The Story of the Kopje Valley


To the east of the Pridelands' water hole is a lush, fertile valley with plentiful water and numerous herds. It is this valley that the lion Kwasi and his mate Nalia settled in 1996 and named the Kopje Valley. After Kwasi's murder, their adopted son Siombe took over the pride until he moved to the Celestial Volcano and passed the Kopje Valley lands to Kwasi and Nalia's son Mohatu. Mohatu reigned with a small pride until moving to Utatu in 1999. Mohatu subsequently offered his adopted son, Jumoja, the Kopje Valley lands. Thus Jumoja and his mate K'aaria, both adolescents, became heirs to the Kopje Valley. They lived there until nearly adults, when they died together in a hunting accident. After the tragedy, the lands became deserted for many years — until the pride was reestablished by Siombe and his adopted daughter Balana in 2006. The new pride was made up of a small gathering of relatives and refugees seeking somewhere to call home, from both the Natamba pride in Uzima Valley and from Utatu. Over time the pride has grown, and Mzohari — one of Balana's sons — stepped up as King in 2007. The Kopje Valley lands are now thriving, with five generations of the pride currently living within the territory.


Time Frame Name Rank During Rule Father Mother
2007 - 2011 Mzohari King Chiboa Balana
2009 - present Kasjari Queen (unknown) (unknown)
2006 - 2007 Siombe King Msmangu (unknown)
2006 - 2007 Balana Queen Nabana (I) Kurana
1996 - 1999 Mohatu King Kwasi Nalia
(unknown) Kadjana Queen Kwasi (adoptive) Nalia (adoptive)
(unknown) Kurana Queen (unknown) (unknown)
1996 - 1996 Siombe King Msmangu (unknown)
(unknown) Zalima Queen (unknown) (unknown)
1996 - 1996 Kwasi King Mohatu (I) (unknown)
(unknown) Nalia Queen (unknown) (unknown)

Kopje Valley Births

Birth History
A listing of all the litters born within the pride, and information on each including parents, cubs, date, and details.
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