Name Meaning 'Invitation, Challenge'
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride (unknown)
Current Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Rank Huntress


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Father
Dakarai Male Adult Lion Son Kiini
Hali Female Adolescent Lioness Daughter Kiini
Johari Female Adult Lioness Daughter Kiini
Lutalo Female Adult Lioness Daughter Kiini


Normal is nothing that this lioness is, she is large and powerful looking, though nothing about her is by accident. Mwaliko is from a pride in which this was a normal sight, for ones her size had a purpose; they are warriors, fighters, guards - whatever you might want to call them. While she is on the large size she also has a compact frame, legs are long to a degree yet also stocky and end in oversized paws.

Her coloring isn't all that strange, rich golden yellow flows across her form, a dark stripe of umber brown runs down the center of her back, and rests upon the back of her ears. This color is also seen upon the thick tuft of fur upon her tail. A pale sandy color is upon her underside along with tipping her paws, across her maw and also circling her eyes. While her coloring might be normal her fur is rather long and shaggy like, and if not taken care of it tends to get rather messy. Eyes are bright amber with green flecks, nose ash brown.

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