The Playful Pride


Balana - lioness, Kopje Valley's Queen Mother.
Johari - lioness cub, daughter of Kiini and Mwaliko.
Kiini - lion, son of King Mzohari and Nyunya.
Kizingo - lion, son of Balana and Chiboa.
Mashaka - lion, brother of Balana.
Mwaliko - lioness, huntress of the Kopje Valley.
Nonceba - lioness, daughter of King Mzohari and Kenta.

Kopje Valley - Bottom of the Waterfall Cliff
You come to the bottom of a large cliff. Just above you is a massive promontory jutting out of the side, it sends a shadow across the waterfall. A large torrent of water comes down, creating a large 'lake' at the bottom of the cliff. Many sweet grasses grow on the edge perfect for grazing animals. As you look up the cliff face, you see a small path leading to the promontory and then stretches further along the cliff.

To the [K]opje [V]alley [Climb] up to the Promontory
[E]dge of the [S]avannah

A sparkling and cool lake
You can see the 'end of' a runoff stream.

Kiini awakens to the tug of an ear. He's getting rather used to it by now. As he blinks his eyes open, the sight before him is rather humorous. Its the determined stare of one of his daughters. The lion yawns, and stretches out his paws, careful to have one paw slide on either side of the cub. "Yes dear, what is it?" He asks, before getting the typical "Daddy lets play!" answer from her. Chuckling, he can't help but ask "Is it that time already?"

Loungng a little ways way, Balana is keeping an eye out on some of the cubs. Paw is idly petting over a sleeping Kunjufu'bisi as the elder looks thoughtful. She glances over towards Kiini and Johari as the young cub starts bouncing about.

Mwaliko is making her way to the waterfall after slipping off for a bit of a break and a walk to wake her up more. her gaze turns to her daughter and Kiini as she pauses while watching the pair quietly from her spot.

Falling back onto bad habits.. or are they just his niche? Hard to say. Kizingo ventures to exit out of that hermit-like status and meanders her way to the pool at the base of the falls where so many usually congegate. As it seems, there is a bit of activity here, to which he dips his head to himself and continues on his way, his large, blonde form standing out easily enough, though he doesn't make any direct effort to draw attention to himself.. just present.

Kiini's daughter eyes him up for a moment as he appears to be a bit slow in starting the whole play thing. "Okay, okay, I'm up." Kiini answers after a second yawn. He gets up to his paws and noses Johari, "Alright Jo, what did you have in mind to play?" He casts a sleepy grin at Balana, and then looks to Kizingo next. "Hey Kizingo, what.." "Antelope!

Balana's gaze wanders over her grandson and great-granddaughter, then back to her son… Eventually the lioness gets to her paws and starts wandering over towards the lake. Enough pondering cubs, it's time for a drink!

Mwaliko settles down to her haunches as she watches Kiini and Johari play, a lsight smile offered at the sight. She takes in a slight breath and turns her gaze towards the movement of Balana and offers a nod to the other lioness. "Hello Balana." Her ears perk and she smiles to Johari while looking back to her daughter. "Hello deary."

Wait, what? Kizingo pauses in his stride as the youth inquires to him about the ability to personify an herbavor. The healer lion gives Kinii and his daughter a look of utter bewilderment while blinking both eyes slowly, "Pardon?" he slurs, voice even more distorted than usual as he tries to make sense of what was asked, though the cub seems to have gotten distracted by the presence of her mother already, bringing him to look at Kiini for answers.

Kiini's glance goes to Mwaliko after Johari spots her. "Hey Mwaliko, how are you? Care to join in?" Kiini asks. Leave it to Johari to once again cut right on in. "Yeah! Uncle Kiz' and mom are gonna play too!" Johari is thrilled to make such an assumption without a second thought. Kiini watches his Grandma slip off towards the water, and is half tempted to drag her into it as well before he feels the brunt of Johari's forehead run into his leg. "Play!" Jo exclaims to her dad. "Okay, okay, but you gotta teach Uncle Kiz how to play.." Not to mention himself, and anyone else looking to join in. Johari's too excited to let this stop her, and starts bouncing all over the place as good as her little legs will let her. "You gotta look like an antelope, like this!" She exclaims, "And then I get to hunt you and catch you!" There, the rules are explained!

