Name Meaning 'Precious stone, jewel'
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Current Pride (none)
Rank Deceased


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Kiini Male Adult Lion Father Guard
Mwaliko Female Adult Lioness Mother Huntress
Mzohari Male Adult Lion Paternal Grandfather King
Nyunya Female Adult Lioness Paternal Grandmother Missing
Chiboa Male Adult Lion Paternal Great-Grandfather Rogue
Balana Female Elder Lioness Paternal Great-Grandmother Retired Queen


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Mother
Dakarai Male Adult Lion Brother Mwaliko
Hali Female Adolescent Lioness Sister Mwaliko
Lutalo Female Adult Lioness Sister Mwaliko
Ktobwe Male Lion Cub Half-Brother Vikali
Kichaa Female Lioness Cub Half-Sister Vikali


The lioness in front of you has turned into a rather lovely proportioned young adult. Her slender, deep golden yellow coat seems to only highlight this more. The ears on top of her head has held the same umber brown coloration that her mother has. Her underside is a much lighter color, almost that of sand. The amber coloration of her eyes is also a gift from the past, coming across as brilliantly as her father's do.

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