Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Unknown
Current Pride (none)
Rank Rogue
Current Status Healthy


Broad chested, and towering is Kori, having filled out his frame to that of a large lion. Dark brown fur covers the length of his body, blending in to a rich chocolate color with hints of gold streaking along the bottom of his stomach. His mane is a rich, lush mane of pure ebony black which sprawls out over his broad shoulders, and barrel chest, giving off a look of ink. Kori's eyes are a bright, pure amber, the type that glow in the dark, giving off an almost dangerous look if narrowed just right. A few scars adorn his body, nicks here, and there along his shoulders, and side from a few scuffles while patrolling the borders of the Kopje.


  • Little is known about Kori's history. He was discovered by Nonceba as a young juvenile on the borders of the Kopje Valley, fleeing from the hyenas that he claimed killed his family. No trace of his family or the hyenas were found, and it remains unknown where he exactly came from. He was permitted entry into the pride by the current king, Mzohari.
  • Known as 'that quiet kid', Kori largely grew up in the background of pridal life, making little in the way of friends with the other cubs and keeping mostly to himself. The few times he did open up, it usually led to trouble, and often he found himself in the middle of the many spats between Nonceba, Vikali, and Tangaza.
  • In his late adolescence, the friendship between he and Nonceba deepened to a more physical level - something that enraged Mzohari when the king found out. Banished for failing to ask permission of the King, Kori travelled and stayed with the Uzima Valley Pride, where he ran into an old face - his polar-opposite brother, Ekundu, a rogue who was passing through the area.
  • Nonceba and several others of the pride eventually came to the Natamba and convinced Kori to return. Ekundu declined to come with them, content enough on his own with plans to challenge for his own pride in the future.
  • Things were eventually patched up with the royal family, and Kori has since grown and settled into his adult role as a pridal guardian with a fierce determination. Possibly no one but the King himself takes the job as seriously as Kori, and nothing will stand between him and the safety of the pride.
  • Kori left the pride with his mate and son for unknown reasons to join his brother Ekundu.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Maawio Male Lion Father unknown
Mikaa Female Lioness Mother unknown
Nonceba Female Lioness Mate Rogue


Name Sex Species Litter Mother Rank
Gadi Male Lion First Nonceba Rogue
Kiokota Female Lioness First Nonceba Pridal Youth (believed deceased / murdered)
Lailen Female Lioness First Nonceba Junior Huntress
Mtatio Male Lion First Nonceba Pridal Youth (deceased / illness)


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through
Ekundu Male Lion Brother Littermate


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through
Mzohari Male Lion Father-in-Law Kopje Valley King
Kenta Female Lioness Mother-in-Law Huntress
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