"Hi Mwaliko," the elder greets, crouching down at the water a moment later and starting to lap at the lake's surface. An ear turns towards the sound of Johari trying to start play, but for the time being she stays at the lakeside.

"Of course I'll play dear." Mwaliko offers to Johari while she shifts up to her paws and moves closer to her daughter. Ears perking forward curiously and she she chuckles at the game. "Oh.. I see, who taught you that game?"

Kizingo feels a bit… awkward… he's never really been good at playing, given that he struggled with it so much in his youth and spent most of that time learning how to speak and exploring by himself.. then, with his own cub, he hardly got a chance to spend time with her till she grew up and had her own cubs. Weight shifts a bit, eyes shifting over towards his mother than back at the energetic cub, chuckling lightly, "Erm…" he murmurs, looking then towards Kiini with a helpless expression.

It would seem that Johari is bound and determined to play tonight. "Yeah!" She cries out as mom starts her way. Kiini winks to Kizingo, and then remarks "I think Uncle Kiz will sit this one out. But lets see if we can do this game." Kiini quickly adds, to avoid any 'daughter disappointment'. At the remark, he wiggles his toes and starts to bounce up and down on them. "Come on, Mwal, we're gazelles now!" Kiini calls to the lioness.

Uh-oh. Kiini may be willing to let Kizingo off the hook… but he's not so lucky with others of the pride. Balana glances up in time to meet Kizingo's gaze impassively, but the moment he looks at Johari again, she makes her move. Quick to her paws, the elder moves to close the distance and hopefully pounce upon her son.

Mwaliko chuckles at Johari and smile sbefore looking to Kizingo and grins. "Its alright Kizingo." She says with an amused tone. Her tail sways about a few times while she looks back to Kiini and smirks some. She wanted to talk to him but that could wait. "Yes I suppose we are."

Kizingo is releived, and yet feels kinda bad since he doesn't want to disappoint either. Still, he cannot fathom how to play the game that's getting started, so he figures it's for the best, ultimately. Perhaps he can learn a thing or two by watching, so, after diping his head kindly to Kiini, he starts to shift to settle and observe… only to get clobbered by his mother leaping upon him. "Oof!" he grunts, floped onto his side by the elder lioness before he's able to gather what just happened.

Oh boy, leave it to great grandma to stir things up! Johari's full of things now. As soon as Kizingo is pounced at, Johari makes her move towards her pouncing dad. "Mrowl!" She exclaims in tiny attempt to do some sort of growl, or something of the like. Kiini starts to prance around, calling out "Look at me I'm a.. Ahh!" Kiini shouts as the cub goes for his hind leg. "Help, help, I'm being hunted!" Kiini half bounces, half prances towards where Mwaliko is, daughter hot on his heels. The moment he feels that little cub paw catch his hind paw, he makes a rather dramatic trip up and crash to the ground.

What else would Kizingo expect except to be pounced on by his mother? The elder simply grins down at her son, and leans down to give his ear a nip. "I'll teach you not to play! Go play, you goofy lion!" Balana winks before she steps off of Kizingo and trots off a few steps. No antelopes in that one, she's a lioness!

Mashaka lifts his head as he awakens, giving a large yawn. All this commotion has interupted his nap. He sits up, looking around to see what sort of chaos is going on today.

Kizingo rattles his head and grunts softly, clacking his teeth in playful retort at his mother as she gets off of him, leaving him flat on his side, tail whumping against the earth, "Well… I suppose…" he drawls as he pushes himself up.. all at once, though, he dashes after his mother, eyes wide and tail arced as one would while hunting!

Kiini is down and.. Dead? Well, as far as Johari is concerned its all over! The little cub scrambles up on dad's back end, using her little claws before she manages to proclaim "I got the antelope!" on top of Kiini's back.

Lalalala—OH CRAP! Balana doesn't take long to realize that she's being chased by Kizingo. Of course, who knows just how much time she has before he reaches her… but either way, she spots Mashaka waking up and attempts to take refuge behind him from her son.

