Name Meaning 'They Wild'
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Kupotea Pride
Current Pride Kopje Valley Pride
Aliases Vik
Rank Huntress
Current Status Alive and Healthy


Having finally crested the hill of adolescence and into adulthood, this young lioness still seems just a half step behind her peers as far as her size is concerned. Vikali possesses a slender, fairly graceful build that is as toned as one would expect from any pridal huntress, yet at the same time, she appears to be rather skinny. Painting a pale streak from the furthest reaches of her body's underside, all the way up to her chin is fur growing more towards a creamy white and away from the dull beige tint of before, perhaps a sign of a healthy diet. While her muzzle is of the same light colour as her neck, the rest of her coat is of a mild tan, though it shows potential for becoming a far richer tone.

She has gentle, green-hued eyes that stand out in contrast to eye patches the same colour as her underside. A long tail protrudes from just above her posterior, ending in a silky tuft of brown fur. Despite having reaching adulthood, she remains as playful and high-spirited as she was when she was but a cub, never passing up the chance to have some fun or to play a game.


  • Born from the secret love of Utamu and Nadhifu, Kubwa was and is to this day assumed to be her real father. She left the pride by accident as a juvenile, trying to follow the lionesses off on a hunt, and couldn't find her way back.
  • After several months of wandering, she stumbled across the lioness Balana and the juvenile lion Tangaza at the edge of Kopje Valley. Two moons of investigations passed while Kucha the raven and Balana worked to try and find Vikali's old pride, but was concluded with them being unable to find it. Soon after, she was accepted into the pride.
  • One of the youngest of the Kopje Valley cubs, she got on well with most of the pride… except for one. Nonceba. Since that young age, her and Vikali have had an on-and-off relationship, one minute friends, the next rivals, and sometimes both.
  • She one day came across a small panther cub called Kousho up at the border, whose parents and sibling had apparently been killed, and ended up adopting him as her brother. Kousho's sibling, Kureha, turned up a few weeks later having cheated death, with Vikali ending up adopting him also.
  • Several months into life at Kopje Valley, a lion turned up at the border - none other than her secret father Nadhifu, who explained himself away as Vikali's uncle. When he tried to take his daughter back to the Kupotea Grasslands with him against her will, Balana and Kizingo stopped him. After his wounds had healed and made a few ventures into the valley, Nadhifu managed to slip past the border guard and but encountered Nabana and Tangaza in the valley. Tangaza punctured one of Nadhifu's eyes, before the Kupotea lion ran off to the pridal caves. He found Vikali there, but after fighting with several leonines in the scuffle, Nabana delt a death blow to him.
  • Despite numurous scuffles and tellings off by King Mzohari and Balana, she has managed to make it to adolesence, where she has finally started to settle down.
  • In perhaps her last big incident, Vikali clawed out Tangaza's right eye in an argument with him, after insinuating her being loose in front of her then boyfriend Kiini and bragging about how he slept with her. Since then, Tangaza has never so much looked at her wrong.
  • During The Great Storm of Kopje Valley, she was out searching for something small to snack upon when she found a lioness cub called Msasi. Taking the cub out of the storm, she has proceeded to look after her with such diligence and care that soon after becoming a member of the Kopje Valley Pride, Msasi was recognized as being Vikali's adoptive daughter.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Nadhifu Male Lion Father Kupotea Pride Guard (deceased)
Utamu Female Lioness Mother Kupotea Pride Huntress (deceased)
Ktobwe Male Lion Cub Son Kopje Valley Youth
Jumdu Female Lioness Cub Daughter Kopje Valley Youth (deceased)
Kichaa Female Lioness Cub Daughter Kopje Valley Youth
Msasi Female Adolescent Lioness Daughter (adoptive) Missing


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Afnu Male Lion Half-Brother Kupotea Pride Guardian
Nusara Female Lioness Cub Half-Sister Kupotea Pride Youth (deceased)
Kousho Male Panther Brother (adoptive) Savannah Panther Guardian
Kureha Male Panther Brother (adoptive) Savannah Panther Lord


Name Sex Species Relation Rank
Uhodari Male Lion Grandfather Kupotea Pride Elder
Naima Female Lioness Grandmother Kupotea Pride Elder
Njaa Male Lion Uncle Former Kupotea Pride King (deceased)
Mahubi Female Lioness Aunt Kupotea Pride Huntress
Jaburu Female Lioness Aunt Kupotea Pride Huntress

COUSINS (only closest relations)

Name Sex Species Related Through Rank
Ujinga Male Lion Njaa and Jaburu's Son Kupotea Pride Guardian
Ngulozi Female Lioness Njaa and Mahubi's Daughter Kupotea Pride Huntress
Hifu Male Lion Cub Nabana and Mahubi's Son Kupotea Pride Youth
Fadiya Female Lion Cub Nabana and Mahubi's Daughter Kupotea Pride Youth
Yejide Male Lion Cub Nabana and Jaburu's Daughter Kupotea Pride Youth
Siyazina Male Lion Cub Nabana and Jaburu's Daughter Kupotea Pride Youth
Saytnuia Male Lion Cub Nabana and Jaburu's Daughter Kupotea Pride Youth
Kainda Male Lion Cub Nabana and Jaburu's Daughter Kupotea Pride Youth


  • The fact that Nadhifu is Vikali's father is not known to any living creature! Instead, it is belived that her father was the lion Kubwa.
  • The image of Vikali was created by the great Kourukon!
  • Vikali has her own website, Vikali's Kopje, devoted entirely to The Lion King!
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