you'll live, you'll always be family and you'll always be welcome." She looks to Sirima, smiling, "Same goes with you too."

Kia follows Siombe with a cautious look in her eyes. It seems only yesterday when she stumbled upon the wounded lion.. and she's still worried about him.

Raz'ki digs his claws into Mzo's mane upon having him be pushed, hanging on, although not by much. "Seesh..big people heavy.."

Siombe pads out quietly leaving with a heavy heart and a strong spirit.

Siombe has left.

Kizingo has left.

Sumi has left.

Siombe walks along, with you following him.

Edge of the Kopje Valley
You have reached the edge of the Kopje Valley where. The ground slopes gently down into the fertile valley. The lush green grass about you is a welcome sight that makes you want to rest there. One large Acacia tree stands not too far away from you. A smile crosses your face as you gaze upon the beauty of the distant valley. A disarming calm comes over you and a feeling of peace fills your body.

[K]opje [V]alley

You can see…
[IC ] Sumi
[IC ] Kizingo
[IC ] Siombe Wisdom incarnate.

Sirima has arrived.

Raz'ki has arrived.

Kia has arrived.

Kyoko has arrived.

Mzohari has arrived.

Hajima has arrived.

Siombe enters, with Kizingo, Sumi, Balana, Sirima, Raz'ki, Kia, Kyoko, Mzohari, and Hajima walking along next to him.

Siombe pads in quietly with a heavy heart but a strong spirit.

It has been a decent journey, but perhaps not as long as anticipated. One full of chatting, joking, laughter, and the occasional silliness. But they arrive at the edge of the Kopje Valley, just as they left—as a group. Siombe walks up to the edge and just stops, standing and looking down with as pensive a gaze as a lion can muster, lost in thought.

Hajima pads up next to Siombe and looks up at him as the lion gets lost in thought.

Having done his best to walk in a steady manner so that Raz'ki doesn't go toppling off his back, Mzohari draws to a halt as his grandfather stops walking. Curious, he pads forward a few more paces — until coming to the edge, where the valley begins to fall away. He is silent, observing as much as he can, his green eyes darting everywhere — for this is his home now. Finally!

Balana drifts between the front and the back of the group during most of the trip. Luckily none of the cubs are quite cubs anymore, and as such attention spans tend to be a tiny bit more… well, focused. She ends up drawing up alongside Mzohari, tongue passing out over her lips before she speaks to him, softly. "It has been… many seasons since I have seen this place. And probably just as long since it has been inhabited by a proper pride."

In contrast to where they've just left, Siri has one one statement to describe what she sees as she enteres into the terriory she would call home for… who knows how long, "It's so… /green/." Well, it was. She looks to her mother, wondering what her thoughts of it were.

Raz'ki, as to be expected by such a long trip, completely, totally and utterly wiped out. He was on his back inside of Mzo's mane, and had been asleep for quite some time. Since his feet were in the air, they'd occaisionally twitch to show that he was indeed still alive, and indeed, very asleep. He spent about 90% of the trip, sleeping in that fashion, 7% on asking Mzo a bunch of questions, and the other 3% leaping off of the male quite dramatically, trying to catch a mouse.

Kyoko padding up beside Balana, the ex-Kumalo looks over the lands. Her jaw drops in awe, "Oh sweet Mother.. Siombe, this is your lands?" Compared to the volcano he used to live at, this place is beyond anything she's ever seen. A rogue thought passed through her mind.. ( If only Ruler Kuuran had known about this place…. ) But quickly brushed off as she looks over to her cubs, smiling brightly, "Come over here, you two."

Kizingo is the usual quiet one for the majority of the trip, though as it grows longer he ends up wandering away from mother's side and investigating items of interest here and there. A bit of play also likely ends up cropping up between he and the other youths, but in an effort to not fall too far behind the play is usually short lived. What does happen is that Kizingo ends up traveling beside Sirima for the most part as they enter these lands, leaving Balana to roam a good deal more freely.

