Name Meaning 'Rocky hill or Mountain'
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Zaire
Current Pride Kopje
Aliases 'Bali
Rank Healer (in training)


The form, attitude, and mental state of a rogue is forever changing - it has to if one must live such a harsh life. Jabali, a once rogue from a land long ago forgotten has left the life he once knew in order to join the Kopje as one of their own. Once a small and skinny cub, he has grown up to match the strength and stamina of one slighly older than his seasons. His grey streaked tawny coat is just muscular enough to show his strength, while his greenish-blue eyes hold a great wisdom that have come from a very long time of learning how to survive on his own. His blonde mane is befitting of an adult lion, finally having completely come in The blonde, almost white that surrounds his face also matches his underbelly and tailtip of his unusually long tail. This tail, a honor because it comes from his grandfather, is usually curled around his form - neatly out of the way while he walks.


Jabali was the third of the first and only litter of Mara'binti and Msame'haji of the Zaire Pride. Out of the three, only he and his sister Ajia survived past cubhood into adulthood. When he was just a cub his family and Pride was hit by a devastating illness. Due to his being sick one and thus surviving he was able to gain immunity and from the time he was very small on helped his aunt in her make-shift healing duties.

The sad truth was, there was really nothing anyone could do to help his Pride and eventually none could be saved. The hardest blow coming from the death of his maternal grandfather, Jio'aria and his mother- who had held the Pride together. Even Ajia in hopes that she could have a better life left to join the nearby Anga'Nyota Pride before they left adolescence. After caring for his aunt through an injury that left her unable to hunt, and her subsequent failing to old age, Jabali left Zaire in order to start a new life. For much of his adolescence he followed to trail of his father, who had left when he was still a cub and thus Jabali knew nothing about.

He caught a lead that through adoption, Mtukutu, King of the Tsavo was his paternal grandfather. So in hopes that he might be able to talk to the lion and gain some further insight (or maybe even a place to stay for a while), Jabali went in search of the lands. Instead, he took a wrong turn and ended up in Kopje - where he met Ayumi and her Pride. Of course he was smitten and ended up after a long waiting period making Kopje his final home after so long of wandering….


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Ayumi Female Lioness Mate Scout
Kizingo Male Lion Father-in-Law Healer
Sirima Female Lioness Mother-in-Law Hunteress


Name Sex Species Litter Status
Kaylee Female Lioness Cub 1st Litter - Firstborn Deceased
Aria Female Lioness Cub 1st Litter - Secondborn Deceased


Name Sex Species Relation
Ajia [NPC] Female Lioness Sister


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through
Mtukutu Male Lion King Adopted Grandfather Adoptive Father of Msame'haji

~ And uncle to all Kopje cubs!


Jabali is the grandson of Jio'aria, a character that was oldest son of the last Simba who ruled the Pridelands area ~2002. While Jio'aria did have a short rule there as well, the history of it all has been lost due to the deaths of most who lived there during that time.

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