Play Time


Katili - juvenile lioness, daughter of King Mzohari and Kasjari.
Kikora - juvenile lioness, pride youth.
Korzar - juvenile lion, son of King Mzohari and Kasjari.
Kunjufu'bisi - lion cub, son of Kesonam and Mzuhali.
Mashaka - lion, brother of Balana.

Kopje Valley - Bottom of the Waterfall Cliff
You come to the bottom of a large cliff. Just above you is a massive promontory jutting out of the side, it sends a shadow across the waterfall. A large torrent of water comes down, creating a large 'lake' at the bottom of the cliff. Many sweet grasses grow on the edge perfect for grazing animals. As you look up the cliff face, you see a small path leading to the promontory and then stretches further along the cliff.

To the [K]opje [V]alley [Climb] up to the Promontory
[E]dge of the [S]avannah

A sparkling and cool lake
You can see the 'end of' a runoff stream.

The younger male's response is typical—a considerable amount of spitting even after he's gotten out the last bits of it, sticking his tongue out and pawing at it a little. Ick! Soon enough, though, he turns his attention back to Korzar, still a grimace on his features. If he has learned to talk, he doesn't vocalize anything at the moment. Rather, he plops himself down to his haunches, getting distracted from his unpleasant experience by taking notice of the stripes on Korzar's haunch. He leans slightly forward and sticks his neck out, head tilting as he peers at the juvenile.

Korzar tilts his head, as no response is forthcoming. But, hey, it's not unexpected. After all, it took Korzar a long time to learn to talk, much later than both his siblings, and even a bit later than Gadi, who was born a month later. Korzar would much rather be playing or off on an 'adventure', then sitting around and talking. But, recently, he's learned something great… talking was a great way to get others to join in. But it looks like Kor will have to go back to the old methods to get Kunjufu to play along. So, he lowers himself into a playful crouch, letting out a little growl as well. He bats gently at the other cubs ear as he leans forward, trying to get the littler cub to join in. C'mon, play!

As the two male cubs talked…well not exactly talked, but interacted at least Katili decided to make an appearnce, tail swaying slowly behind her she walked with her head lowered, her shoulders shifting in that graceful rolling feline gait. She was still just a cub and should have been bouncing and tumbling about instead of walking so primly, but she had been watching some of the adult lionesses and had begun "practicing" so to speak for when she was big. As the two males came into view she paused and watched her brother trying to coax the younger of the two boy cubs into a wrestling match.

Silent though he may be, Kunjufu is certainly playful. He spends another moment peering at Korzar's haunches, until the juvenile bounces over towards him. Oh! He catches on pretty quickly and reciprocates the gesture, crouching down ans giving his tail a lash. He reaches a paw out and swats back at Korzar, suddenly making a somewhat sprawling pounce at Korzar, limbs splayed.

Kikora has been sleeping on and off for a few days, feeling a little under the weather — but now it appears as though she's feeling better. She lifts her head from her paws and blinks her eyes, looking a little groggy … but awake! She starts to focus in on whatever it is that little Kunjufu is doing.

Korzar would usually notice other cubs approaching… but, you see, he was just pounced at. Yep, Korzar is bigger than Kunjufu, but he's still a *young* juvenile, so it's not so large a difference. So, when the other cub launches himself at Korzar, the two go down in a rolling ball of fur. Still, Korzar was the most dexterous cub of his litter and he's had A LOT of practice playing. So, as the two come to a stop, Korzar ends up on top. He giggles as he takes a paw off of Kunjufu's chest to bat at one of his ears.

Mashaka stirs a bit, then lifts his large head, glancing around. Spotting the playing cubs, he smiles and lays there for now, just watching.

Kunjufu'bisi is lively, but he does have a few things to learn about playing. One of those is how to pounce properly, as in not an all-out sprawl that leaves you with no real ability to get your feet under you. Oops! He rolls around and tries to keep from ending up under Korzar… but skill is with the older cub. The best he can really do is to try and shove up at the older boy and try to protect his poor ears.

Kikora stays where she is for now, trying her best to gauge the situation. She hasn't been feeling very well — what with the shock of meeting her half-sister, and then meeting the large nomad and his one-eyed son … something she still hasn't told Korzar about. It isn't much like her to hang back and observe, but give her some time and she'll come around!

Katili tilts her head with a curious expression firmly in place on her muzzle, she notices the grown up awake now but says nothing. She simply observes, however she doesn't seem to notice the another cub has also woken up not far away.

Korzar grins, and continues to bat at the smaller cub for a few moments, but he's never been one to perch on top of another… especially when they're kicking at his tummy! With a quick roll, he gets off of Kunjufu'bisi. Panting, he takes a quick glance around while he lets Kunjufu get back up on his paws. He blinks, suprised, as he realizes there's a lot more lions awake now then there were when he and Kunjufu started playing. "Hey Kiko! Katili!" he calls out, missing the fact that Mashaka is awake too. He's more concerned with the fact that more cubs are up…

Mashaka glances about, then spots Kikora awake. He moves up and starts padding over toward her, letting out a friendly growl in greeting as he goes to visit the young one.

Kunjufu'bisi promptly gets up to his paws once Korzar's moved off of him. Phew! He doesn't quite get a chance to go after Korzar again before he notices Katili and Kikora, peering around the older male at the two. He pads up alongside Korzar and takes note of Mashaka moving into the area, at which point he promptly lifts a forepaw and puts it on top of his head, between his ears.

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