The Cool Spot


Kikora - juvenile lioness, pride youth.
Korzar - juvenile lion, King Mzohari and Kasjari's son.

Kopje Valley - Bottom of the Waterfall Cliff
You come to the bottom of a large cliff. Just above you is a massive promontory jutting out of the side, it sends a shadow across the waterfall. A large torrent of water comes down, creating a large 'lake' at the bottom of the cliff. Many sweet grasses grow on the edge perfect for grazing animals. As you look up the cliff face, you see a small path leading to the promontory and then stretches further along the cliff.

To the [K]opje [V]alley [Climb] up to the Promontory
[E]dge of the [S]avannah

A sparkling and cool lake
You can see the 'end of' a runoff stream.

Kikora is crouched down behind Kasjari, and not even a giggle seems to escape the mighty little huntress. She slooooowly lifts her head, her ears visible just above the lioness's rising-and-falling sides … followed by her eyes … and then her nose. Then — and quite suddenly — she rears up and sprawls across poor Kas, shouting: "KOR!" That'll wake him up! Her tail swishes and she grins playfully, pleased with her obnoxious wake-up call.

Yikes! What the… Korzar starts awake, his eyes popping open as he winces at the sudden, nearby loud noise. He quickly scrambles to his paws, looking wildly around with still-bleary eyes. He soon finds the source of that noise, and his shoulders slump in relaxation. "What you doin', Kiko?" he asks, in a somewhat annoyed tone. *That* was not a fun way to wake up from a good sleep.

Kikora cocks her head a bit, not letting her friend's grumpy tone bring down her soaring spirit. "Tryin' to wake yoooou up! Duh." She sticks her tongue out playfully, but is quick to lower her voice, hoping that her super evil plan isn't revealed to the others — though they may -appear- to be sleeping, she knows that adults are just as sneaky as cubs, sometimes. "There's somethin' cool I gotta show you!" … and, technically, they can't get into trouble — it's still in the valley proper, so there's no harm, right?

Korzar remains grumpy for the time being. "You loud like old-fart Kes," he grumbles. Okay, Kes really wasn't all that bad, but he had to get his annoyance across to Kikora somehow, and that seems like a pretty good way to do it. However, he eyes his friend, his grouchy mood lifting slightly as she continues. "Ok," he says bregrudgingly, curious despite himself. "Where?" Is that a bit of excitement creeping into his voice?

Kikora grins, her shiny white teeth almost like a shield against Korzar's grouchiness. "I'll show ya!" She hops off of Kasjari nimbly, heading in the direction of the waterfall cliff. Finding a ledge low enough for her to scramble up on, she waits for her friend — but not for long. "Huuuurry!" She says urgently, climbing up to the ledge, tail swaying behind her.


Korzar follows after Kikora, scrambling up the little path that leads up to the promontory. Where the heck are they going? "Betta be fun," he says, taking a swat at Kikora's tail as he follows it. He *really* is having a hard time getting out of this mood… but if wherever it is that Kiko is taking him to is as fun as she claims, than that would be as good a way as any to get him feeling good again.

"Don't worry," Kikora says in a teasing voice, casting one mischievous look over her shoulder to the boy, "it will be!" She lopes a few stead ahead of Korzar, giggling some, her shoulders and hips rolling in a silent rhythm as she goes. "See them caves? It's in -theeere-."


Siombe and Sabulu's Playground
You emerge from the bush to discover a cub's paradise. A cool limpid pond [pool] greets you view. [Trees] with low hanging branches provide perfect shade and hammocks for relaxing. The grass is so light and delicate that it almost tickles your paws as you walk on it. Where is this place you ask…Welcome to Siombe and Sabulu's playground.

[Na]lia's Cavern

A small pool of water…
An old feather
Sabulu's grave marked by a stone

So, Kikora has taken them on a seemingly dubious route to get to her 'cool place'. When they had first entered the caves, Korzar had been a little disappointed. He'd barely been in the caves since he was old enough to leave them. What could possibly be so fun in a dark, wet, smelly cave? However, Korzar had followed without complaint, at least giving the girl-cub a chance to prove him wrong. And when they had pushed through the tiny opening in the previous cave, Korzar had thought that was pretty cool… kind of like a secret passageway. And when they finally emerge into this 'cub's paradise', Korzar blinks in surprise. "Whoa…" he says in awe, taking in everything around him. "How ya find this?" he asks excitedly. Yup… his bad mood is gone.

Kikora giggles with excitement, rearing up on her hindpaws briefly to bat softly at Korzar's ears and the unruly tuft of pre-mane on the boy's head. "What do you think I do when you and 'Goo are always asleepin'?" She asks in a friendly voice, planting her forepaws back down in the soft, almost-tickling grass. "It's so -cool- here, look at the trees! An' the pool!" She hops toward it, peering down at her reflection. "I wonder if the volcano is anythin' like this!"

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