Name Meaning "Golden"
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kopje
Current Pride Kopje
Aliases Ona
Rank Guardian
Current Status Healthy


The form before you is that of a young yet impressive looking lion. Son to Mzohari and Kenta, Onaedo has finally made it into adulthood.

For a young lion he is rather large, as big as his father and perhaps even an inch taller at the shoulder. Coloring is a rich golden red that flows across most of his form; a single dark brown line runs from between his shoulder along his spine to the base of his tail. Upon his underside can be found a pale color close to cream that is also seen upon the tips of his paws and circling his eyes, ebony tips his ears that are basically hidden within his mane. The color of his mane is rich ebony with gold and red tints across it giving him a interesting and nearly regal look. His mane is thick and fluffy, flowing from the top of his head to across his shoulders and then across his neck and throat down over his chest to nearly his belly. Tufts of the thick dark colored fur also rest upon his elbows and at the end of his lengthy tail.

Bright eyes of emerald green are also seen upon this young feline, the faintest hinting of gold found among the green to give him an exotic flare. Above his eyes can be found a pair of jagged white lines which tend to be hidden at times thanks to some of his mane falling across his face at just the right angle. Under his medium length fur rests thick muscle, which is seen whenever he may move proving he is a powerful lion. Long legs end in large nearly oversized paws, the tips of his ebony claws just slightly seen. Claw mark like scars rest across his right shoulder and left hip, there slightly weathered looking proving he's had them for some time.


Onaedo has had a rather quiet life so far. He grew up playing and pestering older siblings and relatives as his own siblings seem to always be asleep. This left the boy being rather quiet and watchful of everyone that is around him. While he does have a wild streak in him it's hardly ever seen.

The older he got the more wandering he would do of the lands, learning every part of them and remembering where certain things are so that he could always find it later. His made friends with several other youths in the pride, though he tended to hang out with the adults more after spending more time with them then anyone his own age.

Now that he's reached adulthood he has taken up more responsibilities in the pride. In his father's absence, he has assisted his cousin Khairi in carrying out the duties associated with ruling a pride and is poised to step up as a co-king alongside his cousin.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Mzohari Male Lion Father Lion King
Kenta Female Lioness Mother Head Huntress
Balana Female Lioness Paternal Grandmother Elder
Nonceba Female Lioness Sister Rogue
Ntarah Female Juvenile Lioness Sister Pride Youth
Zaida Female Juvenile Lioness Sister Pride Youth
Balana Female Elder Lioness Grandmother Father


Name Sex Species Relation Related Through
Kiini Male Adult Lion Half-Brother Father
Mzuhali Female Adult Lioness Half-Sister Father
Solarin Male Adult Lion Half-Brother Father
Korzar Male Adult Lion Half-Brother Father
Wingu Male Adult Lion Half-Brother Father
Katili Female Adult Lioness Half-Sister Father
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