Kia blinks at the landscape and smiles, "Reminds me of my lands before the fire." Yes.. so much more alive than the Utatu… even the jungle she spent a lot of her time in doesn't compare to this place.

Mzohari's ears turn back slightly, feeling the twitchings of the sleeping Raz'ki upon his back. And he decides he doesn't want to rouse the boy; not right now, at least. Eyes turn to his mother as Balana moves up alongside him, and his head dips in a slow nod as his vision moves back out over the massive view below. "It looks like it's been waiting for us," he says, voice lowered. And, hearing Sirima's comment, he nods in agreement, though he still speaks to Balana. "There must be hundreds of herds here .. Enough food for a lion to eat like a King for his entire life."

Sumi moves over next to his mother curiously as he smiles and rubs against her leg as he can't help but admire the lands and thinks again he should try to get his father to come with him here, he turns twoards his sister wondering what she thinks of it.

Siombe feels a twinge that reminds him that he's not made such a trip in a while. It snaps him from his reverie. There's an irony in his mind that he does not speak. Instead, the lion smiles to the gathered group. "Welcome to the Kopje Valley," he says, proceeding down the slope cautiously and toward the valley proper.

Hajima still doesn't really know where we're going. He's never been to this valley before. He just moves behind Siombe, shadowing the lion, gazing around.

Siombe careful climbs down to the Valley.

Siombe has left.

Kizingo has left.

Sumi has left.

Siombe walks along, with you following him.

Kopje valley
You come down from the edge of the Valley into a large open plain. Small bobab trees dot the landscape. You can see the cliff edge looming above you, sending a shadow over your body. To t to the north you can see a large cliff with a waterfall flowing from it. To the west you see some beautiful plains, and there is a large and expansive savannah to the south.

[UP] to the edge of the valley [W]aterfall [C]liff
[L]ukesia's and [S]iombe's [P]lace [P]ath of rememberance

You can see…
[IC ] Sumi
[IC ] Kizingo
[IC ] Siombe Wisdom incarnate.

Sirima has arrived.

Raz'ki has arrived.

Kia has arrived.

Kyoko has arrived.

Mzohari has arrived.

Hajima has arrived.

Siombe enters, with Kizingo, Sumi, Balana, Sirima, Raz'ki, Kia, Kyoko, Mzohari, and Hajima walking along next to him.

Balana smiles ever so softly to Mzo, nodding her head gently. "In a manner of speaking, yes. And perhaps it has been waiting…" She leans over to give his cheek a soft lick before she follows after Siombe.

Mzohari casts a grin to Balana, before he too continues after Siombe. He keeps trying to keep his steps even and easy, not wanting to waken Raz'ki until the group has reached the area where they'll settle for the evening. The boy is obviously exhausted, and Zo doubts that he'll want to walk at all yet — so what'd be the point of rousing him? The young lion's path begins to weave a bit, though, his head dropping to sniff at anything interesting along the way.

"This place is /fantastic/." Siri starts to hop up on her paws, and nearly starts to roll around in the soft grasses. She has no doubt that what Mzo says is true, there had to be thousands of prey in these lands. "Enough moving rocks to hunt until we're all grey-furred." She says that for the sleeping Raz. To Kizi and her brother she points to a rock taller than the one in Utatu, "Look… a water-fall!"

"Wha Wahtrfah?" Kizingo inquires, picking up that word remarkably well desite it's complexity. His attention is largely on Sirima, though he glances breifly the way she looks, blinking rapidly at the strange sight then back to the younger female beside him to gather he responce, if possible.

Raz'ki was still quite content asleep, occaisionally giving out a small snore upon being slightly disturbed, the only thing he managed to let slip out in his travels was something do to with various kinds of rocks that jumps on rocks while the blue rock was in the sky…or something.

