Name Meaning Joy, Rejoicing
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Father Kitambo
Mother Kinamisa
Birth Pride Mizinga
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Aliases Kiko
Current Rank Huntress
Current Status Healthy


This lioness has reached full physical maturity, and the fiery pride and beauty that emanates from her is exceptional. She is covered in a lusterous coat of dark tawny fur, complimented by a lighter honey around her eyes, maw, throat and stomach; it is unmarred and is most often groomed to perfection. Thick black rings the outer edges of her ears while the full, healthy plume of her tail is a deep mahogany. Her sparkling eyes are a light, milky brown that shine with health and an appetite for life that cannot be rivaled.

She still exhibits a few signs of immaturity; her muscles are not as defined as older lionesses and she still appears to be a bit unsure of herself. She sports a lacy banner of rosettes along both sides, and from the way she tends to grin, it's apparent that she is just out of adolescence and has yet to become a refined adult.


She was born in the vast Mizinga territory, a rolling stretch of endless savanna dotted with umbrella-thorn acacias and large, timeless baobabs that reached high into the sky. To the east, the lands dipped into a small glen, in which stood a group of granite outcroppings. Thick, lush vegetation grew here, receiving excellent nutrition from the healthy soil and the water that threaded through the earth, subterranean veins that branched off from the nearby Uvuli river.

The dense, granite rocks were the pride's hub — they amassed here for announcements, meetings and shelter. Boxed in on all sides, save for a narrow gap that served as both entryway and exit, was a thick patch of overgrown grasses and trees that produced thick, waxy fronds as leaves. The grotto, as it was called, was a wonderful shelter for the pride's youngest members. It served to protect them from the wiles of the savanna, and this was where young Kikora spent most of her time with her mother, Kinamisa.

However, the pride's good fortune took a turn for the worse when a band of lean nomads moved in on them during an evening hunt. With most of the lionesses out in the grass at a great distance, the nomads made short work of their succession. Kikora's father, the King of the pride, was ambushed and defeated. Kinamisa had been resting peacefully in the grotto with her child, growing aware of the situation only after it was too late…

Luck was in her court, as the only entrance to the grotto faced the east; the fallen King and the intruding, murderous nomads were on the western side of the outcroppings. Kinamisa grabbed her young daughter and stole out into the night, trying to find her pride sisters, to warn them of what they would be returning to.

Kinamisa was able to alert her pride mates, though it cost the lionesses a fairly large-sized blue wildebeest in the process. Mothers mourned the loss of their children, reprimanding Kinamisa for taking only her child and leaving the rest for the nomads to kill. Kinamisa was shamed by the others, and struck off with only her young daughter in tow, leaving the others behind.

The two traveled many miles in many days, growing more dehydrated and leaner by the day. Kinamisa, who spent her entire life in the safety of a pride, was unaccustomed to hunting alone and lost much prey due to her inexperience. Forced to scavenge from the kills of leopards and cheetahs, Kinamisa was further shamed — she did not want to teach her daughter the life of a common thief and bully. As the two came upon a vast field, the lioness spotted a herd of zebra and decided that it was now or never. She was growing thin, and her young daughter was becoming weaker each day…

Kinamisa stalked as close as possible to the herd of zebra, springing from the cover of the flaxen grasses at the last moment — she secured a zebra mare in her grasp, feeling both triumphant and excited. However, she lost her grip and was mortally wounded as the zebra mare's strong hoof punched into her side, shattering several ribs and puncturing her lungs. She lay dying in the grasses, taking painful, shallow gasps of air, thinking that this must be her punishment for abandoning the children of her pride sisters… and as she struggled, she heard her daughter crying for her.

This is how Kikora has ended up in a strange land, motherless, frightened and alone.

The deep-rooted urge to survive has heavily outweighed Kikora's inherited fear of strangers, leading her far from the body of her mother to this lioness — one who is moving, speaking and breathing. "Hi," she says, her voice carried easily in the calm environment of the dark forest. She looks curiously at the other two children, but her main focus is Kasjari. To her, the cub speaks: "Mama's hurt. I's scared." She cowers a bit now, the reality of her situation crashing down - she's in a dense forest with an unknown lioness, and she has no one to protect her.

Growing desperate, Kikora ventured out from the thick cover of grass to attempt to find either food or water; preferably both. Instead, she stumbled across the scent trail of a lioness and two cubs. Unable to resist the comforting scent of a mother, Kik' pushed her way through the grasses and into a dark, gloomy forest, where she was introduced to Kasjari and her two sons, Korzar and Wingu.

