Incidental Characters

Characters who have never been a part of the Kopje Valley pride, but may have been involved in a plot or be a relative of one of the pride members.

Non-Pridal Characters



Ekundu is Kori's older brother who was sent off from their natal pride upon reaching his adolescence. He met up with his long-lost brother when Kori was exiled from the Valley and came to live with the Natamba, and he hung around until Nonceba and group came to retrieve him. Ekundu declined to return with them, claiming he was content with his lot at the moment, and had plans to challenge for his own pride in the future.

Word of Ekundu surfaced sometime later, but from the mouth of Kinyago. The gray rogue claimed he and Ekundu had joined up and planned to take over a pride, only for Ekundu to decide he didn't want to share, subsequently driving him off after a fight which left him badly wounded. The story changed the next time it was told, in that Kinyago had actually killed Ekundu. As time passed, it was eventually revealed that Ekundu was actually chosen by a king as his heir due to a need for new blood and a fondness for the lion, and that he had actually driven Kinyago off very early into his kingship due to the lion's behavior.

His brother Kori, Kori's mate Nonceba, and their son Gadi left the Kopje pride to join Ekundu for unknown reasons.



Kinoro was a rogue lion who was exiled from his homelands, occupied by the Golden Paws Pride. At the time of his exile, he left with a fellow pridemate, Kenta, who had lived briefly among the pride. For a time, they explored a romantic interest, but she soon grew distrustful of the aggressive lion and left him. Unknown to her, his obsession led him to follow her, and he watched from the shadows as she settled in with the Kopje Valley pride and developed a relationship with Mzohari that eventually led to her first pregnancy.

On the night of the cubs' birth, he attacked the alone and vulnerable Kenta, killing three of the cubs and leaving the fourth severely injured and assumed dying, in the hope that it would somehow drive her back to him. Mzohari and Nabana arrived too late to stop his attack, but chased Kinoro out of the Valley and into the Pride Lands, where they caught up to the rogue and killed him. Mtukutu, present at the final part of the event, was not pleased but turned a blind eye. The fourth and youngest cub, a female originally called Sunni and renamed Nonceba, survived the attack.

Kinoro was described as a rather common looking lion, with golden fur and a light tawny mane that bordered on blonde. His eyes were a stereotypical amber.


Kinyago was a thin, scruffy, gray rogue with a black mane and yellow eyes. After the loss of his family, he wanted to see his own life ended. He teamed Ekundu, helping him overthrow an old king who had once turned the gray lion away. However, as soon as the two had claimed the new lands for their own, Kinyago was back to his old tricks. He began to taunt Ekundu, tying to draw the lion into a fight. However, Ekundu only pitied the old lion, and with a single swipe to Kinyago's shoulder, he sent him away.

If Ekundu wouldn't end it, perhaps he could goad Ekundu's brother Kori into doing the job for him. He lead the Kopje guard away by claiming he had injured Ekundu, and then he attacked Nonceba, stealing her cubs Gadi and Kiokota. Kiokota was lost near the border of the Mekauri, and Gadi near the Uzima Valley. He killed a dark-skinned warthog and plucked the tail meticulously until it looked just like the tail of a lion cub. Using this, he claimed to have killed and eaten Kiokota. Kori and Kinyago fought, leaving Kinyago crippled. Seeing little chance of surviving he revealed the location of Gadi before hobbling off. However, the gray lion never revealed that Kiokota might still be alive. Kinyago's ultimate fate remains unknown.

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