Name Meaning Alteration, Change, Transformation, Variation
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Jahusi (Extinct)
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Aliases Badi
Rank Guardian
Current Status Healthy


Once upon a time, Badiliko was as small as any cub, if not smaller. He was scrawny from lack of food, weak from lack of nurture, and timid from lack of security. That time has long since passed, however. Before you stands a fully-grown lion whose only identification to relate him to his old childhood lies in his fur. This lion is snow-white in every inch of fur from his fully-thick mane to his proper tuft and noble head to mighty paws. There are two exceptions to his universal white, however. The first is his nose, which is a stark black in contrast to his fur and is also careful in sniffing his environments. The second is his eyes, an attractive shade of ice blue that are quite sharp on the lookout. His entire body is stocky, bearing strong muscles from a thus-far lifetime of health and practicing. With every step he walks with a lion's true grace, and given what is seen he shows promise of becoming a fearsome fighter. He seems to utterly lack any true timidness or past sorrow.

Badiliko smells strongly of an adult lion, although his environmental scent is varied. A lot of grasses and dirt, but also of hard rocks, water, and various fauna from two distinct locations: the Celestial Volcano and the Kopje Valley. Even with his dual homes and his entire life, however, the lion still carries the faintest trace of something very sweet and pleasant. It bears no name and its origin is thus far totally unknown.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Johari Female Lioness Mate Huntress
Unknown (Rogue) Male Lion Father Deceased
Theluji Female Lioness Mother Deceased


Badiliko's early childhood was shrouded in mystery. The only things he knew are that his birth pride bore some ill towards him (though the reason was not known) and that same ill led to the exile of him and his mother, Theluji. She was the only one who knew the reasons and details, but never revealed anything about them to Badiliko in her lifetime.

Upon visiting his ancestral home later, however, Badiliko learned the truth of his infancy: born illegitimately of a bonding between his mother and a rogue lion, his birth-pride became split between the need for new blood and the opposing need for carefully selected mating. This devolved into infighting sparked by an attempt to kill Badiliko and both his parents. His father, unnamed and unknown to this day, shielded the escape of Theluji and Badiliko at the cost of his own life, forcing the mother to become a rogue wandering through the desert to both avoid pursuers and eventually cross it and start a new life.


  • He was recently in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as Starveling, Moth, and Moonshine—all at once!
  • He is awaiting his Senior Paper's publication on an online magazine titled "InterGalactic Medicine Show."
  • He knows how to make homemade dishes such as Chicken Parmesan, Tiramisu, Spanish Rice, and so forth.
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