Birth History

This page outlines all the litters born to members of the Kopje Valley Pride. The parents may or may not been original pridal members, but the cubs are those classified as being born into the pride. All characters written in Italics are either deceased or no longer exist on the Muck.

2006 Litters

September 2006
Ayumi, with possible unnamed cubs.

Ayumi was born outside of the Kopje Valley, but she survived to adulthood and is still with the pride.

2007 Litters

January 2007
Tangaza, Nafsi'hiliki, Usafidi, Khairi and Kiado.

Kiado died in infancy; Tangaza and Nafsi'hiliki are no longer part of the pride; Usafidi and Khairi are both adults and remain with the pride, with Khairi named Second in Command. Usafidi's presence has gone scarce lately.

2008 Litters

April 2008
Onaedo, Singa, Jazua and Yuzu.

Singa and Yuzu died in infancy; Onaedo and Jazua survived to adulthood but only Onaedo remains with the pride.

2009 Litters

January 7, 2009
Aria and Kaylee.

Both cubs died in infancy.

2010 Litters

January 1st, 2010
Gaidi and Kadhi.

Both cubs were born to Kaidi after Gadi had left the pride; Gaidi, a male, died early in his cubhood. Kadhi was taken to the Kopje Valley and dropped off. She has been adopted by Mthama and Khairi.

2011 Litters

November 6, 2011
Nyika'kali, Ukarimu and Chelewa.

Born in the easternmost grasses of Kopje Valley.

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