Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Natamba Pride
Current Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Rank Huntress


An adult lioness is before you, her deep indigo eyes stare at you with an intense curiosity that could only come from a curious feline such as herself. Having reached adulthood and still standing tall, Sirima is a healthy weight and size for her age, she looks to be well fed, well groomed, and as always, mischievous as ever. Her shining coat has completely taken on the mixture of colors given to her by her parents. From ear to fluffy tail-tip she is a chocolate-brown, the spitting image of her mother. The coat gradually dips into a lighter brown, then tawny as it reaches her legs and underbelly. Her oversized paws (a gift from her father), are even whiter still.


Sirima is a wandering spirit, never completely content with being in one place for too long. She does, however always seem to find herself back at the borders of Kopje and in the paws of those she considers family. She is kind aunt and sister to all who need her, always willing to jump in and help if called upon. Above all she is fearcely defensive of her family, both old and new.


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Tahzhoo Male Elder Lion Father Pridal Elder of Natamba
Kyoko Female Adult Lioness Mother Huntress
Sumi Male Adult Lion Brother King of Natamba
Nyoto Male Adult Lion Brother Rogue


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Father
Ayumi Female Adult Lioness Daughter Kizingo


Sirima's mother Kyoko is one of the last (known) surviving members of the Kumalo Pride, a Pride who started a war before Sirima was born with the Tri-Prides.

Sirima's brothers Sumi and Ghedi are rules of the Natamba, the pride she left when she was a cub. Her sister-in-laws are Tamba and Mwale, the daughters of Mtukutu and Hamaki, king and queen of the Tsavo.

She, her mother, and brothers Sumi and Nyoto were part of the original members of the group that left Uzima in order to help establish Kopje.

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