Name Meaning Mixture of Lau'eto (no discernable meaning) and Mkuranga ("arid region")
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Fully Grown
Birth Pride Chamchela (Abandoned)
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Aliases Laur'
Rank Hunteress
Current Status Living


She started as merely a grain of sand in the desert of life.
This lioness has shed all signs of immaturity, gaining a rather graceful and stately demeanor. The once painfully thin and desolate cub has grown into a ferocious and deadly cat, though she seems to emanate a peaceful and rather calm aura. She is covered in a thick, well-groomed pelt of roseate, a dusty red color reminiscent of a blazing sunset in the hottest of deserts. Running along the length of her maw, throat, chest and stomach is a pallid peach, meeting seamlessly with the sandy reds and browns of her top side.
Her eyes are a sparkling and captivating gold, a far cry from their once lackluster and washout state. They gleam with life and desire, carrying both hope for the future and the sorrow of her past; her gaze has an almost tangible weight to it.
The slight frame of her adolescence has been shed for a more voluptuous figure—great musculature courses just below her ruddy fur, her gait is measured and her prowess is impeccable. She carries the strength of a beautiful cat, harboring both the ability to nurture and the tact to kill for both nourishment and defense.
She is no longer the scrap of a cub she once was…
…she is a powerful feline, everything her mother never could be.


Sullen and troubled, this young lioness has suffered through many trails - the madness of her mother and the indifference of her father; discarded in an unknown territory; the great fire in the Golden Lands; her brother's death; unrequited love and, just recently, the loss of her father.

Her early childhood is filled with memories of parched grass and dry, broken earth. The barren mile - the Radi Tambalale - is where she acquired her many skills as both a lioness and a hunter, stalking her brother intently beneath the merciless sun. Mkuranga, her mother, would make scarce appearances - offering her cubs a scrap of her kill, washing them with her rough tongue, or to scold them with harsh words.
After her abandonment, Lauranga looked up to Balana - a lioness who soared where Mkuranga failed. She captivated little Laur' with great stories and warm, soft baths and comforting words. She spent many hours playing with her best friend, Mdhamana, though most of her childish innocence had long since fled her.

She endured the great flames that licked at the grasses of the Golden Lands and made trees into torches, suffering the loss of several acquaintances and what she considered her home. She became withdrawn, merely surviving as the pride made the trek into the strange and vast Utatu. Eventually, they settled in Uzima Valley - the King's old territory - and she existed quietly, growing from cub to adult.

However, her love for Mdhamana had been washed away as the lion spent more of his time wandering, or napping, than with his childhood companion. Growing listless, Lauranga sought out her mother in an act of desperation. What she found, when she arrived on the periphery of the Chamchela, was nothing. Her mother had either fled, or died. What she did uncover, however, was her father Lau'eto's skeletal remains within the strange crater that lay on the outskirts of her birthlands. Distraught, the girl remained there, unnerved. She had never found her place within Tahzhoo's pride, and it seemed as though she would never find her place in the Chamchela, either.

The lioness endured months of isolation before a familiar face - and two new ones - crested the Lightning Ridge of her home. Her mother had returned, with her younger sisters Ungua and Palia. It seemed as though Mkuranga had changed - she seemed devoid of the fiery impaitence and anger she once held dearly. Lauranga resigned herself to create a relationship with her kin, finally loving her mother - and having her mother love her in return.

It has been quite a while since Lauranga reunited with her mother; Palia and Ungua, who were raised with love instead of the hatred that Laur' absorbed from her mother, have since left the barren lands of the Chamchela and are, perhaps, newly crowned Queens or hunting sisters in a pride. The first surviving daughter of Mkuranga, however, has remained in the desolation with her mother.

Just recently, Lauranga has given birth to two daughters - their father, a passing rogue, is nowhere to be found. Lauranga barely remembers his pale, stormy face … until she looks into the eyes of her cubs. His name is but a whisper in the wind to her, spoken rarely to her children. Her daughters are Zakia and Zymacia - the names of two highly exalted lionesses from the past, lionesses from the stories her mother has now begun to tell her about her own heritage.

While searching for her rambunctious daughters, Lauranga came across King Mzohari at the Kopje border. After speaking for quite a while, it was discovered that they "shared" a mother - Balana - and the lioness was invited to join the pride. Memories of Tahzhoo's neglect have never left her, but here she feels at home, something she has never felt before.

After spending several moons with the pride, Lauranga and her daughters disappeared.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Lau'eto Male Lion Father Nomad Deceased
Mkuranga Female Lioness Mother Nomad Living


Name Sex Species Litter Father Rank
Zymacia Female Lioness Cub First Litter Nderemo (Nomad) Youth
Zakia Female Lioness Cub First Litter Nderemo (Nomad) Youth


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through Status
Mkueto Male Lion Brother Litter-Mate Deceased
Palia Female Lioness Sister Separate Litter Living - Nomadic
Ungua Female Lioness Sister Separate Litter Living - Nomadic


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through
Washamwezi Female Lioness Cub Niece Palia's Daughter
Kaalamoto Male Lion Cub Nephew Palia's Son
Ulimiwamoto Female Lioness Cub Niece Ungua's Daughter


Lauranga's first love was Mdhamana. Her increased loneliness brought her to a nomad, Nderemo, with whom she had her daughters. She has no interest in seeking him out or forging a relationship with him in any way.

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