Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Father Nabana
Mother Nakomis
Birth Pride Kopje Valley
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Current Rank Second-in-Command
Current Status Healthy


Average size for a lion, Khairi's dark brown face is framed with a thick ebony mane. Two deep amber eyes look past a light brown nose, his muzzle has a faint bit of white on his chin, a thin line of white passes beneath his mane sprouting much like a starburst upon his belly fading back into the dark brown pelt. His tail is tipped in ebony much like the tips of his paws.


Khairi was born to Nabana and Nakomis when his father was still part of the Kopje Valley pride. One of five cubs, his birth was somewhat overshadowed by his father's grieving over the death of his older sibling Sayt. His upbringing started out fairly normal, but his father's eventual exile from the pride made things somewhat difficult. He left for a while with his mother as an adolescent, only to return some time later with word of her death.

His young adulthood saw a lot of the relationships with his uncle and cousins strained. Eventually, things settled down and he took a lioness named Mthama as his mate. Having patched up his relationship with his uncle, the lion was named second-in-command over the pride. He got to exercise this title while Mzohari had been kidnapped by Nabana, but was eventually part of the lion's rescue. His father has always been something of his son's Achilles heel, even though their relationship has gone through its difficult periods as well. It usually involves the older lion somehow taking advantage of Khairi.

Since his uncle's disappearance, Khairi has taken up kingship duties alongside his cousin Onaedo and is poised to step up as a co-king of the valley.

Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Nabana Male Adult Lion Father Rogue (exiled)
Nakomis Female Adult Lioness Mother Deceased
Usafidi Female Adult Lioness Sister Huntress
Nafsi'hiliki Female Adult Lioness Sister Rogue
Tangaza Male Adolescent Lion Brother Rogue (exiled)
Mthama Female Adult Lioness Mate Huntress
Kasjari Female Adult Lioness ?Mate? Queen
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