Daily Logs
Date Title Description
December 07, 2009 A 'Missed' Opportunity Wingu encounters a lioness named Liyana while on patrol.
November 28, 2009 Shrouded Intentions Khairi and Nabana argue while Kikora watches, and then becomes involved.
November 25, 2009 Training Ends The aftermath of Dakarai's departure as Mzohari decides it's time for everyone to return to Kopje.
November 03, 2009 Heart to Heart Wingu and Mzohari have a heart-to-heart conversation during the youngsters' training in the volcano.
October 22, 2009 Uneventful Patrol Badiliko and Wingu are expecting an uneventful patrol of the borders when they run into Azza.
July 27, 2009 A New Friend Two youngsters with very different backgrounds meet near the border of the Kopje.
May 16, 2009 Tattle Tale Dakarai attempts an adventure across the border but is sabotaged by the righteous Katili.
May 16, 2009 Fishing For Badiliko Kikora offers Badiliko several fish while Balana cleans him off.
May 16, 2009 The White Stranger Wandering through the volcano, a little white cub comes across a few of the Kopje lions.
May 12, 2009 The Silent Lioness Balana encounters a strange, silent lioness in the volcano.
May 11, 2009 Strange Visitor Balana and Kikora notice a strange visitor flying high in the sky.
May 10, 2009 Caldera Fishin'! Kikora tries to teach Korzar how to catch fish from the Celestial Lake.
May 09, 2009 Meeting the Cubs Later that night, Kikora has an opportunity to meet two of Balana's cubs.
May 09, 2009 Uh Oh! Korzar and Kikora encounter a very upset Balana in the Celestial Volcano.
May 08, 2009 Night Encounter Kikora wakes up to find a caracal in the dark cave with her and Korzar.
May 08, 2009 The Awesome Adventure to the Celestial Volcano! Kikora and Korzar follow Balana's scent trail to the awesome and mysterious Celestial Volcano.
May 04, 2009 Confrontation Nabana and the Tsavo King, Mtukutu, have a confrontation while Korzar and Kikora watch nervously.
May 03, 2009 Sneakin' Off ... Kikora and Korzar attempt to sneak into the Pride Lands, but are joined by an unlikely accomplice!
May 03, 2009 Balana and Kikora Kikora asks Balana a few innocent questions about her unborn children.
Aprch 21, 2009 Play Time! The cubs try to learn a bit more about Kunjufu'bisi and his sign language.
April 05, 2009 The Playful Pride Cubs and adults alike enjoy a playful evening near the waterfall.
March 30, 2009 Pride Gathering The pride gathers at the waterfall cliff and have various discussions.
March 29, 2009 The Nomad and the Cyclops ... Kikora sneaks out of the valley to try to find out if what Kaidi told her was true … and runs into a pair of frightening lions.
March 27, 2009 Kikora and Gadi The two juveniles hang out near the fallen acacia and talk about Kaidi's arrival.
March 26, 2009 Kaidi's Arrival Kaidi, Kikora's half-sister, makes an appearance in the valley.
March 24, 2009 Learning the Language Kikora plays with Kunjufu'bisi and tries her best to learn his signs.
March 23, 2009 The Cool Spot! Kikora shows Korzar the cool spot she found in the Kopje's caves.
March 22, 2009 Cub-a-Palooza! Korzar, Gadi and Kikora play with Kunjufu'bisi and the scowling Kesonam.
March 22, 2009 Meetin' Mashaka Kikora and Lailen meet Mashaka, Balana's brother.
March 21, 2009 Conversations at the Waterfall Cliff The adults chat at the waterfall cliff.
March 20, 2009 Big Sister Kori asks Kikora to watch out for Gadi and Lailen, making her an honorary "big sister".
March 28, 2009 Playin' Hunter Kikora plays a game of Hunter with little Johari, and then meets Gadi's sister Lailen and another of Mwaliko and Kiini's daughters, Hali.
March 17, 2009 Cooties?! Kikora and Korzar play near the waterfall, and get a lesson about cooties from Kori and Kizingo.
March 16, 2009 Wrestlin'! Kikora and Kori have a heart-to-heart before a wrestling game erupts between the juvenile and Kori's son, Gadi.
March 16, 2009 Where Cubs Come From! Kikora and Korzar put Kasjari and Mwaliko in an uncomfortable position before Kori uses his fancy words to put an end to the curious questions.
March 15, 2009 Kikora's Adventure Kikora, chasing after a young savannah monitor, accidentally leaves the valley and stumbles across the Celestial Volcano. Later, Kiko' and Korzar settle in for Story Time with Balana.
March 10, 2009 Fish! Kikora catches a fish from the waterfall's pond, and shares it with Korzar.
March 09, 2009 At the Border Kikora talks Onaedo into taking her to the border, and there she meets Balana, her son Kizingo, and an unlikely friend — a serval!
March 09, 2009 Hunters and Guards Wingu, Kikora, Onaedo and Kasjari discuss gender roles in the pride, while Kiko' and Kor' play at the fallen acacia tree later in the day.
March 08, 2009 Playing with Gadi The cubs Gadi and Kikora meet, and agree to play at the fallen tree in the valley's center.
March 08, 2009 Meeting Msasi Kikora meets Msasi, who takes her up to the Kopje Valley / Pride Lands border.
March 05, 2009 Seeing the Valley Korzar shows Kikora the main section of Kopje Valley.
March 04, 2009 Crocodile Attack! Settling into the pride, Kikora and Korzar play the part of chomping crocodiles, teaming up against poor Wingu!
March 03, 2009 Meeting the Pride New to the pride, Kikora is introduced to Mwaliko and is comforted by Wingu.
March 01/02, 2009 The Escape... Okay, this is a long one. Korzar leaves the valley on an 'adventure', and there are consequences. The lioness cub, Kikora, is also found during the pride's venture after Korzar.
January 29, 2009 Birds and Bugs Korzar, the less vocal cub between him and his brother, Wingu, is taught an important distinction between a couple of words.
January 11, 2009 Hyena in the Valley Several of the pride's guards investigate the presence of a strange hyena.
January 10, 2009 New Arrival The pride enjoys some family time while chatting with the nomadic Darujo.
January 09, 2009 On the Cliff Mzuhali plays with her niece Kiokota, and has a conversation with her brother Kiini.
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