Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Golden Paws
Current Pride None
Rank Huntress
Current Status Unknown


Kenta is a fully grown lioness in the midst of her prime. She used to be fair in features, with pretty amber eyes to compliment her rather boring face, that is, until the claws of a former nightmare came back to haunt her. Now, three long claw marks mars which was once pretty, revealing now only scarred over flesh. Her right ear is completely missing, save a slight torn nub which has healed over. Her body is long, and strewn with hard muscle from the long months of running about and chasing prey. Her pelt is a creamy gold color, with a flash of alabaster painted along her throat, leading down between her hind legs. A few scars are tucked away against her pelt here, or there, from lessons learned through life. Her tail is long, with a tuft of dark brown at the end, whisking about excitedly. Even though she has been mangled by an atrocity in life, it doesn't seem to have dulled her youthful energy any.


Kenta is usually bubbly, and spontaneous with everything that she does in life first, and foremost. She tends to have an excited sparkle in her eyes, and if possible, everything can be puntucated with an exclamation mark at the end as she speaks. She takes great joy in every aspect of life, up to, and including death. It seems that she has to celebrate every second of the day.

Beneath that layer, is a very serious, and dedicated lioness and huntress. After Kinoro's attack, one which scarred her face, as well as a bit of her fiery spirit, Kenta left a bit of silliness behind, and started to really focus on the more important priorities of pride life. Sometimes she still struggles to find the balance of being 'too' serious, and 'too' silly, though often at times, she's still optimistic, though she isn't bouncing around as much as she used to.

When she is on the hunt, Kenta will accept nothing short of perfection. Goofing off is uncalled for, and she will give quite a tongue lashing if a hunt was to have gone sour because of someone's foolery. Outside of the normal day to day activities, this is one task that she refuses to pull any leniency on.

With the departure of her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson from the pride, as well as Mzohari choosing Kasjari as Kopje's Queen, Kenta's presence among the pride has become even more withdrawn than before. She rescinded the position of Hunt Mistress and is no longer one of Mzohari's mates, and it is extremely rare to see her outside of the pridal hunts. At some point, without a word to anyone, Kenta left the valley and has not been seen since.


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Nonceba Female Adult Lioness Daughter Rogue
Onaedo Male Adult Lion Son Guard
Mkotah Female Lioness Cub Daughter (deceased)
Ntarah Female Lioness Cub Daughter Youth
Zaida Female Lioness Cub Daughter Youth
Singa Male Juve. Lion Son (deceased)
Jazua Female Juve. Lioness Daughter (deceased)
Tia'moyo Male Lion Cub Son (deceased)
Sinasina Female Lioness Cub Daughter (deceased)
Kakata Female Lioness Cub Daughter (deceased)


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Father Mother Rank
Gadi Male Adolescent Lion Grandson Kori Nonceba Rogue
Lailen Female Adolescent Lioness Granddaughter Kori Nonceba Huntress (in training)
Malkia Female Adolescent Lioness Granddaughter Kori Nonceba Rogue
Mtatio Male Lion Cub Grandson Kori Nonceba (deceased)
  • Picture of Kenta drawn by the awesome Wingu!
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