Kikora was taken back to the heart of the Kopje Valley and was introduced to her new family — there was the large-maned King Mzohari, the father of her two newest playmates, and several other cubs that she quickly befriended. However, she and Korzar developed a close bond and spent most of their time together, mostly playing or causing a rash of grey hairs throughout the adult population of the pride with their antics.

After the first few moments of walking, Kikora began to dart off in the direction of the valley floor. She rushes through the tall grasses, laughing, enjoying the way they feel as she bullies her way through them. "C'mon, Kor!" She calls over her shoulder, paws thumping against the earth. "I'll beatcha!"

Korzar blinks in suprise, but soon recovers and begins to sprint as fast as his paws can carry him after Kikora. He's always been pretty agile and coordinated. While Wingu has him beat on talking, Korzar is more adept physically, at least so far. So maybe he actually has a small chance to catch Kikora! But she is a lioness, and will grow up built for speed and quickness, while Korzar will grow up to be a border guard, and definitely not as fast. He tries his hardest though, pounding his paws on the ground. "Gonna catch you!" he calls out, but soon after that he's panting too much to be able to yell anything.

Kikora grew up in a safe environment filled with the love of several lionesses in the pride, most notably Mwaliko and Kasjari. Mzohari acted as a father-figure to the young girl, but there seemed to be another lion who took a special shine to Kikora — Kori, the father of Gadi and Lailen. Kik' forged a friendship with both of Kori and Nonceba's cubs, but was a little put off at the way their father treated them … and how differently he treated her, a cub not of his own flesh. While she was praised for being a sweetheart, Kori's own children were often overlooked, and in Gadi's case, given a much tougher love.

"Yeees siiir," Kikora draws out in a 'why yes, I have been good — but against my will' voice. She allows Kori to rub his muzzle against her, her brown eyes sweeping across the multitude of sleeping bodies that rest near the waterfall. "Kor' and 'Goo haven't been awake much. I miss them." The prospect of playing with Gadi and Lailen is still quite appealing, though — even though she hasn't gotten to know them as well as the two brothers. "When Baaalana takes us to the volcano, can 'Len and Gadi come, too?" She cranes her neck and head back, looking at Kori as best as she can with her greatest 'oh please oh please' grin on her face.

Tilting his head down to her, Kori takes in a deep breath, shifting his tail about his hips for a moment as he thinks. He finds himself at war with his thoughts, wrestling them back, and forth. "… Yes… yes they can go with you. I trust Balana." He says as his tail coils around his hip slowly, before giving her another squeeze against his frame. "And only if you are careful, and you watch over them, alright? Can you be a big sister?" He asks, giving her a smile across his dark muzzle.

Despite this, Kikora became quite close to Gadi and Lailen, and they were present when something from her past came back to haunt her …

"Princess Kaidi, y'got it?" Kaidi says in a snappy voice, turning her sharp gaze on the advancing cubs. "What's it to ya?" Well, for a princess, she sure doesn't -act- like one! She grunts and turns her back to them again, trying her hardest to hide the tears that streak her dirty cheeks. From what's readily visible to the others, it's apparent that she hasn't been eating very well lately, nor has she had anyone to groom the dust and muck out of her fur. "Leave me alone."

Lailen lowers her ears as the 'princess' speaks. She stays put a moment before walking up and looking down to the girl, "Hi.." she says in a small voice. "My name is Lailen…are you ok?" She wondered if the girl was hurt and whether or not one of them should go fetch an adult.

"Well, to me, it's a lot." Gadi remarks, a faint frown ticking at his muzzle and cheek, though he restrains it. "Cuz' you seem to be a long way from home. I'm Gadi, oldest grandson a' the King, Mzohari." The boy remarks, looking to Lailen as she introduces herself. "She's my sister." He then says to his younger sibling, "Go get one of the grownups.. and dad or Uncle Kiini if ya can find 'em." And then he looks back to Kaidi, shifting a paw as thoughts cross his features. "Well.. um… you thirsty? Look like you were running a lot."

