Kikora - juvenile lioness, pride youth.
Kizingo - lion, son of Chiboa and Balana.
Kori - lion, Kopje guard.
Korzar - juvenile lion, son of King Mzohari and Kasjari.

Following her rather odd conversation with Kori last night and her rough-housing with Gadi, Kikora crept back to snuggle up against Kasjari for a good night's sleep. She's awake now, sitting at the edge of the waterfall's pond with her forepaws splayed, ears up and eyes wide. She's staring at her reflection, occasionally making a humorous face, giggling quietly to herself.

Korzar is asleep, still out like a light. He's sprawled on the ground next to his mother, and his mouth has popped open while he's slept. A little bit of his tongue is sticking out of his muzzle, its tip fluttering slightly as he breathes deeply in and out… almost a cubbish snore. His paw twitches a bit in front of him in his sleep, as the cub dreams about chasing an elephant. Hey, you gotta dream big!

Kikora's ear twitches as she picks up the sound of Korzar's sleep-breathing, and a wicked little gleam sparkles in her eyes. She lifts herself up as quietly as she can, taking a few steps behind her before charging at the water, bounding off of her hindpaws at the last second for more air. She yells as she falls back down to the water's surface, making a loud S P L A S H ! She surfaces after a few minutes, completely soaked, laughing loudly. So easily amused, this one!

Korzar contines to chase after the elephant in his sleep, somehow managing to keep pace with the huge beast. All of a sudden, it rears, and raises up onto its hind legs, trumpeting loudly. But it's a strange sounding trumpet… almost like the elephant's got a particularly bad cold… its trumpet sounds wet. Korzar scampers away from the elephant, but suddenly finds the elephant gone! And his paws aren't even on the ground… he's on his side, waving his paws in the air next to him. Korzar twists his body, peering around, and taking a glance towards the lake. Ooooh… that was why the elephant had sounded so wet.

Kikora splashes around quite loudly, hoping to wake Korzar up from his active dreams. "Kooor, sleeeeepy-head," she teases from her aquatic playground, swimming around in a tight circle. She becomes dizzy rather quickly and stops, treading water, blinking over at the other cub. "You said you'd play with me last night. You sleeeep the -whole time-!" She scolds in a playful voice, one that is hitched as she works her muscles to keep herself afloat.

Hey! He's doing important things when he sleeps. Like catching zebras, and fighting off bad lions. He climbs to his paws, and pads quickly over to the edge of the lake, stopping once the water covers the top of his paws. "Sorrrry… Was tired," he says, with a grin. "What you do?"

"Played with Gaaadi," she says in an almost teasing voice, as if her awesome company was something to be cherished. She's too young to be exclusive to one playmate after all! "Told him 'bout the volcano. He wants to go! How long 'til you're ungrounded?" Kikora asks good-naturedly, paddling until her paws can touch the sandy, grainy bottom of the water-filled crater. She wiggles her toes in the sand, amused by the way it feels all squishy and gross, waiting for her friend to respond.

"Ma said oony haff a moon left!" Korzar exclaims excitedly. That's really not too bad at all, considering the first half of his grounding has moved pretty quickly. He takes a break from the conversation to quickly lean forward, and dunk his head in the water. Well, that's a way to wake up! He comes up dripping, and he gives a big shake, spraying a little bit of water all over the place.

Kikora takes to sloshing through the water playfully, almost hopping along the shallow bank of the waterfall pool. "Coooool!" She announces with glee, finally taking leave of her aquatic post to flop gracelessly on the ground, coating herself in a thin layer of grass debris and dust … but that quickly turns to mud, what with her wet fur and all. Kicking her hindlegs a bit, she rolls over on to her back and stares at the other cub, seeing him in upside-down mode. "Is 'Goo 'kay?" She questions, noticing that it's been several days since she's spoke with him. She frowns, one paw draped across her mucky chest, leaving smudged prints.

"Yeah… he just a sleepyhead," Korzar says, smiling. Before Kikora had shown up, this would have totally sucked if Wingu had decided to be lazy for a few days, as most of the other cubs were still too young to be up and about on their own. But now… he's still got a playmate! He follows Kikora out of the water, flopping down besides her, and taking a few swats at one of the muddy cub's ears.

Kikora squeals girlishly at Korzar's bats, wrinkling her maw in a faux-snarl. She swings one of her own paws in his direction, but her coordination is off kilter thanks to her being a citizen of Upside-Down World. She's been playing a little rougher lately, her muscles building as she grows — it strikes her after she swings toward the boy that maybe he isn't in the mood to play tough, and hopes that she misses. She doesn't want to knock him in the head! Ack!

Korzar doesn't really mind playing rough. He's fine with ratcheting up the intensity and rough-housing a little. It's all playfully, of course, but it can be fun to wrestle and play a little rough sometimes. So, despite being upside-down, Kikora's aim is true, and Korzar gets whonked on the head. He pauses, dazed for a moment, but he soon recovers. He pushes himself off his belly, up into a crouch, and takes aim with a pounce at Kikora, trying to pin her. He unleashes a playful half-growl, half-giggle as he leaps towards the girl-cub.

