Name Meaning "Hunter"
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adolescent
Birth Pride (none)
Current Pride Kopje Valley
Aliases Sas
Rank Pridal Youth
Current Status Becoming solitary.


Msasi is now well out of cubhood, and on her way to adulthood. She never quite got to that stage of awkward, spindly legs and lanky appearances, probably a result of her short stature. Instead, the lioness retains her stocky, well built appearance. Her ears remain the same active little characters they have always been, constantly moving to reflect Sas' mood. Her colouring hasn't changed too much either, darkening only a little, but still retaining the overall blonde look. The juvenile's face has grown a little void as she has matured, not quite showing her emotions for everyone to easily anticipate anymore. Instead, she seems to hold a fixed blank mask, still smiling when she needs to, but now able to keep most emotions inside.
Msasi's underside has lightened a little, creating more of a contrast between her back and stomach fur, and it continues all the way down to the end of her tail which still swaggers about furiously when the juvenile is active, or angry.
Overall Msasi is growing at a nice rate, filling out faster than other lionesses, but not quite gaining the height of her peers.


Born to a recently turned rogue mother, Msasi lived a happy enough life, just the two of them. That is until about one month into the cub's life, when they came across a rogue male. The male attempted to kill Msasi, wanting to mate with her mother. But her mother fought the lion, who was much larger and obviously going to win, just to give Sas the time to run and hide. The cub left without looking back. The next day, Msasi came across the body of a dead lioness. Her mother. From there, she proceeded to flee in any direction, until she came upon the border of Kopje Valley. There she met Vikali, and her life was turned around. Although Msasi's mannerism do reflect that of a normal cub, her character has matured well past her age, due to the dangerous early life. She is fiercely affectionate to those she knows, and very wary of those she does not.

Sometime during her adolescence, Msasi left the pride. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


~Name ~Sex ~Age/Species ~Relation ~Rank
Vikali Female Adult Lioness Mother (Adoptive) Huntress


Msasi prefers interacting with adults, rather than her own peers.
She has an irrational fear of all rogue lions.

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