Kikora's little ears turn back almost immediately when she hears the other cub's name. "…Kaidi?" She asks, her voice almost a whisper. "-Kaaaaidi-?" She asks again, stressing the name, hoping that the other cub will at least -look- in their direction. She expression she wears is one of confusion and hurt, her whiskers and ears drooped, shoulders slumped. Gadi's words are almost muted — but she does take a special interest in learning the King's name, Mzohari — as she tries to take in the seriousness of this particular situation. Apparently it means quite a lot to her, as well.

Kaidi sniffles some, her frown deepening as one of them keeps saying her name. This great annoyance causes her to turn her head, finally taking a good look at the foursome around her — first Lailen, followed by Gadi, then Msasi … and finally, Kikora. "…Huh?" She says, her deep frown remaining on her otherwise dirty (yet pretty) face. "You!?" She cries out in a mixture of relief, despair and confusion. "What are -you- doing here?!" She hops to her paws and takes a few steps in reverse, her blue eyes hopping across the other young lions, almost as if this were some … some conspiracy!

Gadi folds back both ears then as his brows furrow, a frown touching his muzzle as he falls briefly quiet, looking between Kikora and Kaidi with a sharp, irritated sideways flick of his tail. "…you… know each other?" He murmurs, not so much a question Do they, but more an unspoken question of How. A quick sideways glance is passed over to Msasi, briefly questioning as if wondering if she knew any of this, but his attention is quickly stolen back to the two 'acquaintances'?

Kikora doesn't seem to be capable of saying anything for the time being — her eyes are opened so much that they look like they'd just fall right out of her face if given enough time. "I … She …" she starts, clamping her teeth together briskly. How -should- she feel? Relief? Horror? Anger? Well, she feels -all- of those things, but mostly she just feels surprised. "That's my sister." That seems to be the only legible thing she's able to say, rocking a bit until she plops gracelessly on to her haunches. Whaaaat?

With the arrival of her half-sister, Kikora was forced to face the news that not only did her father die during the raid, but her other half-siblings, Kiangazi and Kota, were killed along with Kaidi's mother and the Mizinga pride's Queen, Kosea. Just as suddenly as she arrived, Kaidi left the valley and made frequent appearances throughout Kikora's childhood, if only to cause grief amongst the younger members of the Kopje Valley — Kikora and Gadi in particular.

Kikora was able to put Kaidi out of her mind eventually, and instead focused on stories of the Celestial Valley, the ancestral home of some of the Kopje Valley lions. She and Korzar were particularly interested in seeing the volcano, and often bothered Korzar's grandmother Balana about it. It had become one of Kikora's great goals in life — to see the volcano!

Balana laughs softly at Korzar's question. "No, dearheart. I promise I or someone else will tell you soon. Along with the story of Kumalo." She looks up at the roars, but since they just seem to be noise and nothing critical, she smiles to Kikora. "Don't worry, dearheart. The volcano is… a very special place, and a very large part of our history here. Especially Siombe's story." The elder looks between the two cubs. "I'll make sure you get to go there too, to see it."

It wasn't long before Balana, pregnant with Siombe's cubs, ventured off to the Celestial Volcano to give birth to her litter. Though Kikora and Korzar were unaware of Balana's leaving, they soon found out … and decided to chase after Korzar's grandmother in an effort to find out how cubs were really brought into the world (as opposed to the stories the adults had filled their innocent heads with//).

"I smell a Balana," Kikora says humorously, keeping her voice low — knowing that an adult could be lurking around the next bush, or tree! "… but she smells different. Like milk," the juvenile says, her brown eyes sparkling and ears pitched forward. She finally manages to climb to her feet again, covered in a healthy coat of dust, but she makes no move to shake it out of her fur. "'member how she said she was gonna have babies?" And there — her trademark grin, one that invites Korzar in on her little plan … but also seems to say that she'll go on without him if he refuses to follow. "Baaaabies, milk … Bal, missing?! We should follow her! Maybe we can see where cubs -really- come from!" She gets a bit too excited and lets her voice's volume raise. Oops!

Korzar's ears twitch and swivel forward as he listens to Kikora explain her plan. "Yeah! We can follow!" he exclaims, momentarily raising his voice too. Yikes! Cubs really gotta learn how to stay quiet. He raises his head, and takes a deep whiff, trying to figure out which way the scent was leading. "Uhh… that way," he says, pointing a paw and trying to seem confident… but he's not too good at tracking scents. At least he doesn't *really* need to know how to track… it's the lionesses' job to get food!

