Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Current Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Rank Guard


Leaving his cubhood and his adolescence behind him, Korzar is a lion just entering the prime of his young life. In his transition to an adult, Korzar has gained both height and muscle, standing tall and large, an impressive figure against the backdrop of the savannah. However, despite his powerfully-built physique, he is not yet truly a massive lion, leaving open the possibility of further growth and development.

His fur is largely a solid light goldish-tan color, covering his body from paws to muzzle, with only a few exceptions, the largest of which is his mane. And his mane has grown large - it extends from the top of his head, down his back, neck, and chest, its expanse coming to a halt in the form of tufts directly behind his forelegs. It, along with his tail tuft, is a darker brown color. Similarly colored thin, dark brown stripes of fur zig-zag across his flanks, near his rear. Korzar gazes alertly out at the world through clear, light green eyes.

He has no noticeable permanent scars, and seems to have lived a privileged and comfortable pridal life up to this point. However, with his adulthood has come a change… Korzar now has the added responsibilities and duties as the heir to his pride's throne. Although he still maintains a relaxed and carefree attitude, there is an added determination present in his eyes as he prepares to someday soon take full responsibility for his father's pride.


Korzar was born into the Kopje Valley Pride, as the eldest cub of his litter, which also includes a brother, Wingu, and a sister, Katili. His father is Mzohari, king of the pride, and his mother is Kasjari, queen of the pride. Korzar began to fine tune his mobility and coordination well before he learned to speak. As a result, in his youth, Korzar lagged slightly behind the other cubs in speech. He spent much of his cubhood playing and goofing around, rather than talking and getting involved in a conversation.

As Korzar matured from a newborn to a juvenile cub, he developed a tight bond with his brother, and the two got into several ill-advised adventures, including an exciting trip past the border into the White Lands, where they discovered a recently orphaned cub, Kikora. Korzar quickly became close friends with Kikora, spending most of his time with her as his brother came down with sleeping sickness for a time. As he grew into an adolescent, his and Kikora's close friendship gradually became a burgeoning romance.

However, Korzar's carefree youth came to an end when his father made the surprising (at least to him) announcement that he would be named the heir to the pride, just days before he became a full-grown adult. As he prepared to someday take full responsibility of his father's pride, Korzar had an added seriousness and determination in his demeanor. Although he tried to remain relaxed and at ease, he knew that soon enough he will have to take on the responsibilities and duties of a king.

But several moons later, Korzar became quite reclusive and the pride rarely saw him. As such, his title of heir was rescinded.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Mzohari Male Lion Father King
Kasjari Female Lioness Mother Queen
Wingu Male Lion Brother Guard
Katili Female Lioness Sister Huntress
Balana Female Lioness Grandmother Pride Elder
Chiboa Male Lion Grandfather Rogue
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