Mashaka blinks as Balana zips around. "Hey Balana, what..?" then blinks as Kizi is hot on her tail. "Hey, watch out!" Oh dear, used as a shield again.

Someone in the way? No problem! It's Mashaka? Even better! A nice little roar is snarled as he leaps right at mother's hiding place to clobber the both of them! Ha ha!

A rare sight can be seen slowly coming down from the caverns above. Thinner, fur somewhat dusty and unkept, the largely unseen Nonceba is finally spotted near a larger gathering. Normally seen on the fringes, quiet and mostly unspeaking, even her own cubs don't spend much time with the sullen lioness. But, there she is, brown eyes fixated in the distance as her paws carry her automatically down the slope towards the ground below.

Kiini laughs as hard as he dares without having his daughter knocked off of him. "That's great dear, good job!" Kiini exclaims, giving his daughter a lick before she bounds off of him. Kiini gets up now and shakes himself off. "Who are you gonna catch next, Jo?" Johari seems to think hard for a moment as the other three all pounce at each other. "Uncle Kiz!" The cub exclaims, and then promptly heads for the others. Kiini is about to as well, when he spots Nonceba coming down the trail. One more glance is taken to his daughter before he decides to head towards his sister. As he nears her, Nonceba, the lioness gets a nuzzle from Kiini.

Ack! Well, that's certainly not going to stop Kizingo… but thankfully Mashaka's in the way to hopefully take most of the large lion's pouncing. Balana does her best to flatten herself to the ground behind her brother, giggling. She probably still gets at least partially clobbered, but it's better than fully!

Mashaka acks as he gets bowled over by Kizi! He wasn't exactly prepared to be pounced, and flops over onto the flattened Balana, paws batting at Kizi. "You're a menace!" he yells up to Kizi with a grin.

"A menace, huh? I can live with that." Kizingo quips, eyes narrowed as his forepaws hold Mashaka down partially over his mother, tail arced high and flicking about wildly for a bit. Attention is drawn towards the youth that calls out to him, chuckling a bit more, "Look what I caught.. two antelope!" it's nice to be silly again.

Nonceba spies the approach of her brother, eyes slowly settling onto him but only actually focusing once he nuzzles her. "Oh, uh, heya Kiini." She murmurs quietly as she steps forward and leans her shoulder into him. "So, um… how's it going?" She asks of her older half-sibling, eyes finally seeming to realize there's other lions here, and though her smile is weak it's still there.

Johari giggles now and makes her way over to the pile. "Oh, let me catch'em too!" She exclaims, "They look like fun to catch!" Jo goes for Mashaka's tail first, since he's pretty much tackled otherwise. Meanwhile, Kiini noses his sister some, "I need to get out to the borders pretty soon, its my turn. You should join me." He suggests, before looking back off his shoulder and asking "Hey Grandma, can you keep an eye on Johari?"

Oof! Balana wriggles about, partially squashed as Mashaka rolls over and Kizi pins him down. "I'm no antelope, I'm a poor old lioness who has been pounced upon by her son, and squashed by her brother!" Balana squirms a little more, but then glances over at Kiini. "Not a problem! Kizi there is learning her game quite well."

Mashaka eeps as his tail is pounced! It tries to wiggle free! No, trapped by a cub, the horror! He reaches up with paws though and tries to tickle Kizi silly, glancing down at Balana for a moment. "Well, at least you're comferable." he grins.

Nonceba gives her brother a faint nod, "Sure, I can come with you. I suppose I could use a stretch." Says the scar-backed lioness as she looks to her dusty fur, which looks like it could use some fresh air and sunshine too. "Were you leaving now?" She asks of Kiini with a faint squint, tail twitching absently behind her.

Kizingo bounds back off of Mashaka's side when his paws reach up to go after him, chuckling softly and then settling back onto his hauynches to let the cub take over the task of subduing the 'antelope'… such play is not in his usual nature, so he's already a bit winded.

Kiini noses his sister, and then heads off towards the border, leaving Johari to play with her relatives.

