Name Meaning Dream Mirror/Queen
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje Valley
Current Pride None
Aliases Kio, Kia, Kota, Mal, Malk
Rank Rogue
Current Status Alive


A sleek coat of rich chocolate fur covers most of this girl's lean body, highlighting into near gold as it extends down around her eyes and along her muzzle, underbelly, and the tips of her diminuative paws. Darker splotches of inky black interrupt her coat as they mark along her flanks. The end of her tail is accented by a fluff of pitch black hair. Tiny blackened talons hide within the golden frame of her paws, only shown when hunting or in rough play. Deep amber eyes are framed by large black ears. Her rose ridge marked with a tint of the same black as if ink had smeared upwards from her rounded nose.


Second born daughter of Kori and Nonceba. Kiokota seemed quiet as a newborn. She often would sit and listen to others talk, just watching like a silent echo to her more outgoing brother. However, the quiet stillness of her young life was about to be shattered forever.

While out on a walk to the borders with her mother and brother Gadi to see the lone tree and see the claw marks of her father, grandfather, and those beyond, the family was ambushed by a rogue male named Kinyago, who claimed he knew Kori as well as killed Kori's brother, Ekundu. Nonceba was overwhelmed by the rogue, and Kiokota and her brother were stolen. While making his escape, the rogue accidentally dropped the girl. Losing sight of her in the grass and not having much time, he abandoned her near the borders of the Mekauri lands.

In her tumble, the cub's head struck a nearby rock. The injury was enough to leave her with only vague shadowy dream-like memories. With the rogue having convinced her family that she's dead, the girl is now completely on her own. Without a family to protect her, she struggled on her own and was on the last of her strength when she was found by one of the Mekauri lionesses and brought into the pride for safe keeping. Without a name, or a past, the girl was taken in by the King of the Mekauri (Goddatumba) and his mate (Kithaura) and given the name Malkia, meaning 'Queen'.

In her new home, Malkia grew up with what could only be considered a happy childhood. She was best friends with a cub by the name of Mukiri, and the two had many adventures throughout the pride's lands. They made playthings of rocks and leaves and explored the dangers of elephant carcasses. It wasn't to last, though, as Mukiri moved on as an adolescent, seeking out his own destiny. Malkia's destiny, too, would be changed. She encountered a young lion at the border of the Mekauri and discovered that he was her long-lost brother, Gadi. Through him, she learned a little of her past, her family, and the pride which she'd once called home. Together, the two went to seek out the Kopje pride. They went along with the adolescents who went to the Celestial Volcano for training, but Malkia stayed in the distance, feeling still the outsider in a place she didn't quite belong.

Shortly thereafter, she discovered that her biological parents had left the Kopje. Gadi left the pride as well and Malkia tried to return to the Mekauri to find that her adoptive parents had abandoned the pride and left. With no place else to go, Malkia once more traveled across the pride lands to Kopje. Lost, and without either biological or adoptive family, her future seems uncertain.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Kori* Male Lion Father Rogue
Nonceba* Female Lioness Mother Rogue
Goddatumba* Male Lion Adoptive Father (unknown)
Kithaura* Female Lioness Adoptive Mother (unknown)
Mzohari Male Lion Grandfather King
Kenta* Female Lioness Grandmother Head Huntress
Balana Female Lioness Great-Grandmother Retired Queen and Pride Elder
Chiboa Male Lion Great-Grandfather Rogue, wherabouts unknown
Siombe Male Lion GreatX2-Grandfather Retired King and Pride Elder

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