Kikora grins and follows Korzar's pointing, noting that he's correct (for now, at least) with a bright grin and an enthusiastic nod of her head. "When I found the … Celes…teal volcano, it was out here! Stupid lizard ran down -this- path!" She takes a few steps forward, each a little bouncy and full of energy. "I bet Balana's out there, in the volcano." She flashes another grin over her shoulder at Korzar and plods off, following the path.

…. and when they arrived, they were surprised to find not a grandmotherly Balana, but a highly-irritated new mother. They arrived too late to witness the birth of Korzar's aunts and uncles!

It's hard to tell if the main reason she's so upset is because they're here unsupervised, or because she's in typical overprotective mother mode. "What — you — did you come out here by yourselves?" the elder finally manages, before casting a glance to the cavern's opening. Ultimately, she wouldn't necessarily put it past somebody to use them to test the waters before venturing in themselves, but she also wouldn't put it past them to have come out alone. A sharp look is given to Korzar when she sees him trying to look past her, and a firm cuffing is aimed at his shoulder. It's probably not enough to even knock him off balance, more to just get his attention than anything.

Kikora cringes down even further now, squishing herself against the ground and wishing that it would just open up and eat her, and be done with it! "Umm … umm … it was my idea," Kikora starts out in a shaky voice, her ears flattened against her head, eyes downcast. "Jus' wanted to see where cubs come from …" she says quietly, falling completely silent now. Balana's wrath is pretty darn terrifying!

Where were those cubs? Korzar cranes his neck, trying to spot them… Whoa! He stumbles a step sideways as Balana knocks him off balance, but he manages to stay on his feet. With his attention back on Gramma Bal, Korzar tilts his head as innocently as he can with Balana glaring down at him… but then Kikora speaks. "Shhh!" he mutters, batting her firmly with one of his paws, before looking back to Bal, repressing a shudder. "Wh-What?" he asks, doing his best not to tremble. Korzar's normally not scared of anything… but there's something about Balana when she gets angry. "Came here with y-you." Korzar stares down at his paws. Would Gramma bite… or would she not even know what he was talking about? Either of those would be preferable to her staying mad, though.

There was also a new face lurking in the Celestial Volcano, and it belonged to a poor little white lion cub called Badiliko. Though the details were never clear to Kikora, it appeared as if his grey-furred mother had perished somewhere in the volcano, and left Badi' as an orphan.

Kikora and Korzar were forced to stay in the volcano for several days, as Balana couldn't escort them back to the valley, and no one was aware of their location. Eventually they were found and dealt with accordingly, and Balana returned a while later with her four youngest children. The valley also gained a new pride member; Badiliko, the orphaned cub.

Kikora's adolescence was rapidly approaching, and with it, new feelings for her best friend. Korzar had always been her cohort in causing mischief, and now the young lioness looked at him in a different light; she struggled with her feelings and kept them secret for quite a while, but it was more than obvious to the other lionesses in the pride. She endured plenty of teasing, but none of them outed her - something Kik' was grateful for.

Eventually, Mzohari and Kasjari organized a trip to the Celestial Volcano to train the juveniles and the adolescents of the pride, and Kikora was more than excited to return. While there, she learned important tracking skills and fine-tuned her meager hunting skills within a mostly unfamiliar territory. Nearing the end of the pride's stay, Kikora got into a rather vicious argument with Dakarai, the son of Mwaliko and Kiini, and when she was able to, confided to Korzar. This wasn't the only thing she revealed to him, and as she revealed her feelings for him, she realized that her love was indeed requited; a huge relief to the young lioness.

Sadly, Dakarai made the decision to leave the pride a few nights later, and took Kunjufu'bisi, the son of Kesonam and Mzuhali, with him. The argument she had with Dak' was the last time Kikora ever saw him…

Upon returning to the Kopje Valley, King Mzohari assembled the reunited pride and made an announcement - that he had made an important decision. He had chosen his heir … and it is to be Korzar who will take over the pride after Mzohari's retirement. Kikora, both elated and nervous for her future mate, was also astonished - after all, she and her best friend had caused their fair share of trouble for the pride. Luckily, the two had also grown into what appeared to be responsible older adolescents, and Kik' pledged to Korzar that she would be by his side for the rest of her life to support him.

The second announcement was one that filled Kikora with great happiness - Kasjari, Korzar's mother and Mzohari's mate, was named Queen of the Kopje Valley pride. To Kikora, this was akin to a fairytale, a grand love story, and she has since taken to learning from Kasjari the importance and elegance of being a proper lioness.

