Name Meaning 'Inside'
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Status Deceased
Birth Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Final Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Rank Guard


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Mzohari Male Adult Lion Father King
Nyunya Female Adult Lioness Mother (none)
Chiboa Male Adult Lion Paternal Grandfather Rogue
Balana Female Elder Lioness Paternal Grandmother Pridal Elder


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Mother Rank
Dakarai Male Adult Lion Son Mwaliko Rogue
Hali Female Adolescent Lioness Daughter Mwaliko Huntress (in training)
Johari Female Adult Lioness Daughter Mwaliko Huntress
Lutalo Female Adult Lioness Daughter Mwaliko Huntress
Ktobwe Male Lion Cub Son Vikali Youth
Jumdu Female Lioness Cub Daughter Vikali Deceased
Kichaa Female Lioness Cub Daughter Vikali Youth


Kiini has finally hit adulthood! All in all, he's turned out quite nice. His dark brown pelt has kept just the slightest hint of a red tint to it. It does was well to cover his muscled frame under the coat. His jet black colored mane has filled out fully, and covers the neck and throat. His creamy white underside stands out more than ever against his otherwise dark coat. His eyes seem to perfectly match the rich ambers of his mother.


Kiini was killed by a pack of rogue hyenas on his way to visit Badiliko and Johari in the Celestial Volcano.

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