Mzohari turns about, figuring by everyone else's behavior that this is where they're going to settle — at least for now. He heads over to Kizingo and Sirima, though he looks momentarily over his own shoulder towards the massive waterfall in the distance. "Wow .. Those have to be .. like, a bajillion times bigger than the falls in Uzima," he mumbles, though he knows it's a gross overestimation. Hearing his brother struggle, however, he taps a paw on the ground to catch his attention. "Water .. Water fall down .. from rocks .. up high." He points to the falls on the horizon. "Water .. fall. Waterfall."

Sumi nods his head as he looks around chuckling, "Hmmmm….it looks great, I bet you guys have fun here.." he says with a hint of disapointment, but he won't go back on what he had decided.

Siombe decides to relax at the Waterfall Cliff.

Siombe has left.

Kizingo has left.

Sumi has left.

Siombe walks along, with you following him.

Bottom of the Waterfall Cliff
You come to the bottom of a large cliff. Just above you is a massive promotory jutting out of the side, it sends a shadow across the waterfall. A large torrent of water comes down, creating a large 'lake' at the bottom of the cliff. Many sweet grasses grow on the edge perfect for grazing animals. As you look up the clifface, you see a small path leading to the promotory and then stretches furthur along the cliff.

To the [K]opje [V]alley [Climb] up to the Promontory
[E]dge of the [S]avannah

A sparkling and cool lake

You can see…
[IC ] Sumi
[IC ] Kizingo
[IC ] Siombe Wisdom incarnate.

Sirima has arrived.

Raz'ki has arrived.

Kia has arrived.

Kyoko has arrived.

Mzohari has arrived.

Hajima has arrived.

Siombe enters, with Kizingo, Sumi, Balana, Sirima, Raz'ki, Kia, Kyoko, Mzohari, and Hajima walking along next to him.

Siombe moves across the plains until he reaches the waterfall cliff. "I think…it'd be best to rest here for the night. This is sort of a central point in the lands." He looks about and smiles with a wince. "Everyone will be able to explore the at their leisure and we can meet up here." He looks up at the cliff, and quietly wanders from the group up to its edge.

A fresh breeze comes off the lake cooling everyone down.

Hajima looks over the waterfall and cliff, keeping up with Siombe as the lion moves off from the group.

Balana does her best to hide a soft chuckle at Siri's enthusiastic response and Kizi's subsequent response, gaze drifting between her sons and her father. A gentle nod to Mzo follows, and she follows along towards the waterfall. "I figured you and Siri would like that. I prefer to lay near the edge, myself, but you can have your fun actually going into it…" She trails off as Siombe moves up the cliff, her ears perking a little, watching a tiny bit expectantly.

"It's a lot more impressive than Uzima's waterfall," Kyoko replies, moving to lay down herself. She's walked a /LOT/ farther in her days but still, a journey is a journey.. and they wear you out regardless how many journeys you've taken.

Siombe begins the climb up to the promontory

Siombe has left.

Hajima begins the climb up to the promontory

Hajima has left.

"I think I'll save the swim for tomorrow," Mzohari says to Balana, having heard the quip she made about his habits of diving into whatever pool happens to be around. "I'm pretty tired from all that walking, especially with this massive load of cub on my back." He smiles briefly, knowing Raz'ki is still asleep — slowly settling down onto his belly nearby the edge of the water, where it's cooler, releasing an appreciative groan as his muscles relax.

Sirima has disconnected.

Sumi looks raound a little admiring the view as he lays down next to his mother and sister, he turns his gaze towards Kizi grinning, "Like the waterfall?" he asks before turning to look at it, and he has to admit that it is better then the one in the Uzima valley.

Balana doesn't respond to the others at the moment, watching Siombe as he goes. Must be quite a few memories… but still, she expected him to roar. Ah well. She looks to Mzohari and moves to lay down next to him, sighing quietly as she relaxes too. "I wouldn't doubt it. But don't worry… you'll have plenty of time for that now. Whenever you want, I suppose. When you aren't busy learning what male lions need to know."

Up on the cliff Promontory, Siombe can be seen stepping out in form, looking over the lands quietly.