"Oof!" Kikora announces when she's greeted by Korzar's pounce, wriggling like a fish out of water when he applies pressure to hold her down. "Kor heeeeavy!" Though she protests, she's giggling again, completely amused by the whole situation. She uses her hindlegs to push against Korzar gently, not wanting to kick him in the stomach or the bottom curve of his ribcage. She manages to raise one forepaw and push against his chest, but she's weakened with all her laughter. It's too hard to concentrate!

Korzar giggles from his place, perched on top of Kikora. He leans down and nibbles playfully on one of her flopping ears… at least he tries to, but she's wiggling all over the place. When Kikora starts to push against him a bit, he rolls off of her, and turns to face her from his belly, giggling. He's panting a bit, breathing hard… you know, now might be the *perfect* time for Kikora to get some retaliation. ;)

Kikora springs to life like … like some kind of weird, reanimated, floppy-eared cub! She whirls around and is on her paws in a matter of seconds, flopping herself across Korzar's back with all her might. She's lighter than he is, just as nature intended — he'll be bestowed with hulking muscles while hers will be less flashy and considerably thinner. "Raaawwr!" She cries out victoriously, turning her head until she's able to snatch at his ears with her still-white teeth, giggles puffing out of her breathlessly as she does so. "Gotcha, Kor!"

Kori pads in here from the valley, looking to relax.
Kori has arrived.

Korzar giggles cubbishly. Kikora's on his back, so there's no way for him to get to her, short of standing up and throwing her off of his back… and he's obviously not that much bigger than the other cub. He *can* roll onto his side, though, and that's what he does. Well, he can't kick at Kikora 'cuz she's behind him, so Korzar just wriggles around, trying to loosen Kikora's grip on his ears so he can eventually turn around and resume batting.

Kikora is shifted when Korzar rolls over, one of her forepaws caught beneath him and the spongy earth below. "Heeey!" She says in a high-pitched voice, but her continuous giggles make it clear that she's not in any pain. He just figured out how to -really- pin her! Her wicked mind hatches a devious plan, one that is -sure- to gain her the upper paw again … and she peeeeers at the boy with her pretty brown eyes, saying, "Kor! When we get biiig, we're gonna have -cuuuuubs-!" She giggles anew at this, wholly amused by the prospect. On the inside, she's going -ewwww- about the whole thing, something she's expecting Kor to feel as well, therefore ensuring her totally awesome victory.

Korzar freezes. Wha? Ewwwww… gross… ewwwww… Just some of the thoughts that flash across Korzar's mind as Kikora makes her remark. But that means that they'd have to get real close and hug, or whatever it was Kori had said! Korzar guesses that's better than the moms eating their cubs, but still! He is dumbstruck and horrified, and completely vulnerable to whatever else Kikora's devious little mind might cook up.

Kikora cracks up, her sides and chest heaving as she laughs and laughs. While Korzar is completely flabberghasted, she takes the opportunity to wiggle her paw free and bat lightly at his ears. "Whaaat! I's just -kidding-! I'm not havin' any cubs … that means I'd have to hug a … a -boy-!" Blech. Boys are fine to play with, in fact her only friends are boys! Her hugs belong to Mwaliko and Kasjari exclusively! She grins at him, trying to show him that she was just plaaayin'.

Korzar is relieved to hear that, but he eyes Kikora warily. If she keeps saying stuff like that, he might… might… well, he probably wouldn't do anything. Kikora has grown to become a pretty good friend, by far his closest other than Wingu. So, he smiles, and returns Kikora's bats. "Okaaaay. But you's grooooss," he says, his nose scrunching up, but his muzzle twitches upward a little, showing that he's just playing around… mostly.

Ah, simpler things are simply better.. like cubs' playtime, which Kizingo happily observes from nearby. Ah yes, he remembers the days of when the notions of cubs was a crazy thought, though he was considerably older than these here and it was not a great deal later that he ended up siring his daughter, whom now has cubs of her own.. geh! Now he feels old. The blonde lion shakes his ehad to himself with a soft chuckle to himself, exhaling a long breath as he continues to watch the playing youths.

Sprawled out near by is Kori, watching the antics with an amused look upon his face. His tail flops back and forth about his haunches in a lazy, drifting manner, his breath ruffling the grass before him a bit with each one he takes. Clearing his throat loudly, he rests his chin back down upon his strong paws, twisting his ears forward, chuckling at Kikora and her ability to get under Korzar's fur.

Kikora is completely unaware of the nearby lions, her attention focused solely on Korzar. "Aww, Kor! I just -playin'-, I said!" Her voice is stern, not too fond of being called gross! "If I'm so grooooss, then … here!" She springs at him with a renewed vigor, aiming to cover him in germs and muck. "I share!"

