Name Meaning 'Genuine, true'
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje Valley
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Rank Huntress


The rapid growth spurt of adolescence over, the lioness has crossed the line into the dawn of her maturity. The long-legged, slender-bodied adolescent has morphed into a well-balanced, finely-toned adult. Thanks to a supervised upbringing within a healthy pride, her figure is just as it should be — the body of a huntress.

The soft, fine fur that encases her is a milk chocolate in hue — though there are underscores of a vague, cinnamon-tainted gold. The rosettes of her childhood have faded, ghostly after-images; but they remain scattered all over her back and flanks, a deep, burnt brown. A dorsal stripe of unmarred black runs from the crown of her head, pressed squarely between her ears — and runs down the nape of her neck, slicing between her shoulder blades and slipping along the arch of her spine, before ending where her tail begins. The tuft that tips her tail, however, is that same ebon color. White is splashed along her underside, though, and encases the toes on all four of her paws. It also wraps around her muzzle and paints beneath her eyes - and, oddly enough, there are two slashes of it just over each brow.

Her eyes are gold, bright and dazzling as the sun. They are set into a face that has a delicate, feminine quality about it - her bone structure is finely set, and undeniably, she is quite a beauty. But she conducts herself quietly, with a distinct shyness, choosing to spend most of her time watching and listening rather than vying for the spotlight.


Kimada and her brothers were the result of an unplanned union between two unlikely partners. As such, they are the first cubs born within the pride whose parents are not actually mates. But their birth has come to represent a rather special thing to some of the pride — the blending of bloodlines from prominent members of Kopje history, the first borne from Balana (whose lineage was passed down via Mzuhali), the second borne from Siombe and Nalia (whose lineage was passed down via Kesonam), which ultimately produced the 'true' Kopje blood which flows in the cubs' veins. Such is Kimada's namesake.

Throughout her cubhood, Kimada and her three brothers were healthy and active. Kim' started out being rather isolated, choosing to keep to herself and watch from the sidelines — some of that due to the fact that her parents were not often around. As a juvenile and having become much more mobile, she began to come out of her shell and proved to be a curious and intelligent little lioness. However, Kim's adolescence — a usually hectic and tumultuous part of life — backpedaled her into her previous shy ways, as the hormones and outbursts of her fellow teenagers were a bit too overwhelming for her low-key personality.

Now a young adult, Kimada is still more prone to silence than to speaking. But she maintains a bright disposition, having lived a life of comfort amongst a large and affectionate family — although she does wonder what the future holds for her. Having volunteered to keep her great-grandmother, Balana, company in the Celestial Volcano while some of her Kopje peers consider settling there, the lioness has begun to wonder if her path may be leading somewhere outside the valley of her homelands ..

FAMILY (Living Only, Limited)

Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Kesonam Male Adult Lion Father Pride Guest
Mzuhali Female Adult Lioness Mother Huntress
Siombe Male Elder Lion Grandfather (Paternal) Pridal Elder
Mzohari Male Adult Lion Grandfather (Maternal) King
Nyunya Female Adult Lioness Grandmother (Maternal) Missing
Balana Female Elder Lioness Great-grandmother (Maternal) Pride Elder
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