Kasjari also assisted Kikora with her first hunt, which marked Kikora as an adult in the eyes of the pride. This accomplishment was shortly after the arrival of a new, red-furred lioness named Mthama, one who spent time in the hunting grasses with Kik' and gave her tips on taking down larger prey. This was the foundation of a close friendship, and later, a sisterhood.

Meanwhile, Badiliko and Johari, the daughter of Mwaliko and Kiini, had formed a close friendship that rapidly blossomed into love. Sadly, Mthama also found that she had feelings for Badiliko, and when the lion kindly turned down her advances, Kik' suggested that Mthama forget her sad feelings and introduce herself to Khairi, King Mzohari's nephew and Korzar's first cousin. The result was fireworks, and the two fell in love with one another, much to Kikora's excitement and happiness.

Johari was desperate to learn how to hunt, and after a botched attempt that left her injured, Kikora became a bit distant from the hunting grounds for fear of hurting herself. This was not long-lived, as Johari healed and successfully brought down her prey, and was now an adult in the pride. However, she was not to stay — she, as Badiliko's mate, left with him and several other pride members to settle in the Celestial Volcano. Not only are they neighbors and allies to the Kopje Valley, but they are also family, and Kikora hoped for their safe arrival.

Not much has happened recently, with the exception of Kikora spending as much time with Korzar as possible between her hunting and his patrols and lessons with Mzohari. She, Mthama and Lutalo have become extremely close and when Kik' isn't able to see her mate, she spends her time with her two friends. She was astonished when Mthama announced her pregnancy, and she congratulated both Mth' and Khairi on their love and wished for the safe birth of a healthy litter.

One evening, while Kikora was scouting prey with a pregnant Mthama keeping her company, Kaidi made an appearance … much to Kikora's dismay. Kaidi appeared quite skeletal and ragged, suggesting that her chosen life as a nomad was not turning out so successful. She brought with her a young lioness cub, and after Kikora's pleading questions, Kaidi revealed that the cub was Gadi's daughter, and that her name was Kadhi. According to Kaidi, Gadi made a last ditch effort to get Kaidi to accompany him to Ekundu's pride with his father and mother, and when she refused, he left her with two cubs - a son, Gaidi, who died shortly after his birth. Recognizing that she was an unfit mother, Kaidi relinquished Kadhi into the Kopje's care. Kadhi is now the adopted daughter of Mthama and Khairi, and Kikora is now a proud aunt.

Sadly, things were not always so peaceful … Jumdu, the daughter of Kiini and Vikali, turned up missing and was discovered in the savannah just outside of the valley's borders, torn apart by hyenas. This caused great grief in Kikora, and when another incident took place a few days later, she used her sadness and anger to handle the situation instead of her wits.

Mthama had ventured out of the valley in a fit of sleepwalking and found herself being attacked by a hungry and desperate mother hyena. When Kikora came to her aid, she mangled the hyena by tearing off her ear; the hyena responded by giving Kik's paw a good gnashing. Ashamed of her actions, Kikora sought out advice from Balana, who had been waiting for Badiliko and his group to make it to the volcano, and is now out to make peace with not only herself, but with the rest of the pride…as a more mature, level-headed lioness.

Moons have passed, and they have found the Valley in a transitional period. After the drought ended, many members of the pride suffered through a bout of sleeping sickness. Kikora laid low, trying to regain her health with the help of her adopted family members … and eventually succeeded. Sadly, Korzar was not able to shake the sickness completely and disappeared, leaving little to no trace of his whereabouts. Kikora spent weeks searching the borders for any sign of her mate, and has only recently given up hope of ever seeing her first love again.

She is settling back into the swing of things, spending time hunting with one of her closest friends, Mthama, and getting reacquainted to the litters that managed to survive through the lull of activity. Mthama's son, Kwasi, is one of her dearest friends and she enjoys teaching him what she knows about the Valley's heritage, all information gleaned from Balana while Kiko' was a cub.

What will become of her? Only time will tell.


Kitambo, King of the Mizinga pride; killed by nomadic lions intent on taking over the pride.

Kinamisa, Mizinga huntress; fatally wounded by a zebra in a hunting mishap.