"I knoooow. I playin' toooo-" but Korzar's protest is cut off as Kikora leaps at him again, and the two go rolling around through the dirt. He doesn't mind getting dirty and muddy, that kind of gross isn't gross to Korzar. He rolls to a stop next to Kikora, and sticks his tongue out good-naturedly at the girl-cub. He doesn't notice the two big lions either… rolling around on the ground kind of prevents that.

Giving himself a push upwards to his bulky height, Kori steps out of the grass slowly as his gold eyes turn upon the pair of cubs who are wrestling in the grass. His tail snaps about his haunches slowly as he lets out a slow breath from his lips, before rumbling in a quiet tone. "Careful, or you two may get cooties." He says in a serious, and stoic voice as his ears slant back against his dark fur. "And it takes many a bath to get those out."

Kizingo continues to quietly watch the play, letting his other thoughts slip away to the simple entertainment of seeing the sort of misceif these cubs get themselves into, keeping quiet and conserved for now.

Once the girl has stopped rolling, she makes no move to do anything but lay there like a rock. She's worn out from all the play! Her giggles taper off until they disappear in a quiet little sigh, letting her eyes close about half-way — at least until Kori approaches and mentions something about cooties. "Huuuuuh?" She draws out, her little brows furrowing in confusion. "What's cooties?" She glances to Korzar, wondering if he has any idea what they could be!

Korzar shrugs and peers back blankly as Kikora asks him what cooties are. He's never heard of 'em. He glances up at Kori. Why is it that this biiig lion has explained everything to the cubs the last couple of days? All the other adults are nowhere to be found. "Coootees?" he repeats questioningly.

"You don't know what cooties are?" Kori tsks with an amused shake of his head. "It's like… tiny, invisible bugs that cling to your fur. It happens when a girl cub and a boy cub get all cutsie with each other." He says with a chuckle as he reaches out with a paw to slide it about Kikora, giving her a playful drag towards him so that he can lick the top of her head. "I've heard rumors that they itch real bad, especially on the back."

Whoa, whoa, whoa … whaaaat?! Kikora's eyes widen … and widen still, even as she's dragged away from her friend and into Kori's grasp, getting her headfur all slobbery with lion-drool. "Cooties … itchins … cutesy?!" She says in a frantic voice, and the seed has been planted in her mind. Hey, is that something itching on her side? No! Kikora hikes up a hindleg and scratches frantically at her side, her poor little eyes looking like they're about to fall right out of her -face-. "Kooor! I think I have … cooties!" She wails, an extremely sad expression on her face (well, what's left of her face around her big ole eyes!).

Oh dear… Kizingo shakes his head to himself once more as the young female wails about kooties. It's tempting to point out that there is no such thing, but why spoik the fun? In fact, he sorta hopes they'll approach him about it so he can add to the fun. For now, he just watches and stays quiet, though

Korzar looks fearfully at Kikora. Whaaat? He's never noticed cooties before… wait … was that an itch on his nose?! Uh oh. He looks distrustfully up at Kori. He isn't sure if he believes the big, dark lion, but he's nervous. He peers wildly around, looking for something -ANYTHING- that could help him. Kizi! He was a healer, right? He'll know the truth. "C'mon Kiko!" he yells, and races as quick as he can over to Kizingo. He skids to a halt in front of the blonde lion. "Kizi - is cootees rrreal?" He hops from paw to paw, nervously awaiting the answer.

Chuckling, Kori gives Kikora another lick to the top of her head, using the raspy tongue to fluff up the fur between her ears. "Don't worry, they wash off easily enough." He says, before letting her go so that she can join her friend in his mad dash over towards the blonde lion. Casting a look to Kizingo, he gives him an uncharacteristic wink from behind the black bangs which hang into his face. Kori is actually playing?

Kikora looks only slightly relieved when Kori reveals that they can be washed off … she likes baths, surprisingly enough, -and- swimming. Perhaps there is hope for her after all! She gives Kori a little look over her shoulder before traipsing off after Korzar, taking a seat near him — but with a few inches of 'safety zone' space between them. Can cooties -jump-? She looks at Kizingo expectantly, distinctly remembering when he checked her over at the border, that time with Balana and Onaedo and the serval! "Yeah, yeah, did Korzar give me his -cooties-?"

Ask and ye shall receive, it seems… Kizingo finds himself being sought after for what he was just musing over, even though he hadn't really put much thought into it. Hmmm… should be be totally honest and keep his trustworthiness intact? Or have a little fun by weaving the truth a little. He's not very good at fibbing, so anyone who knows better would be able to tell from his gaze and demeanor that he wasn't telling the truth, but these youngsters probably aren't so keen. Kori's look helps to egg him as as he bobs his head with a low rumble, "Oh yes, kooties are reall.. they're pretty harmless, for the most part, but you do get an itch or two and it only gets worse the more you touch each other. Keep in mind, though, that you short touches don't allow kooties time to pass over.. it's only when you wrap up and stay in contact that they mingle and get really bad." yeah, that was awkward, but he held a straight face the whole time and his minor speach impediment does help him somewhat.

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