Uneventful Patrol


Badiliko - adolescent lion.
Wingu - adolescent lion.
Azza - rogue lioness.

Badiliko is currently watching the border this afternoon, pacing to and fro half impatiently as he looks, smells, and remains alert. Something is occupying his mind, but there's not much else for him to do here and now.

Wingu, on the other hand, is not quite as attentive. The fluffy young lion simply lays with his head on his paws, tail swishing from side to side as his eyes look out towards the horizon. He's obviously not all that thrilled about the whole 'patrol' thing, or perhaps he thinks that his white companion has things quite under control with or without him. "Bet you a haunch that we won't see a single rogue…"

Seek and you shall surely find. Azza has done some time wandering around the Pridelands lately. Finally! It seems there is hope upon the horizon and from the light rains that are starting to fall as it moves slowly across the borders. Either way this lioness draws near towards the borders of Kopje, wandering aimlessly for the moment.

Badiliko looks at the fellow lion with a smile. "You don't think so, huh? I'll take you on that." He stretches and resumes his patrol for a few more moments before stopping. He sniffs the air, then scans the horizon. He crouches down beneath the grassline and moves on to a northern direction.

"We haven't seen one yet, have we?" Wingu asks in reply, blowing a huff of air towards his bangs and letting the long strands filter up from his nose. Still, he yawns a little, stretching his white-tipped forepaws out, claws extending. "I don't have a haunch to bet with anyways. Not unless you waunt a haunch of mouse." A smirk spreads on his face as he pushes himself to his feet, following the other lion's movements with his eyes for a moment. "Smell something?"

Azza isn't exactly a stranger to these borders, no she got to meet Kikora and the King for a brief time. Standing out rather in the open as she passes through the grasses her intent to draw closer to the borders without crossing. Unaware of the males the young adolescent continues her silent trek through the grasses.

This lion hadn't met her, though, and was moving downwind to make sure she wasn't a threat. Once he got Azza in sight, though, he relaxed, although he didn't lift out of the grassline just yet. He held his position for the time being, quiet as he could be.

Wingu lifts one eyebrow, watching the spot where Badiliko had vanished into the grasses. "You know, you blend in pretty well for someone who sticks out so much." He doesn't follow the other lion into the grasses though. Instead, the boy turns his eyes towards the grasses, sweeping them across until he spots the variance, the bit of motion and color. "Who goes there? Identify yourself… or something." He almost sounds like a guard, up until the last bit.

Azza comes to a dead halt in her tracks. Ears immediately pressing back against her skull she hunkers down towards the earth. Trying to be small she looks around still not seeing the pair, "Azza… Just a wandering rogue." The voice didn't sound like that of the King so she considers it must be either a guard of the Pridelands or the Kopje. It might even be another rogue such as herself for all she knows.

Badiliko stays crouched in the grass, but moves in so that he can see Wingu and Azza in the same field of vision. Azza seemed friendly enough to not be a threat, but the white lion errs on the side of caution. He makes no other movements, although he's looking increasingly satisfied.

"Damnit, don't say rogue." Wingu's head falls forward in defeat. "Now you made me owe Badiliko a haunch." He huffs once, but then lifts his head again seeming bemused. "It'll be the smallest one I can find, promise!" He calls out to the air, as if he had no idea where the other lion was, and then looks back towards Azza. "I'm Wingu. What brings you to Kopje? You don't look like the trouble-making type. Or at least you didn't when I could still see you." His ears perk forward, and the boy looks in the direction she had been standing, craining his neck to try to spot her again in the grass.

Azza backs up a step as he mentions not saying 'rogue'. Rather nervous she slowly stands up back into view. "Just wandering aimlessly. I met King Mzohari and Kikora here? They both seem nice so I thought maybe coming back wouldn't be bad?"

( Kikora and Mzohari, huh? Badiliko lets go of his caution, for better or worse, and rises up out of the grass. "It's alright, he made a bet and lost," he says with a smile. "First time we've seen you, though. How long has it been since you came?" The white lion asks in a friendly tone. )

Wingu is oblivious to the fact that the lioness is drawing away due to his words, but her tone of voice makes him a bit curious. "Oh, it's nothing bad. Father has always been a pretty welcoming lion. So far as I know, anyways." He shrugs, indifferent, and obviously not the most strict of the young guards. "No need to worry."

Azza doesn't really feel at ease but does relax enough to settle to her haunches. "The days to me are but a blur. One mixes into another so I know it's been a while. Forgive me for seeming tense just not used to.. Being around others that much." The white lion she recalls vaguely though she never did get his name the first time they met, he did convince her to eat the hare that Kikora offered though. "I am Azza." she introduces herself more properly looking from one lion to the next.

"I'm Badiliko," he says as he approaches the lioness. He does not mention Wingu's name, as it is his business if he reveals that or not. Badiliko gives a smile as he sits down.

Wingu slowly lowers his rear end back to the ground, curling his tail around his haunches as he inclines his head towards the outsider. While he may sometimes be lackadaisical, he has been taught right. "Nice to meet you. I'm Wingu." He introduces himself again, this time being a bit more formal about it. "Mzohari is my father." He blows a few strands of hair out of his eyes, and then glances over towards Badiliko. "We can roar for him, if you want to speak to him. But sometimes he sleeps like a rock. Snores too. Keeps the whole pride up." The boy nods, as if speaking the absolute truth, although he's probably stretching it a little.

Azza dips her head downwards, "Pleasure to meet you, Badiliko." The name sort of rolls off the tongue before she glances at Wingu for a long moment in silence. "Is also nice to meet you, Prince Wingu." she offers a polite nod of the head towards him. "Hope that I am not intruding on anything. Sorry.. To make you lose your bet."

The white lion laughs softly. "It's quite alright, it was more of a friendly gesture than anything. He can't keep his end up and I won't hold it to him. And you're not interrupting anything, really." He smiles. "You're the first excitement we've had today.

"Just Wingu, or 'goo." The darker of the two pale lions replies, shrugging his shoulders. "We don't really have titles like 'prince' or 'princess' here." A wry look forms on the lion's face as he smirks at Badiliko, "Oh, I'll hold up my end of the bargain. Someday, you'll wake up and find a tiny little mouse-haunch waiting for you." He chuckles, but nods his head in agreement with the white lion. "Not intruding at all. Just making border patrol somewhat tolerable."

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