Johari seems to be quite content just to chew on the older lion's tail for a couple of seconds. Especially since Kiz has already gotten the other ones down.

Okay, so she's still being squished… but it doesn't take long before Balana notices that Kizingo's gotten up. Breathe! Phew. Once he's up, the lioness leans up to nip at Mashaka. "Hardly comfortable, I'm being squished! Get off me, hairball! I have to go chew on my son."

Mashaka chuckles a bit down at Balana and sits up as the cub chews on his tail. "Go for it." he tells his sister, then reaches over to try to tickle Jahari silly!

"Ehn! Don't chew on me, noo!" Kizingo cries out before then droping over onto his side in order to present his underside and large paws up and towards his mother before she can arrive and do any such chewing.

Johari starts to giggle and she ends up falling over to her side as she's tickle attacked. "Oh no, no, stop!" The girl squeals playfully, pawing all four paws up at the air now.

Once she's let up, Balana takes several moments to breathe dramatically! Getting up, the elder stands and shakes out her pelt, trotting over to Kizi. She doesn't chew on him, but instead proceeds to sit on him. She can't let him get off scott-free, after all!

Mashaka focuses on the cub. He grins and sweeps a huge paw around Johari, and scoops her into his big, fluffy mane! "I got a cub!" he proclaims.

Oof… "Eeenf.. haven't missed any meals, I see, mother." Kizingo quips while twisting around a bit and pushing at his mother's pelt with his forepaws, though after a moment he just huffs and slackens, peering over at the other two with a light chortle.

"Help, help, I'm not the antelope!" Jo cries out playfully, giggling like the wild cub that she is. Oh, she might not get away from the prey fur!

Sitting where she is, Balana turns about to nip at Kizingo as hest she can while he pushes at her. Soon it seems he's more or less giving up, though… so she turns to look over her shoulder at him. "You pounced on your Uncle Mashaka!"

Mashaka purrs at the cub in his mane. "Oh dear, I've gone and lost another cub. Maybe my mane ate her. It likes to eat cubs." he grins as the cub giggles.

Kizingo blinks owlishly up at his mother in bewilderment at her remark followed by a small chortle and tilts of his head with eyes narrowed to slivers, "And?" his remarks, tail lightly thumping the ground.

"Gah!" The cubs cries out, just having a ball with this whole thing. There's tiny paws and a tail going everywhere at this point! It can't last long though before Johari's energy level starts to crash. She's just a cubbie afterall.

Grinning, Balana leans to nip at Kizingo's paws again before she gets up, shaking out her pelt. "I didn't think you had it in you," she teases before she lowers down to her haunches, stretching her forelimbs and kneading the ground.

Kizingo blinks curiously once more, head tilted a bit while he rolls onto his side more completely now that mother's rump is off his side, "What do you mean?" he wonders in that odd, slurred voice of his.

Mashaka uh ohs. "Oh dear, my mane did eat another cub!" He reaches into his mane and lightly tickles at her. "Where -could- she possibly be?"

Johari continues to giggle, but its fizzling out. Yup, she's turned tired cub in a hurry. Still, she's trying her best to play as much as she can.

"I could see you pouncing on /me/… but you pounced on somebody who wasn't me! Congratulations, you're being infected with the silliness," Balana says with a crooked grin, settling down to her stomach. "But I think for the time being, it's time for some rest."

"Well, I did pounce him in order to pounce you, but I'll accept that." the blonde lion chuckles lightly followed by a wistful sigh.. yes, this was a bit better, if more than a little confusing.. he's just, not like this usual. "Yeah, I suppose so." he muses, observing the tired cub.

Mashaka smiles as the cub gets tired. He scoops her back out of his mane into his huge paws, flopping one lightly over the cub like a fuzzy warm blanket. "Oh, there you are." he grins down to her.

Johari purrs and soon falls asleep in the lion's paws. The mighty hunter has had quite the successful night. One dad, one tail, and one warm spot to spend the night.

Balana stretches out next to Kizingo, settling her head down on her paws. "For old lionesses too. Have a goodnight."

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