Mzohari's attention turns behind him for a moment, taking a tally simply because he feels the need to make sure that everyone is there. Seeing that a few have fallen asleep already, the young lion looks back to his mother, a wide smile blossoming on his expression. "I can't wait to learn, Mom. I just hope I can impress Grandfather someday. I know he knows more than I'll probably ever learn." Forelegs extend, and Zo's head soon comes to rest down on it, eyes drooping shut.

Mzohari has disconnected.

Raz'ki wakes up just as Mzohari bows out for the night..and looks around..confused. The first expression he had was that of utter confusion..why he almost looked scared, turning all around in Mzo's mane.."Mmmmm….Mommie..?"

Above, Siombe disappears back off the promontory.

Balana shakes her head before she looks over to Raz upon hearing him awaken. "No, kiddo…" Her tone is almost disappointed for him. "But you're here with us. Remember? You came with us to our new home, Raz. We got here."

Raz'ki shakes his head, clearing out any remaining sleepiness, although he still felt tired. "Mm..yeah..I 'member. I don't feel so good tho'. He sits back down on Mzo's comfortable mane and sticks his tongue out of his mouth. "The day befo I went with you, I had to eat more of that long legged stuff. Red and green things."

"Red and green things… Flowers and grass, I guess?" The lioness makes a face. "You… probably ought not to eat any more of that stuff. We're lions, not zebra." Balana's claws flex to knead the ground beneath them as she looks around. "Besides, there's plenty here for us to hunt. You're a bit young for it yet, but Kia, Kyoko and I will make sure there's plenty to eat. And I bet you can even find a couple slow-moving rocks."

Sumi watches a little bit as he hmmms, "Red and green stuff?" he asks, thats confusing to him, though at Balana's suggestion of grass he nods his head, "Not very tastey…"

Raz'ki gives her a large grin, but gives her a sputtering cough a few minutes afterwards, shaking his head a bit. "Somethin wrong with my tummy..like..somethin's gonna come up.."

Hajima appears, padding down the trail to the promontory.

Hajima has arrived.

Hajima pads ddown to the grasses where everyone else is at, looking around.

Balana makes a face, wrinkling up her nose as the cub speaks up about sounding like he's being sick. "Maybe you ought to go rest a little more… preferrably closer to the bushes…" After all, nobody's ever especially keen on being sick, or watching others be sick, for that matter.

Kia has disconnected.

Sumi watches quietly and thinking about things, he wonders how often, if at all he will see his sister and mother for a while.

Raz'ki gets up out of his mane and saunters over to a bush and lays behind it, whining a good deal as it sounds like he has some thing to throw up. He comes back infront of the bush a few moments later and lays down…"Better…I think..but now I'm hungry.."

Balana lets out a soft grunt as she listens to the unpleasant sounds Raz makes, her gaze falling on Hajima as he pads in. "Dad asleep?" she asks him before turning to look back at Raz when he finishes. "Well. Let's not fill you up with any more grass. What do you think?"

Hajima pads over to Balana as she spots him. "Yeah, he's asleep. He said he needs more papaver though. He's rather sore after that trip."

Raz'ki nods with a whine.."That..tasted bad goin down..and tasted really bad when it came back up…"When are you guys gonna go..catch a rock..?"

Balana gives Hajima an understanding nod, tongue flicking out over her muzzle. "It's understandable… But I still have to wonder… I would've thought he would've roared when he went out onto the promontory. Did he say anything about that?" As Raz speaks up, she looks back at him and smiles. "Patience, young one. But if you're terribly hungry, I'm sure I can chase down a hare with little trouble…"

Ahh, the sweet grasses and sound of birds over the sparkling lake make you feel great. Anyone care to 'swim'?

Hajima shakes his head lightly. "No, he didn't. He just seemed to want to rest." glancing back up at the promontory.

"No?" Balana sighs a little, looking up at the promontory and nodding. "Well. It's understandable, I guess… We'll have to make sure he gets some papaver. And I'll have to ask him about that. He always one for customary things, and roaring is certainly… typically customary."

