Name Meaning 'Brutal'
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Current Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Rank Huntress


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Mzohari Male Adult Lion Father King
Kasjari Female Adult Lioness Mother Queen
Korzar Male Adult Lion Brother Heir
Wingu Male Adult Lion Brother Guard


Katili is now fully into her adulthood, she smiles more often now and although still possessed of a firey temper she is working to get a handle on that. But still there is a great deal of the time when she look contemplative or as if she were very far away. Her thoughts are usually her own and she does not often share them. Her pelt and face have taken on the dusky lovelyness that she only hinted at as a young cub. Her back still sports the dark dorsal stripe of her father, and her eyes have lightened a little in hue but remain the slightly darker then her mother's blue cast. Those liquid depths are often half lidded as she regards the world around her, taking in everything and giving nothing away.


From the moment she was born Katilli's temper has always been her greatest weakness, the very first sound she uttered upon entering this world was a growl and that set the tone for how she would receive the world around her for the rest of her life. Although at times during her growing up she felt uncertainty those moments were few and far between, Katilli has rarely experienced doubt or second guessed herself. As a cub she was branded a tattle-tale and no fun by some of the other cubs and this caused a great deal of distress in her, and although she knew in her heart she was doing the right thing by going to adults when other cubs were behaving badly it's a very lonely thing indeed to try and always do the right thing. Katili was the oldest female cub of her generation, and that made her already lonely existence even lonelier, she had no female cubs to play with and when as was sure to happen, the male cubs her age reached that age when "girls have cooties" she found herself often playing by herself or seeking the company of the adults in her life. And while her parents tried to be there for her the demands on the King and Queen's time were great, her grandmother helped somewhat but even that was only occasional. Katili found herself in the unenviable position of being surrounded by family, and still feeling horribly alone.

As time went by the younger female cubs grew to an age that Katili could play with them, and her loneliness was relieved somewhat. But by then some damage had already been done and Katili's temper had taken an even firmer grasp. On top of which the long stretches of solitude had hardened the young lioness cub, intolerant of ANY misbehavior and lacking forgiveness she would declare over and over again that "-I- have always behaved myself." a claim which unfortunately no one can dispute. Katili always has been good with the exception of one cub-hood exploration away from her mother when she was still too young to know better. Now an adult Katili has matured a little, she no longer speaks openly of her views. But this severe and unyielding huntress is still as hard as stone, and while she has grown into quite a beauty, her eyes are often cold as ice and regard the world with anger at it's unfairness.

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