Name Meaning Unknown
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Elder
Birth Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Final Pride Utatu
Aliases Hatu
Rank Former King of the Kopje Valley
Current Status Deceased


Before you is an aging but yet sprightly lion, around 9 years old. His full fluffy mane is just a little darker than his brownish gold fur, while his belly, paws' tips and muzzle are of much lighter colour. His eyes are dark amber. Mohatu is lighter 'built' than most other lions which makes him quick and agile, though strong enough for his enemies to prefer not to mess with him.


Mohatu was the firstborn son of Kwasi and Nalia, the founding king and queen of the Kopje Valley pride. He was still a youth when his father Kwasi was killed, so his adoptive brother Siombe stepped up in his place. When Mohatu was of age, Siombe moved to the Celestial Volcano and Mohatu stepped up as king, taking Kadjana as his mate and queen. They had a son and a daughter, Elsa and Nirbandi. After Kadjana's death, Mohatu took Kurana as his second mate and queen. With the pride in decline, the pair moved to Utatu to live with Mohatu's stepson Mtunga, had a son named Mashaka and adopted a lion and lioness cub, Jumoja and K'aaria. Kurana disappeared some time after this, her ultimate fate unknown. Mohatu eventually made Jumoja his heir and offered him the Kopje Valley, but Jumoja and K'aaria were killed in a hunting accident before reaching adulthood. Mohatu presumably died of natural causes or sickness at some point prior to the establishing of the current pride.

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