  • Busa! Kikora was able to take down an injured impala in the Valley proper with the support of Queen Kasjari. After her successful hunt, Kasjari marked her with the blood of her kill, signifying that she is now an adult in the eyes of the pride and a true huntress.
  • After a particularly nasty fight with Dakarai, Kikora shared her troubles with Korzar and ended up confessing her feelings for her best friend — and thankfully for the young lioness, her love turned out to be requited. After the pride's return to the valley, Kasjari was named Queen of the Kopje Valley with Korzar as heir; this leaves Kikora both excited and nervous. She has great faith in Korzar's ability to lead a pride, and is prepared to listen to his problems, offer support, love and advice.
  • Many moons have passed and Kikora is now an adolescent. After a massive chiding from the pride's lionesses, she has managed to stay out of trouble. She and the rest of the pride's youth are currently located in the Celestial Volcano for training. Her greatest hope is to become one of the strongest hunters in the pride … to make her mother proud, not to mention to impress her lifelong best friend, Korzar.

  • Ever adventurous (and troublesome), Kik' and Kor' followed Balana's scent trail to the Celestial Volcano in hopes of learning how cubs are really brought into the world. Instead they arrived too late and had no fun whatsoever, managing to stay under the irate Balana's radar for the most part.
  • During several of their adventures, Kikora and Korzar managed to cross into the Pride Lands with the aid of Nabana, Korzar's uncle. While there, they witnessed a nasty argument between the nomad and the resident King, Mtukutu. It was at this point that Kikora gained a disliking for the Tsavo lion.

  • While playing with Gadi, Lailen and Msasi in the valley, a young cub around the same age as Kikora ran into the valley. After further pokings from the four curious cubs, it was revealed that the new lioness is Kaidi, Kikora's half-sister. Apparently Kaidi's mother took a route similar to Kinamisa's, though her fate — and the fate of Kaidi's brother and sister — seems to be much worse than a hunting accident.

  • Kikora is now partially aware of how cubs are made, thanks to the lion Kori — though his explanation was innocent enough, she's still very curious — especially since Kasjari refused, stating that she was still too young to know the truth.
  • Kori and Kizingo have also informed her about the horrors that are 'cooties', and she's dead set on avoiding them at all costs!
  • She's also recently befriended Lailen, Kori and Nonceba's only remaining daughter. Kikora has also introduced herself to two of Mwaliko and Kiini's children — the playful Johari and the frightened Hali.

  • Oops! After chasing a juvenile savannah monitor, Kikora soon found herself near an ancient, collapsed volcano. Taking shelter in a cave, she was found by Vikali and promptly returned to the valley unharmed.
  • …and she did get a good story out of it, one that she promises to tell her own children some day (once she figures out how to obtain them!). Balana also promised to take her, Korzar and Wingu to the volcano once Korzar's punishment ends. Her adventure has been rewarding so far!

  • After talking Onaedo into escorting her to the Kopje Valley / Pride Lands border, Kikora was introduced to Balana, her son Kizingo and the serval Royathi. She was examined by Kizingo, the pride's healer, and given a clean bill of health!
  • Kikora has grown! She's still all-cub, but she's a bit taller than before and appears to be a bit slimmer. That's just a result of her growth spurt and her rambunctious adventures in the valley. She's not going to waste a day of her youth!
  • She's met a new member of the pride, Gadi, and learned of his story from Wingu. Though the thought of 'bad lions' is enough to frighten her, it isn't enough to damper her curious and playful spirit.

  • Kikora hasn't met many of the large pride's members, but has come to like the few she has acquainted. Most recently she met with the juvenile lioness Msasi, finding her to be a little less understanding than the grown lionesses, but a potential friend nonetheless.
  • She's discovered that her two closest friends, Korzar and Wingu, also have a love for water. Kikora discovered this after racing with Wingu, and after she failed to stop, she ran right into the Kopje Lake. This fact alone makes her feel more at home.


  • She's rather dark furred, a trait that comes from her father's side of the family. Her mother was a very pale tawny, and Kikora has had several leucostic relatives on her maternal side. It's possible that she carries this recessive gene mutation.
  • As an only child, Kikora has always been both lonely for and jealous of other children. She craves the company of others, but spent much of her time with her mother when she was younger.
  • Growing up so close to a river, she was taught how to swim and enjoys cooling herself off in water. She also possesses the knowledge of catching fish and crawfish, but her execution still needs a lot of practice.
  • She can be both a leader and a follower, depending on who she shares her company with. Though she's been taught about the dangers lurking around every corner and in every shadow, she still has a youngster's sense of adventure.
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