The Silent Lioness


Balana - lioness, Kopje Valley's Queen Mother.
Usafidi - lioness, daughter of Nabana and Nakomis.

Celestial Lake:East Shore
The very center of the valley crator of the Celestial Volcano is also it's
crowning jewel. You stand on the shore of a rather large crator lake. The
pool is so clear and reflective that you swear that you can see the bottom,
and at the same time, every detail of your own reflection. When the sun
shines over the crator, the soft, lulling waves sparkle like a thousand
diamonds in the cool water. On this side of the shore there is a rock
formation that is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing on. One tree
shades a part of the formation to keep those who wish out of the sun.

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Yawn. Another day in the volcano. Balana's mood has lightened somewhat over the past couple of days. They're here, and they're pretty much stuck here until someone comes and finds them. There's opportunities for food, and getting it is perhaps not as difficult as she thought it would be. It's been quite a while since she hunted in the volcano, and even though it's vast, there are certain places that make it easier to hunt and corner prey. She lays now near the shore of the lake, looking quietly out over it. This is probably the longest that the volcano has been occupied since the Kumalo… and with so many cubs? Probably since the last days of the Celestial Volcano pride. Or even when she was still young.

Usafidi's been honing her tracking skills all day (perhaps longer considering relative distance). Her ever constant sniffing and grimacing have led her hot on the trail of that pesky little orange cat with the oversized ears. In the end she was not able to reach his chosen resting spot, but she did narrow down his location to a satisfactory enough spot. In the mean time she has diverted her attentions and strayed off toward the remarkably clear lake resting at the bottom of the fertile slopes of this unusual spot. Hmm…it's like some giant bowl. Her mind is too occupied in taking in the sights that she doesn't yet spot Balana and the others, though the exchange of callings have certainly alerted her to the lioness' whereabouts (not to mention those of a few youngsters). It is this extremely clear lake that garners most of Usafidi's attention. The young lioness cannot help but notice the crystal clear image of another lioness peering out of nowhere at herself. >=( She doesn't like being looked at like that…

Balana gives her pelt a bit of a shake, and stretches out her limbs. She's been keeping a close eye on the cubs, who have been behaving for the most part. Occasional wiggles and waking up, but nothing too bad. Usafidi must've come from the other direction, as Balana hasn't yet taken notice of her granddaughter's presence nearby. She's still quite wary, as most new mothers are, and casts a glance around the immediate area every so often.

At first Usafidi is startled by the sight of another lioness looking right back at her. However, after scooting back a moment and then venturing another glance over the edge of the lake, she finds her opponent has not backed off. Usafidi lets out a sharp snort through her nose as her ears draw back and her tail lashes behind her. A low growl starts to build up in her throat as she stares the other lioness down. Blink! Back off! Stop mimicing me! The more Usafidi tries to intimidate this lioness the more crafty the up-side-down cat is in mirroring her exact moves. Growing more fed up, Usafidi makes a mock charge at the other lioness, flinging her tail in aggitation behind her and letting out a sharp snarl.

The snarl and significant motion from not too far away gets Balana's attention, and she's instantly on her paws. Well, crud. Somebody else is here! From where she is, the elder can't make out anything but the form of a lioness. She has no idea just what the ruckus is about, but it's definitely enough to investigate. Head lowering to a cautious level, Balana quickly starts trotting over towards where Usafidi is. Hopefully it's somebody whose aggression won't end up directed at her!

Usafidi stops just short of the water in her charge, her tail slashing wildly about behind her as she again peers over to edge at the other lioness. Still there! Ugg! Clenching her teeth a low and constant growl flows forth from her throat, renewing itself every now and then. Tensed up and ready to explode in a fury, the sudden sound of movement coming from just out of her periphreal vision sets the fussy cat off. Thinking an ambush is coming from behind, Usafidi whirls around sharply, letting out a loud snarl and issuing a paw swipe-jaw snap combo in the direction of her next assailant.

Well… crap! At the first flash of Usafidi's fangs, Balana stops dead in her tracks and issues a warning snarl of her own. Thankfully she's not quite within reach. Fangs are bared in warning, but the elder's head is lowered somewhat. She certainly doesn't want to give the impression of attacking, but she's not about to suffer an attack herself.

Truth be told, it /has/ been quite a while since Usafidi has seen this lioness, and in her current mental state, recognition is not helping. Ah ha! A challenge! The dazed lioness could almost let out a snarly-chuckle when she sees the gesture returned to her. /This/ one had variety at least…not just mimicing every single movement she issued. Stilling her movements, Usafidi takes a moment to stare her opponent down and either provoke an attack or a retreat. She maintains her ground however, forgetting about her original nemesis lingering behind her on the surface of the water.

Balana doesn't seem inclined to provoke an attack, but she's certainly not about to let the younger lioness get close to her cubs in such a state. Her body posture is purely defensive: head lowered, ears back, hindquarters lowered. However, she does keep her fangs bared in warning. She'll defend herself if need be!

Usafidi sees this won't be a short stand off and as such she begins to lower her own hindquarters to the ground. All the while her tail continues to whip back and forth behind her, however on one such pass the end of her tail graces the icy surface of the water behind her. Suddenly remembering the threat that remained to her rear, and thinking her tail to have been caught up in the jaws of that other lioness, Usafidi suddenly loses it. A loud roar of fury errupts from the otherwise 'quiet and withdrawn' member of the Kopje. In a blur of motion Usafidi whirls around to deliver a brutal whooping to that up-side-down lioness…only to find gravity and reality have something else in store for her. *KERRRSPLASSHHHH!!*

Ack! Well, that's not quite what she was expecting. Balana blinks several times as Usafidi suddenly goes diving into the lake. Her ears perk up, and she lifts her head up slightly. Well, this doesn't look too promising…

Submerged for a couple of moments, a big wet monster finally errupts from below the surface of the lake. *GAAAAAASP RAAAWR!* She's /NOT/ happy! Slapping the water with her paws, Usafidi manages to claw her way back to the edge of the lake and pull herself back onto shore. Shaking off with a furrowed and furious expression, the young lioness looks about with wild green eyes for vengence!

Balana isn't entirely sure about Usafidi's state… though she does notice there's something about the lioness that seems familiar. Now is not especially the time to ponder that though. She shies back a little bit, but still looks rather wary. No crazylioness is getting to her cubs, familiar or no!

Cubs are the furthest thing from Usafidi's mind, especially now that she sees that the other up-side-down lioness is currently out of commission and that the other one opposite her is still very much present and not budging. Ooooo, go away! Now wet and even more thoroughly disgruntled, Usafidi makes for yet another mock-charge, this time at the lioness standing her guard. With no idea of the cub's presence, the young lioness is more concerned with throwing her weight around and getting rid of this other 'competition.'

Balana is starting to sense a pattern here. Namely, Usafidi's charges towards /her/ haven't been anything more than mock charges. She does tense at the younger lioness' motion, but after a few moments of watching, turns and simply starts to walk away. Her ears stay very closely tuned to what Usa's doing, but maybe the aggression is nothing more than a warning itself.

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