Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Elder
Birth Pride (unknown)
Current Pride Kopje
Rank Pridal Elder

As you gaze upon the massive lion in front of you, you look upon the aging features of what was once a prime leonine specimen. He is a fully grown lion, well over 500lbs and a true credit to his family bloodline. His biological father Msmangu has given him a beautifully crafted mane of a brownish gold color. It has incredible size and stature indicating his position as a king. His face is characterized by two strong amber orbs that examine his suroundings carefully and consistantly. His regal presence and handsome kingly face gives away his poise and confidence in himself. He has not stopped his training which has added coordination to his power and size. He is a very competent king and cares deeply for those he befriends. He looks at you and gives you a warm smile indicating his willingness to make friends.
Taking another look you pause, getting a better view. He seems to have something hanging over him, some pain that has arisen that has begun to affect even his indomitable spirit. You almost feel a bit sad, being able to tell just by looking at him that he has suffered more than the average animal. RIGHT NOW: Siombe looks like he's been through a lot, but it's slowly fading back into the tapestry of scars and traumas that make up the course of his life. His paws, healed with lots of tender loving care, have resumed their duty of ferrying the lion about on his tasks. The pads look much more uniform again, and it's hard to tell the damage that was done. He still has an occasional bout of soreness, but is otherwise on his way to becoming as good as he can, considering his age.

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