Raz'ki pushes himself to his feet, almost painfully, to go and lay back in Mzo's mane, sitting back in the niche he made for himself, and closes his eyes. "Mmmmm..I dunno what what that is..but okay..but I want ta sleep."

Hajima nods gently. "That it is. Perhaps tomorrow he'll make better use of customs."

Kyoko has disconnected.

Balana smiles gently to Raz. "Okay, Raz. We'll try to get a little hunting done for when you wake up…" Her gaze turns back to Hajima, and she shrugs a little. "I certainly hope so. I want the boys, especially Mzo, to see how things ought to be done. Which reminds me…" She pauses, thinking for a few moments. "Do you remember if we ever had any… coming of age anythings for any of the youth in the volcano? My memory of that stuff is not what it ought to be."

Hajima thinks hard for a good few moments about that. "You know, I can't remember either. We may have, but I don't recall any specifics."

Balana mmms, nodding gently to the caracal. "I was afraid of that. Maybe Dad will… I just know that sometimes it's traditional to have mantlements when the males come of age, and of course a lioness' first hunt… We still have quite a while until such a thing comes up for the boys, of course, but I was starting to think about it on the way here."

Hajima hmms softly and nods. "Well, we still have time to remember things."

Balana smiles. "Well, I remember bits and pieces of Nyanya's, but that was… gosh. A very long time ago. Went something like… blabla, kings bless him, a new lion's on the prowl, his mane is his mantle, a sign of his adulthood, this is his intended mate, blabla… You know. Those sorts of things." She chuckles quietly. "Besides. Even if we didn't, or if we don't remember, I've no doubt Dad would have a few ideas."

Raz'ki was still sort of awake, listening to them, although it seemed like he was resisting sleep. "..Coming..of..Age..?"

Hajima chuckles lightly, listening to Balana. "Yeah, I'm sure he'll definitely have more ideas. If not, he'll make up some."

Balana looks over to Raz, her ears perking a little as she grins. "I thought you were going to sleep. Coming of age… when you're a big lion, with your full mane and everything." She turns to look back at Hajima, tail settling around her haunches. "Indeed. I'm sure it would include a few caracal belly tickles."

A fresh breeze comes off the lake cooling everyone down.

Raz'ki still resisted sleep, his curiosity keeping him awake. "You..do something for it..? When I get all big and fuzzy headed..?"

Hajima chuckles lightly, listening to Balana. "Yeah, I'm sure he'll definitely have more ideas. If not, he'll make up some."

Balana grins to Raz. "Well, we've been known to. Of course, that'll be a while for you, but it's kind of a special occasion. It's when you're pretty much considered an adult in the eyes of the pride, and of the rest of the world."

Raz'ki manages consciousness. "Does that mean you guys aren't gonna leave me behind? I know that'll be ferever cause I'm so widdle and everything…does that mean I get ta stay with ya..?"

Balana perks her ears. "Well, we're not going to leave you behind. We're not going to travel like your family did… this is home. Where we're going to stay. Now, as for when you get older, that depends. You may not want to stay here forever. You'll be a big lion and that will be something to work out between you and whoever is the king. But that won't be for a long time yet."

Raz'ki looks up towards Balana, giving a grin as he hears that. "I dunno..I like you guys too much..but..I know what he's called..Mezu..somethin..what do I call you? I dunno yer name."

Balana tilts her head, and then breaks out in soft laughter. "I guess I took that for granted after Siri told me your name. That's my son Mzohari, and I'm Balana."

Hajima has disconnected.

Raz'ki lets the names circulate in his head for a moment…before completely passing out in her son's mane. Seems he was still tired even though he slept most of the way anyway…

Chuckling quietly, the lioness settles her head atop crossed paws. It's been a long trip, and she could use a good rest as well. Especially since it looks like the hunt's on in the morning.

Raz'ki has disconnected.

Sumi has disconnected.

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